Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Havin' SOOO Much Fun!

I spent almost the whole day in bed on Friday...ugh...I had a headache that make me want to knock myself out with a hammer....a jack hammer....and that headache, of course, made me nauseous. I hardly ever get headaches but boy..when I's like the Headache God wants to get me while I'm down & pay me back for anything I've EVER done wrong.

Anyway, I felt much better by late Friday night and got up Saturday feeling pretty good. Too good...MyHero called from Door County (Lighthouse capital of the Midwest-beautiful-God's county)~would I mind running up there to help him out for a bit~ Is it going to take long? Nope, he says, not long at all-After I'm there I find out that it is not much more than 5-1/2 hours (that's NOT LONG????)

However, that made me right on schedule to get to the little girls' recital on time. call-could I make a run into town to get black tights-the ones adorning the 7 year old had a hole in them and that wouldn't do for stage-run into town-pick up the tights-hightail it back 18 miles to the place where the recital is. Sit there until 10:30 & thoroughly enjoy the recital. It's so much fun to see these little ones present themselves on stage. Oh....but wait....the recital is over....tomorrow is Sunday....No School....HEY! You know what, Nana? Can we come home and spend the night because it is now tradition because it has happened the past two years. Of course it has!!!!Home we go-quick wipe-down, jammies on...and off to bed. I awake at 2:30AM to find Little Lulu in bed with me (after having a dream)....up at 6:15am...feed them Three Bears Cereal (oatmeal with Cinnamon and raw brown sugar) Mom & Dad at Starbucks....that's a whole story for another day! It involves SweetCheeks and pansies and spilled coffee and a locked car door.

Back to Door County to finish what we didn't get done yesterday. We get home at 5:30-I tell MyHero - I don't feel very good right now...he asks- "So what do you think is wrong with you?" I wanted to poke him in the eye with a sharp stick! Do you think that is illegal in the State of Wisconsin?
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  1. I'm tired just reading all of that!

    Illegal or not, go ahead and poke him with the stick ;)

  2. I'll include a sharp stick in with your book, so you won't even have to find one. lol.
    I have a whole package of those bamboo skewers that dh bought, and we used of them, just setting in my cabinet for the past 5 years, taking up space.

  3. That is suppose to say we used 4 of them, out of 100...

  4. Wow, I am tired after reading all of what you did...I love dance recitals, they are the best!

  5. Can't believe I had to miss their recital, they look so cute. - kind of glad I didn't have to sit there until 10:30 though!

  6. I gave you a bloggy award - stop by my place and pick it up!

  7. That tells me what a good person you are! When I get a headache I plant myself on the couch and throw popcorn at my children. You, on the other hand, become grandma of the year!! Good for you! I hope your husband's eye feels better tomorrow!!

  8. I've heard that poking someones eye out with a stick is completely legal in Wisconsin. Sadly it is illegal in California. Around here it is called the hands off policy. However, this is California. The place where rules were made to be broken. Oh just go ahead and poke him in the eye and then go have a Starbucks and we'll all feel better.


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