Saturday, June 15, 2019


The time has come.
The time is now.
I'll run away
I don't care how.

I could go by bus,
I could go by car,
I could drive all night
And I could go far.

I could go alone,
I could take a kid,
I took two kids,
That is what I did.

I will be back soon,
I will come back brown,
I will drive all night
Maybe through your town.

I will miss you all.
My computer's shut down.
I will smile all day,
And I will never frown.

I will jump the waves,
I will walk the land,
I will look for sharks
And play in the sand.

I will be back soon,
As quick as a blink,
I will write a post,
That is what I think.

Sending you love,
As I walk the beach,
Don't look for a response
I am out of reach.

Love you guys-
See you in a few days~

I promise to have some 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Ye Olde Bicycle
gets a tad weather-worn
during the winter season here.
Time for a little

I made  myself start using up
all the old paints that I have on hand.
This was one SweetCheeks picked out 
a long time ago.
It is not the paint I would have chosen
for this bike
but it IS what I had here.

And...don't go whining about the size
of the watermarks on these.
I am using Windows 10 and for some things
there is just no rhyme or reason
as to why these things happen
TO ME.....
trust me...

What does ye olde bicycle look like today?
Feast your eyes on THIS!
(Well, except for my friend,Jettie-
She says pink is pukey-lol)
(speaking of Jettie-she has a bacterial
infection in her hip-had more surgery
and is in hospital for several days-
she has a good attitude after
her 5th surgery on that hip and
she thanks you 
for your prayers & well wishes) 
I don't have the real 
front and back baskets
attached yet.
However, I didn't want to 
keep you in suspense
too much longer-
cuz you know how YOU are!
Wanna see more?
Do you love it
or does it hurt your eyes?

Don't be counting any weeds that need to 
be cleaned up either..
Judge not lest ye be judged...just sayin'...
MyHero has been talking about 
taking up cycling.
I thought I should look for a nice
cycling outfit for him.
If he puts this on I will even let him ride
It'd be perfect, don't ya think????
I didn't show you the whole thing
cuz I didn't want to see you 
squirting your coffee out through
your nose-
It didn't leave much to the imagination
if you know what I mean.
SO-You can use
 YOUR imagination...
and imagine MyHero in it!!
Have a GREAT day!~
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Sunday, June 9, 2019


While I don't like that 
people really NEED these prayers
for things that are happening,
I am glad that I can do this
little bit to help.
Why this has been my "thing"
is beyond me-
but I am glad to be a messenger
for those in need.

Prayer Requests~

Please pray once again for my friend, 
This is her fourth(?) maybe 5th surgery
on her hip.
Recovery from this last surgery
has resulted in a hematoma
so she has surgery tomorrow.
Right now she is  suffering excruciating pain.
Pray for a good surgical procedure
and a proper healing this time.

Then we have
Connie's hubby, Steve,
needs prayers for health issues.
He is very private so asks
that you pray and he figures God
will know his name and know what
you are praying for.
Isn't he a handsome devil?
hmmmm...maybe I shouldn't be using
in a prayer request?
We'll let God sort that one out.

Please continue to pray for
son, Jeff.
Also, please continue to pray for
Wild Bill,
Sugar's hubby (AtRivercrestCottage)
He is bravely continuing to fight cancer
and they have big life changes underway.

I know there are many more out there
that need prayers, healing and comfort-
even though I have not named them here
please send up a silent prayer for
all those in need of a healing.

As always,
if you don't pray,
please wing healing thoughts 
and good wishes their way.

Thanks so much.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

I just got a message from
She is asking for prayer for 
her husband, Curtis.
He has been in ICU & Critical Care
for 6 days.
He has having TIAs (mini-strokes)
and he has A-Fib.
Right now he is in Rehabilitation
to get some strength back.
His condition is ongoing and
Sylvia feels helpless and alone.
Please send prayers and well-wishes
to her and Curtis.
Thanks so much!

And--another lady wrote to me-
Here is what she has to say-
Dawn Pinnataro please add my mom to your list; she is almost 84, diagnosed with 1 type of cancer, had surgery & was discovered she actually has rare cancer of abdominal wall & will start aggressive chemo jun 20th. I share my prayers with you all, please share your prayers with me. ( we lost my 90 yr old dad not even a year ago)

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Sadly, this is 
my porch.

I sure do wish it was and that I
could sit out there 
and watch the world go by.

Anybody got a great porch
that I can come sit on?
I'll bring my own coffee
and promise to wipe my feet.

Oh- and I might bring
You can have the whole pie-
I'll just take one piece!
the more you eat and the fatter you get
the skinnier I look standing next to you-

Have a great Tuesday!!!
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


A few years ago I did a post
about some things from the
1960s--hair care, etc.
I didn't touch on the 1970s much.

Let's take a little walk down
shall we?

Did you grow up or 
become a young adult in the 1970s?

If so-You will remember some of these, I bet~

We had music, didn't we?
We had Elvis, The 5th Dimension, Sonny & Cher
and oh-so-many-more!
We girls wore clothes like these~
The maxi, the go-go boots & the mini-skirt-
The men in our lives wore this--oh my!
The hippie, the leisure suit & the hipster~
Some of us had these rides-
Not many of us had a ride like this....
And what did we eat?
Well, we ate casseroles-
And Jello Mold Salads
were all the rage-
We drank TAB-
We watched TV & Went Dancing & Loved Music
and I will talk about those things in another post.

The 1970s?
I could go on forever-
but right now I am going to play with my 
Bet you wish you had kept yours.

I think I am going to do some more of these
1960s and 1970s posts!
Those were the years!!!
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Sunday, May 26, 2019


I wrote this a few years ago

to honor all those that serve now

or have served our wonderful country.

Memorial Day is here once more,

We fly the flags above our door,

We plant our flowers that mark the grave,

Of every soldier that was so brave,

They fought for freedom for everyone,

Many lives snuffed out by a sniper's gun.

We proudly march in our little bands,

As daybreak filters across our lands,

But I wonder if we can truly see,

What cost it was to make us free.

Confederate soldiers fought the Yanks,

Some brothers fought brothers in those ranks,

To free the downtrodden that were lost,

To free all men at any cost.

My father was a medic in World War One,

A war not talked about by anyone,

Some men lost limbs and some were gassed,

Some picked up by comrades, 

others  bypassed.

World War II! How tragic indeed,

People standing by watching others bleed.

Souls thrown to the winds with no remorse,

Foreign government standing on their 

own course.

Vietnam was not a war they said,

Then how come so many soldiers ended up 


No heroes welcome for them in sight,

They slunk home in the dead of night.

Should I go on-with Korea & Desert Storm?

Iran? Afghanistan? Are you getting warm?

Do you feel the pain you see in their face?

Does it make you squirm in your warm, safe 


I've just one more thing I'd like to say,

It's about celebrating Memorial Day,

Look around and everything you see,

Was paid out in blood so that we are free.

Put your hand on your heart,

For the blue, white and red,

Raise your eyes to the flag,

Say a prayer for the dead.

Because of a soldier I can have my say,

So ~God Bless you this Memorial Day~

A special thank you to my nephew, Scott-who 

passed away last month 

due to war related injuries,

my father-a medic in WWI,  

my Uncle Samuel,a  Korean War vet,

my foster brother,Gene-

active duty during the Vietnam War,

my old schoolmate, Tom Babcock and

a friend I met blogging, Kurt Keys

and all the wonderful  people I work with

when I volunteer at the VA-

particularly 2 I volunteer with

on my shift- Rick & Dave!

And To All Our Soldiers-
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