Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Blessings

From My Family
To Yours
God Bless You
today and always-
I will be taking the 
Easter weekend off-
away from the computer.
-See you Monday-

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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Dollywood Mafia

You know that my family
this week.
It will probably never be the same.
I mean-
look at this ornery character.
Does she look dangerous, or what?
I wouldn't want to meet these 
guys in a dark alley, would you?
I guess there is safety in numbers
and they have promised to protect
However, he managed to dump them
so he could get on stage
front and center all by himself.
Yes...Good old 
will probably never be the same
after BigBoyE and SweetCheeks
have made their rounds.
I wonder what SweetCheeks will have to say
about Dollywood now?
I'll let you know....
Let's hope she doesn't leave 
"sleeping with da fishes"

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Southern Living March 2013

You know my heart is in the South.
Even though I was born in PA
and now live in the Midwest
I was smitten with the South
when I lived there in my 20's,
before marrying MyHero,
a Wisconsinite.

If you remember I talked about 
giving up just about all of my
magazine subscriptions.
Well,  I kept two.
One is Romantic Homes
and the other one is
I grab the magazine as soon as it comes 
and immediately fly through its pages
at a fast pace.
Later,  I go back and study every page.
Look what I found this month.
How about some
Marbled Eggs for Easter Morning?
click on image for recipe
Are those cute or what?
Hmmmm...wonder what kinda chicken
lays THOSE eggs?
I'm thinking they look like this....
but you know how gullible I am.
click on image for link
Has Angel Food Cake EVER looked so Heavenly?
click on image for recipe
Heavenly Angel Food Cake
So,  While I am covering my eyes so I am not
tempted by the cake
 I am peeking through my fingers and 
yearning to see this.....
click on image for link
However, while I am dreaming of the South
  I look out and see this-
Not a dream at all-
It's a nightmare.
Someone wake me up when
Spring hits, will ya?
oh-yeah- wake the old boy up, too.
Tell him it is time to come out
of hibernation.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fluffed and Stuffed

Chickens For Sale Today!
Chickens For Sale Today!
They are colored and dyed
And my Mother lied
Cuz she said they were born that way.

Yes-It's true.
I grew up in the land of make-believe.
When Easter rolled around on the farm
we were presented with 
rainbow colored chickens.
They came kind of ratty looking but
after a bath they looked like this.
We were told they came from 
colored Easter eggs.
I believed it.
I believed it long past the early 
years of gullibility.
I guess  I thought they came from
eggs like these.
My brother, Charlie, and I each
picked a color and those were the 
chickens we called ours.
I always counted to make sure 
that "my color" covered the 
most chickens.
After a few weeks their color wore off....
but by then so had our interest in them
and they went into the hen house.

I teach my grandchildren the same thing.
But they are all "onto" me.
How did today's kids get so smart?
Hmmmmm.... you think if I left these 
silk dyed eggs
lying around 
(click on image for link)
the kids might think these hatched?
(click on image for link)
Oh- yes- to be able to go back in time
and believe in the unbelievable again.
But...reality being what it is....
I now know what happened
to those sweet little
that I cuddled and loved.
Yep- From Fluffed To Stuffed.
Chicken Anyone?
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As you know
I am not a big promoter

I don't advertise on my blog.
I don't sell things.
I don't join link parties.
I am just kind of a dinosaur
in a road runner world. 
I will sometimes put out
prayer requests and 
 I do believe in helping and
growing people.

That is why I want you to
take a little trip over 
to this blog if you have the time.
coco interiors and floral design
Laura has quite a story...
we are bound together by 
many things including the
loss of a child in the family.
Her son.
Her Sam.
Her angel.
Her life has been lived in a different way
than she ever expected.
 Laura is a strong woman
and has moved forward.
She went back to school to
get her degree and is now
in the business of 
Interiors and Floral Design.
She had an earlier blog that she
gave up when she went back to 
I think you will love her style.
  I know I do.
So, if you can spare a moment
please sign up as a follower and
help her grow her blog.
She will appreciate it and you will
be the one that reaps the rewards
of being a follower.

Oh- Yeah-
One other thing?
She is from Australia.
You know, the land 
So make sure you use the words
G'DAY MATE  and maybe, just maybe,
she will invite us all over for a
BARBIE with all the other COBBERS.
We'll have a nice YABBER and
I expect she'll be serving CHOOK!
Good Day, friend.  We'll be invited to 
the BBQ with her other FRIENDS. We'll 
have a nice chat
and find some CHICKEN on our plate);>)

She'll be STOKED!
No-Not STROKED, silly-
......and I will be, too!
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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Sweet Cheeks Show

People have asked me for
While she is away this week
I wanted to post one special
little story that I had written
down 3 years ago so I would
remember it.

It is an older story that
I documented for our family
but have not shared here.
It is one of the highlights
of SweetCheeks 
acting career.

She got this outfit for Christmas
and the flamboyant style
well suits her personality.
Sorry for the poor quality picture
this was BB (before blogging)
Here, for your reading pleasure,
is her "show"
First, she makes everyone take a seat.
We have to leave spaces for her
nvinclible invisible friends.
They get the primo seats
for some strange reason.

The ticket collector 
SweetCheeks takes our tickets
and tells us to 
"fahsten yoah seatbehlts".
I guess this is a show AND an
amusement park ride combined.
This is a one man child show here.

Wadies & Guntlesmuns.
Wewcum to da shohw.
Now I gonna dance and sing opuhrah.

I can't wait.  I am already laughing.
MyHero has that "Oh-No-Not-Again" look.
Buck up buddy-this will be over before
you know it. 
Jowly Ohld Santa Nicklus 
floats toward us.
I am suffused with laughter.
The show comes to a screeching halt.
Thisss is NOHT a funnhy show, Nana,
stohp laffing.
Now-stahy in yoah seats and I gonna
hafta starht all ovehr again.
Papa-Isss youhr seat-behlt still
Noh-Isss noht!  (big sigh)
Fahssen it up pleahse!
Papa scrambles to fasten his
seat belt while SweetCheeks
watches to make sure he
does it right.
I, meanwhile, am getting the
stink eye for continuing to laugh.
I squelch my laughter.
Dramatic sigh and arm across the brow
and the show resumes.

MyHero whispers out of the side of his mouth.
I can't wait for the intermission.
SweetCheeks glares and makes one more
Whew- Shoulda asked
for balcony seating.

That was the day I think 
we knew what high entertainment
she was going to be in our lives. And where was that darned
video recorder when we needed it?

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

There Are A Lot Of Boobs In Our Family

Good Morning!
You can take my title
any way you want.

However, I am NOT talking
about any of the geniuses in
our family.
No. I. Am. Not.
What AM I talking about?
Guess where the kids are on
Spring Break?
Does the word BOOBS in the
title give it away?
I don't know about you but I
still think she is a pretty danged cute
MyHero likes her for her
boobly bubbly personality, too.

SweetCheeks found out they were
going to Dollywood.
Mom!  I thought YOU had big boobs
but did you see Dolly Parton's boobs?
They are REALLY big!

Mom- Guess what this is.....


It's the roller coaster ride
at Dollywood.

Look, Nana!
Do ya GET IT, Nana?

I think you're gonna "get it" one of these
days, too-
 I'm not talking jokes.
You're gonna "get it" had a whole other
meaning when I was a kid!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

These Things Are Multiplying Like Rabbits

I was gone all day yesterday
and had company until
11pm last night-
so bear with me while I
catch up on your blogs today.

Well, last week I showed you
a few of my bunnies.
I find that they are multiplying
whilst I sleep.
Here is the threesome
that is on my dining room mantle.
As you can see, I startled them so....
they are running away.
Then Miss Rosie Rabbit 
made her way up the steps
and tried to hide under the plants 
in the corner.
I call her Miss Rosy cuz of the sweet little blush
on her cheeks.
She came to life on my sewing machine
in 1988.
She had about 100 brothers and sisters
and they were all adopted out except
Rosie and her brother, Rex.
Rex is still sleeping but Rosie is
moving around....
As she got braver she moved to
her favorite chair in the family room window.
Hmmmm...these bunnies look like
they have had
They heard their cousins were
coming to visit.
Why is that so scary?
Well...this is all they have left for lunch....
Kind of like inviting my two 
son-in-laws over when I only have
ONE Key Lime Pie.  Scary...

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho It Is Off To School We Go

Get your coffee.
This is the longest conversation
I have ever posted  I think.
I am writing it so the girls
can read it someday.

The girls don't often spend the night 
at my house when they have school
the next day.
the other night was an exception
and SweetCheeks ended up 
spending the night by herself.
She did her
 " Kiddygarden homework"
sitting at the island.
She ate dinner, took a bubble bath
and went off to bed early.
I had to wash her clothes so she could wear
her same school uniform the next day.
She was up early, ate a good breakfast,
brushed her teeth, got dressed and 
was ready to go.
As we are walking out of the house
the phone rang.
Ria:  Tell SweetCheeks today is dress down day.
She's supposed to wear something besides
her uniform.
(The catch is you "buy" the right to do that 
by bringing a non-perishable food item
for those in need)-great idea, huh

uh-oh-here is "the look"
after getting that news.
Too late to change now-
we are 60 steps from the car
and will be late if we stop now.
I pick up Ria & Lulu at their house to drop
all three of them off at school.
Conversation in the car as we drive away.
Ria:  SCheeks- I brought you an outfit you can 
change in the bathroom.
SC:  R-I-A.....What outfit did you get?
Ria:  A nice one-you can change in the bathroom.
SC:  Did you bring me a can of food?
Ria:  Yep!
Me:  Did you bring one for yourself, too?
Ria:  Nana!  Stop- Go back-I forgot one
for myself.
We back up about a city block
(they live on a cul de sac-no traffic)
Ria runs in and gets a can of food.
Seat belt buckled we start for school again.
Lulu- SCheeks! Do have the scrip money?
SC:  Yup!
Lulu-Let me see it!
SC: (scrambling madly in her back pack)
Here it is!
Lulu:  That's not it, SCheeks.
SC:  Wehll, Sorrhee, Lulu- I don't know what it is anyways!
Lulu:  Nana- Stop- We have to go back
and get the scrip money.
This time we back up TWO city blocks.
Lulu runs in house-and can't find the
scrip envelope anywhere.
Back in the car -seat belts all buckled.
Me:  Lulu- what are you going to do if
you don't have your scrip envelope?
Lulu:  Nothing- we don't need it today anyway.
SC:  Who's gonna help me change in the bathroom?
Ria:  Lulu will.  I'm supposed to see my friends.
SC:  Lulu- will you help me?
Lulu:  (big sigh)   Yeah- I guess so.
SC:  I hate this world!
We get to school.
We hold the drop off line up for
a full three minutes while we unload
three backpacks,
a bag of SCheek's clothes..
SCheek's snow pants, mittens and hat,
and the package that drops out the door
when they get out.
Me:  Bye, girls-Love you-Have a good day.
SCheeks:  Pffffttt....It's already a bad day!

And that folks, is why I ordered a 
TRIPLE shot at Starbucks before 
I headed home.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The First Day Of Spring-WHAT???SERIOUSLY

Most of you know that we live
on the Bay.
What you may not know is that
when storms move in across
the Bay they often bring
straightline winds.
They are powerful,
sometimes damaging,
and sometimes just plain annoying.
We have to go out our back
garage door to get our newspaper.
This has been plowed-
Thank Goodness!
Yes- Yes-that is our neighbor's house
on the other side of the 
Guess I won't be hanging any clothes out on that line.
Walking back towards the garage
I see this.
Turning around....
It is 12º as I type this- 
Minus 8º with wind chill factored in.

Pop over for a cup of coffee
later today- 
I'm clearing a path to the front door
for you right now......
Happy Belated First Day Of Spring!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Romantic Homes April 2013 Review

As many of you know I gave up most of
my magazine subscriptions.
However, I could NOT part
with this one.
Every month I pull out a few
of the blogs that I visit
that have been featured in some way.
First up this month:
(I always think of her with a 
MARTINI in hand-must be the name!;>)
She is just a lovely lady with a
lovely blog and lots of hands on
Then there is 
A beautiful blog of found French decor.
French not your "thing"?
Well how about some of

There is a tutorial on making these
bottles on pages 18 & 19.
There is a 16 page spread on 
and among her beautiful whites are 
sprinkles of pink like this-
I know many of you don't buy magazines
like you used to.
Pinterest and blogging give us lots of 
beauty to look at online.
However, for me, there is great
satisfaction in sitting down with a 
cup of coffee and leafing through
a magazine and dreaming a bit.
You might want to join me this month.

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