Saturday, April 30, 2011

A 30 Second Tutorial- How To Eat Jello-SweetCheeks Video

You may
you know how
to eat

Let me tell you..
you need more
than a spoon!

Stop by anytime
I think there may be
a few spoonfuls
left in the bowl...
just for you--
You can have them
all cuz
I'm not touching them!
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Friday, April 29, 2011

SweetCheeks Visits Lowes-I Can't Go Back

I picked SweetCheeks up
to give her Mom time
to do their taxes
a couple of weeks ago
Imagine that!

I told my daughter that
I had to go to Lowes
but I would take
SweetCheeks with me.

SweetCheeks immediately'
informed me that she
hated Lowes.
I think her exact words were~

Too bad!
Do you want to go with Nana
or stay with Mom and
stay quiet so she
can work on taxes?

*big sigh*
I'hll go witth yohu
but I stihll hate Lowes!
She brightened a bit
when I told her they had
flowers and we would find
something to do with
gardening that she could have
to "help me" come summer.

Immediately upon walking
in we found it..
the perfect thing..
a DorathuExplhoharh
watering can.
She smiled sweetly
and was a very good girl
while I found what I needed.

 Of course, before I left the
store I had to go to the bathroom.
I don't know why because
I only drank about 4 cups of
coffee and had
~Do you think they will ever
pay me for all the free advertising I
give them~

the conversation goes something like
I dohn't haffta go.
Well, I do..
There is noone in here so just
sit tight and look at
your cute self in the mirror
while Nana goes potty.

I close Door#1 behind me.
I hear footsteps coming in..
and peek through the crack
(why are we all so paranoid)
to make sure SweetCheeks is
still right where I can see her.
She is still looking at herself in
the mirror.

I know- tinkle-
for lack of a more technical term-
and go out to wash my hands.
I get my camera out to
take a pic of SweetCheeks
making faces at herself in the mirror.

Yes, honey?
Did yohu see that wooman?
(Oh dear Lord in Heaven...
it is echo-y in here and the
water is too quiet to drown
out any "secrets")
Are we ready to go, SweetCheeks?
Did you see that lady?
No..I can't help myself..
I am taking pictures.
Her looks like this...

don't let me start to laugh...
Her dusn't haff eny teeth..
her looks like this...

My face starts burning..
SweetCheeks is smiling happily...
like she has uncovered a nice
big secret.
Shhhhh...I whisper..That's
not nice....
Let's go..

But you know whut else?
(silently to myself...I am NOT asking)
Yohu know how come I knohw that...
cuz hers smiled at me.
I think hers smiled at me cuz
hers liked my
Dorha the Explorah
water can.

I hear rustling..
I hear flushing..
but I am OUT THE DOOR..
before I have to
see the poor soul
that was locked behind
Door Number Two.

SweetCheeks last words?
Nana~WHY arhe yohu ahlways
is such a hurrhy?
It could be because I
don't want to get
"the look"...
you know..
"the look"
the one reserved for people
that can't keep their
kids "in tow".
I'll take my chances with
letting the chatter flow
because you never know
what pearls of wisdom
will drop from the mouths of babes.
Of course, you gotta take the good
with the bad...
If they say the wrong thing....
Just look at them like they belong to
someone else and pretend you
are babysitting.
It worked with my own kids
and it works even  better
with grandkids!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt-Last Easter Post- I Promise

Listen-Bear with me for not
visiting this week-I am at a
 with MyHero and
forgot to put the mouse
in the bag with this stinking OLD laptop..
so I can hardly type.
It makes me want to
Is there a Doctor in the house?;>)
Anyway-back to Easter...

After Easter brunch
we headed back to the house
for an afternoon of
Easter egg hunting and
family fun.

The eggs were hidden
and the line up to hunt
little kids first
followed by older ones.
There are a couple of rules...
The big kids can't pick up
any eggs that are below their
if it is high they have to figure
out how to get it down
with no help from the adults.

As you can see..
MyHero is off and running
with his own basket.
as I like to call him.
Ria stops to
think about her plan of action.

Lulu is off and filling her basket

SweetCheeks is off and running.

This is all new to BabyE.
He is not quite sure what all
the excitement is about
but he is figuring it out as he goes.

There are low eggs...

And high eggs... you remember that
I told you about
Well, here you can see
him in action!
Egg is forfeited!

who likes to pretend he is
a tough old Suthern' boy
got caught in a tender moment
with his little guy...

blowing bubbles

for the  kids to chase. wind up the day..
I looked down by the Bay
and there were all our
looking out at the water.

A perfect end to a
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Brunch Bunch

We went out for Easter
brunch this year..
We started at Starbucks
and got a picture of
Papa with his
precious little people.

We moved on to
the Radisson...
and were greeted by a
nice big salad bar

with a
bunny ice sculpture.

We had a nice table for
our family and,
as you can see,
some of us really
"get into"
our food.

The Easter bunny
made the rounds.

I ate all my carrots
just kidding..
those are fake.

And SweetCheeks
entertained her
She is almost
as good of an audience as I am.
She was still smiling when
she left...
even after
SweetCheeks informed her
that she had a fat face...

I think that was right
after she told anyone that
cared to listen that
Gramma has a fat face
and Nana has big boobs.
I heard the word
FLOPPY in there somewhere
and I DON'T think
she was referring to the
rabbit's ears.

Some really SHOULD
squelch that child.
I will try to do that
right after I stop laughing.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby E and Easter and Starbucks

On Easter Sunday,
after church,
we met at Starbucks
while we were waiting for
our brunch reservations.

We got there before
The Three Cousins
BabyE had a captive
audience for a while.

He loved on his Mom for a bit~

Then he took off his jacket to have a bite
of pumpkin loaf cuz we just couldn't
explain there was a big brunch
coming up.  This little guy
was too hungry to wait!

A few bites and he was off to play
with the window shade chain.
And within a few minutes
and 3 or 4 phone calls
to make sure we were at the
right Starbucks
Three Cousins arrived.

Ria was the first to give him a big hug and a kiss.

 Next Lulu tried to love on him

but all he wanted to do was
escape and get back to his
window chain.
Uh-oh-Who's missing here?
Don't you
want to give BabyE
a little love?

No-Thahnk yohu!
I'm bizzy rhight nhow.
And so she was...
Busy trying to eat the mints
BEFORE the meal..
Now I know where
she gets that
fresh mouth from....

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Monday, April 25, 2011

SweetCheeks Drawing And Talking Video

It is the first day that
it is warm enough
to sit outside.
Notice the snow
down by the
Spring is not
really here yet.
The patio has
not been
cleaned of winter debris
and the playhouse
is not yet open.
Instead we will sit..
and draw..
and talk..

At least I am not
old and fat
this time!
One last look and
she is off
and running~
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Blessings~

From My Family
To Yours~
May we never forget
the true meaning
of Easter~
Spending time with
my family tonight
& tomorrow~
God Bless and Keep You!
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Loving On Baby E At The Bass Pro Shop

When we were in
Springfield, Missouri
we met our kids
at the
Bass Pro Shop.

THAT is quite an experience.
It is unbelievable, really.
Full of fish and wildlife
some alive, some taxidermied
into being forever perfect.

And, almost as perfect
as all those wonderful
animals, we enjoyed
our own little animals
for the day.
The cousins loved spending
part of the day wandering
in the
Bass Pro Shop.

But BabyE was the
hit of the day.
He is so cute,
and good natured,
that you cannot help
loving on him.

Auntie TPot got her
kiss in early.
Lulu was not far behind.

Ria is his most special friend.
She is on him like white on rice.
He adores her.
She got her smooch too~

Then there is SweetCheeks.
Don't you want to have
your picture taken
kissing BabyE?
Look- He's waiting for you
to give him a kiss....
No~ Thank you!
Nana-look up!
Look at the ceiling...
Do yohu see those are fishes
fhloating and duckses flhoating
on the wahter in the ceiling...
and we arhe supposed to be
in the wahter?
Yes~ I see that.
Well yohu know whut!
They all poop in the wahter..
and nohw we arhe gonna get
all poopie!
Nah....I'm jus' kiddin'~
Great- all we need...
One more jokester in the family~
MyHero will be so pleased!
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

SweetCheeks Talks About Boys-Video

I love all the
pre-school stories
that SweetCheeks
regales us with.

With a little encouragment
we can get her
to talk about

Actually, she will
talk about anything
with NO encouragement.

Please ignore any disorder
you see-I am not
a perfectionist when
there are kids around....
and it is hard for me to
show a picture
when things are in
less than perfect order.
It is God giving me
a lesson in humility.

Conversations at the
Breakfast Bar~

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Merry Easter!

These were taken
April 20th.
We ended up with
10 inches of snow.
Mother Nature
says we are
on the deck.
She is smiling...
I am crying....
The playhouse feels sad...
The bird food is
covered with snow
The squirrels are
waiting for new corn
on the cob..
And then there's
The Easter Bunny...
and you can see
what he is up to!
Flashed by
The Easter Bunny?
(Double click on image
for a special treat)
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flowers And Bunnies For Easter

I love Spring flowers.

I love Bunnies.
Especially this painting
of French Rabbits
which hangs in my
dining room.
I love old things.
I love new things.
I love new things that look old.
I love old things that look new.
Take a peek..
at my
favorite old bunny!
I hope Hugh Hefner
isn't looking to
expand his
Lookout Hollywood!!!
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