Saturday, May 1, 2010


SweetCheeks comes running to her front door and hugs me and kisses me with a big "Isss Nana!" She is always so excited to see me. While the other two older girls are always glad to see me, SweetCheeks is still little enough to LOVE seeing me walk through her door.

I ask SweetCheeks, "Whatcha doing~what's going on?" And she knows, in her little heart, that I really DO want to know what she's doing and what is happening in her life. "Nana," she says oh-so-seriously, "Deed iss dead". "What?" I ask her, looking at TheBrawnyMan for confirmation. His head is nodding up and down. "Yep, I guess Deed is dead", comes his response. (For any new readers-Deed & Bob are SweetCheeks' two invisible friends).

I ask SweetCheeks what happened to him. She said , "Hims wus a berry bad boy-hims wus rweally, rweally sasssy and now hims dead?" Probing a bit further I get to the bottom of the Deed Is Dead story. "Hims throwded the phone and hims wus rweally, rweally mean to Bob (who's only a little naughty-she added) and now hims dead and in Heaven." Lulu quickly jumps into the conversation to inform me that SWEETCHEEKS was the one that threw the phone. SweetCheeks gave her what we like to call The FireStarter Look. "NOOO-WUS DEED", she counters. Lucy, who has been taking the whole conversation in just rolls her eyes and starts laughing. Lulu wants to argue about it. "Never mind," I tell them. I want to hear the rest of the story.

Lately, she has been talking about Heaven and who is there. Her big sister, Anna Bella,(who would be 4-1/2 is there) and her great grandparents are all there so, to her, Heaven is as real as the tree in her yard. I tell her that it's good that Deed is in Heaven if he is dead. I said he could keep Anna Bella company. "No! Hims cahn't, Nanneee, hims not by her in Heaven cuz hims was a BAD boy-hims is in da naughty part!" Alrighty then...I think I will end this line of questioning and move on.

"So," I ask her, "What else is new?" She looks at me with her little, side-slant smile and says, "I gotta new fhriend. Hers name is Cahlista and hers REALLY naughty too!" Great! I can't wait to meet her!
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