Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Hi everyone!
Ready for your results?
Judging by your answers,
some of you might have started
on the wine before the party!

Got some RV news but that will
wait till next time. WHOOO-HOOOO

on to the results:

Debbi-Dabble (and I know she will bring some of her own decorations to add to the ones here),Dear LV, Ginny, Julie H, Rose (wants to borrow my outfit-pretty sure it is to impress her boyfriend, Randy), Jan L, Denise, Cindy/ckrut, Pogonop, Nellie & Nancy

Wow- Gonna have to expand this table-
and not sure how we will social distance here-
Viv, Theresa, Jan, Diane (wants a flag for an outfit), Debra/SheSeeks, Sandie/Chatty, Mevely, 
Sandra (afraid of falling off the porch), Dawn, Ron/Cocktail King, Louise, Nonnie(temporarily),
Penny, Lovely Vee, 
Laurie (bringing her own wine-FatCat/HappyDog-yep seriously the name of her own wine), 
Pam, Missy, Diana (Chardonnay only, please),Kim, Melanie, Beachgram, Kathy, Carol, Marilyn, Rita(jump in water to wash up-ummm BYOS -bring your own soap)
Liz, Jan/LowCarb, Connie, Henny, Carla, Jeanie, Pam, Doris, Nonnie, Lisa & Marilyn & 
Sandra (wants me to /widen the porch and move the hydrangeas over here..hey one in every crowd, right)Missy-cat in tow-
Adding Cecelia cuz I missed her comment.Glad to have you, Cici!

(edited) Julie- put her at the wrong table so I am moving her here now!
Kris-her Starbucks specialty drink in hand

bobbie (no CAPITAL B for her and NO she is NOT a B), Jettie(probably bringing her dog, BO, to clean under the table), CHERI- Whew- Thought she was NEVER gonna make a final decision...hitting the wine a bit early maybe?

Rambling/Linda, Jan, Akasha, 
 Merle (from down under as they say) AND
Linda Jordan- Welcome- first time dinner guest--Wants NO bugs and #2 is too dangerous...well, Linda--looking at #2- I think the people are probably more dangerous than the venue---just sayin'

bj-Looking forward to cocktails with Ron.  Of course he is at another table so you won't see hide nor hair of her here.  BesideababblingBrook, Kim, Robyn & Rain, Anonymous-Whoever you are!!! -Afraid of Ron's cocktails and the pool...lol

Arlene-Says it will be easy to clean up--hmmm...maybe she can do it and I won't have to? 
Terri-um...hmmm...says she is very good at shoveling it in.  Thank the good Lord that I didn't have a snow shovel in the picture.  
My friend, Susie-the junk Queen,
Lorrie- Bringing her Canadian flag-whatever--we don't care-just make sure you wear underwear, 
Wanda, Our dear Jack & Sherry-my sweet traveling couple, Gayla-sitting here because Seven is her LUCKY NUMBER...hahaha...did she think we were going to play BINGO?, and, last but not least, 
Jane- A good Wisconsin gal!

Thanks so much for playing along!
I love doing these and seeing 
who wants to sit where.

IF I forgot anyone- I am sorry.
We are using our RV up north in
and we have NO INTERNET
and sketchy phone service.
So, I snuck home for a day and wanted
to get this done.

Have a wonderful
from the 
RV Queen & Company

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Some of us are trying to
get back to the 
rather than the 

I've been doing way too much baking,
as Hubby goes through some
medical tests to determine
what is going on
with his health.

While I am still working at getting
the condo set up,
I thought I needed to blog a bit-
a little fun for me
and others, I hope!
Here we go~~~

You KNOW the rules, right!?!
Pick one table where you would like to

I'll be serving this time so I 
can say Hi to everyone.
Let's see how it goes and 
WHO your tablemates will be...
NO FAIR picking
the table where RON is 
whipping up cocktails
just because there are drinks there!

Ready? Here we go-

#1- Blue Hydrangea Salute

#2-A Bite By The Bay

#3-BLUE For The Fourth

#4-Something's Fishy Here

#5-A Little Bit Of Gold

#6-Patriots By The Pool

#7-Shovel It In-It's The 4th
So---there you have it.
Pick a table -any table-
and close your eyes.
When you open them you will 
find out who has joined the party.
Please RSVP by the end of the week
so I can wrap this party up!
I will tally tables next Monday.
Tally Tables- has a nice ring, doesn't it?

Oh!  By the way-
Just so you recognize me---
Here's what I will be wearing when
I come to your table to serve-
I ordered an extra large--
I sure hope it fits when it gets here----
Off to see if I can find a 
Veteran or two to aggravate.
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Sunday, June 21, 2020


My father was born and raised on
a farm in Pennsylvania.
He was a medic in WWI~
He taught Agriculture/English Lit at
Penn State for a few years.
He was an insurance salesman
with his brother, Guy, for
a few years..
but finally,
he went back to what
he knew and loved~
dairy farming.
He bought a farm 3 miles
from the one he was raised on
and moved an old schoolhouse to
the property and made it into
his home.
Then he met my mother.

He was well-settled into bachelorhood
when he met my mother.
She was 16 years younger
and I think he felt pretty
lucky to have snagged her.
She had never had children
either and was 36 when
I was born~
Unusual for that era.

My father was 53 when I
was born and I was his
first child.
Can you imagine what he
must have felt like to
be blessed with a child
at that age?

Well, SOME people didn't think
I was a blessing..but I won't mention
their names here.

I was the apple of my
father's eye.
He took me everyplace....
to the livestock market,
to the little juke joint down
the road from the market,
where he would buy me
an orange soda,
to the feed mill,
to the doctor,
to ride along and
check out the fields
and crops.

When I was 10 or 11
I remember a series of
trips he took.  I was left
with my Aunt next door
and he and my mother
would disappear for a few hours.
And then a few more trips,
and voices at my Aunt's house
that would stop when I would
walk into the kitchen..
I would see
 my Aunt's reddened eyes,
and the odd look on my mother's face,
but I still didn't know what was
going on.
At that age, you think life is
just going to go along as
it always has...
easy~ with long days ahead to
enjoy being a child.

Soon after that my brother
and I (who was born 4 years
after I was) learned that
father had
Parkinson's Disease.
A disease that would
eventually rob him of his
strength and his mobility
but never his spirit.
He told jokes until
the day he died.

I was one of those kids
that never said what I really
felt.  I cannot tell  you the
opportunities I missed to
tell him I loved him.
Oh- he knew-
but I never said it.
I actually don't ever
remember telling him that...
even though I loved him to the
core of my very being...
and I knew that he loved me
and accepted me
That doesn't happen often in life..
that we are loved

I was 21 and living in FL
when he passed away.
It was eerie, I was
working in an office and
my phone rang.
Nothing unusual about that ,
my phone was the main line
in to my boss and it rang
I was sitting in an office across
from a guy named Jack.
Before I picked the phone up
I looked at Jack and said,
My father just died.
I KNEW..Somehow..I KNEW.
That was exactly what
I was told, by my mother,
over her crackly phone line.
I hung up and Jack was
as white as a ghost.
How did you know that? he asked.
I just knew~ I answered.

It's been a long 50 years.
My father never saw any of his
grandchildren except my oldest son.
He missed out on the joy of
seeing me grown and happy.
He missed my brother's life story
and his children.

I missed the opportunity
to say
So...here it is...
a little late.


Never, never miss the opportunity
to tell someone
that you love them.
(Providing you DO love them,
of course!;>)
I do it everyday,
every chance I get,
because you just never know~
life, as you know it,
can change in an instant.
Just say it...
someone you love.
You'll be glad you did.
I promise!
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Sunday, June 7, 2020


I finally figured out how to
get my pictures from my phone
to my laptop.
Chalk one up for 
'old broad genius'...or not....
There were no gardens at
the condo although there were
two mulched areas.
So, I started with a blank slate
but had to dig everything up.

This is to the right of the front entry
as you head up the walk. 
This is the outer area.
This is a close up of the corner area.
The baskets on the bike need to
fill and spill yet.
This is the front door which
has been replaced. 
The old door was solid and had no window.
This is to the left of the walk.
This is the small back area off the patio.
We have hundreds of birds that visit~
View looking the other way.
The fence boxes are just starting to 
fill in nicely.

And this is what I see
sitting on the patio swing.
At the outer edge of the back garden.
The patio is not ready to show yet.
The concrete needs to be power-washed
and I need to get things rearranged a bit.

There is also an inner courtyard
in the front that is not ready yet either.
More coming soon.
I'm working as fast as I can!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Bear with me for not being around
as much as I usually am-
there are some family health issues
which I am not at liberty to discuss yet.
Keep us in your prayers or
send good and/or healing thoughts
our way.
Thanks so much-
Love you guys-you're the best!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I told you that I had a 
sitting outside my door.

Here it is!

Stock picture
but at least you can see it
and at the bottom of the post
is a picture of ME in it!

I have wanted a VW 
convertible beetle for years.
Not just ANY VW though.
Nope!  I was specific in my desire.

I wanted a white convertible
with a tan top and
tan leather interior,
turbo engine and
all the bells and whistles.
Of course- that is the hardest one
to find...of course it is!

Now, I know there are a lot more
expensive cars I could have wished for,
but this one has stuck in my mind
since I rode around with my old roommate,
Dona, Bless her heavenly soul,
in her VW bug.

I retired from the business 
my son and I started,
the first of February. 

My son, Ryan, had this delivered
to my door early last week.
A "see ya, Mom' sort of good-bye. lol

I am beyond thrilled, blessed,
grateful, surprised, overwhelmed..
name anything and that is how 
I am feeling.
Yep!  Dreams-even crazy ones-
do come true.

I hope all your dreams come true
and that you all stay safe and well
to enjoy them.

See you soon with some pictures
of the condo.
Finishing up the outside areas
today (I hope)...,

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Monday, May 25, 2020


It is the strangest
Memorial Day
that I can ever remember--
the message remains the same.
Blessings to you and your family.
Stay safe and
err on the side of caution
by distancing when you can.

Love to all my followers,
fellow bloggers and readers~
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


I am remembering our little
a few years ago.
She was a funny kid-
without trying to be funny.
Hope you enjoy the

Early on I stuck some
faux greenery in the
window boxes of the playhouse
we built for the grandkids
to give it some Spring color.

We can't plant outside 
until after Memorial Day
here for fear of a freeze.
Not likely at this point,
but we proceed with caution

has made a discovery.
What IS that, 
Look at that face!
Let's get a little closer, shall we?
And, even  closer...
SweetCheeks laughed hysterically.
She thought there was something
wrong with them because they
didn't have feathers and their
mouths took up half their bodies.
She had questions-

Where isss the Mohm?
She's around here somewhere, SweetCheeks.
Well, she is probably out finding
food for her babies.
Whut do thehy eaht?
Worms and bugs.
Whereh's the Daddy birhd?
He's around somewhere.
Doesn't he help her?
Not much I guess.
Thass how you know he's
the Daddy, right?
Yep...That's right...
(I am laughing out loud by now).

She can't wait for her sisters
to get there to show them
the "baybees".
She fills them in on all the 
I think she said the 
DADDY bird was a lot
like a husband....or something
to that effect.

And, here they are a week after
I sure do miss the days when
life with the grands was
sweet and simple...
we only worried about what 
we would have for lunch
and what bedtime story we
were going to read.
Big girls now-they are busy
with friends and
Lucky me to have been able to

Almost ready to share some 
Still need several things
like bathroom mirrors
and dining room chairs.

I did get the front area
planted so will share that
in a few days.

Still have to do the back patio area...
and it's a hot mess!

Oh---and I got a nice little surprise
delivered yesterday-
sitting just outside my door...
will share THAT, too!
Y'all are gonna die!  lol

Guess saying that in today's
COVID-19 climate is not
too smart.
Hey!  Never said I was smart....
Have a great day!

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