Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Hi Everyone!

I didn't want you to think I had
that I have given up blogging!

While I have not been very creative lately
my youngest son and his friend, Chris,
sure have been.
I wanted to show you some of their amazing signs.
 Here's a bunch hung on the outside of a garage.
Another close up
I love this beach one, too.
These sell as fast as they get them done.
They are all made out of  reclaimed wood that has
washed up on shore.
Pretty cool, huh?

I have been busy.
It has been a busy summer.
I have 3 grandgirls  that have been staying with us
off and on all summer long.
I love having them here and they are good kids.
Here they are hanging out with MyHero
on the beach at sunset.
My youngest daughter moved to
Indiana and I went down for a week to help her
set up her new home.
It's gorgeous and we got a lot done in a short
amount of time.

We are waiting for a late summer memorial service  for our friend, Tom, 
that passed away.
It is still hard to believe he is gone.
He and my hubby shared a July birth date
so he has been on our minds.
We are also missing our brother-in-law, Mike,
that passed away a few weeks ago..
My plan is to come back to blogging
the first of September when things,
hopefully, calm down a bit.

I am also getting ready to set up a
second Etsy shop to sell some
old crap vintage items and 
some handmade things that I need to get done.

My other Etsy shop is still open and I am
still offering my book at the same price.
The price includes my autograph
which is worth absolutely nothing 
and free shipping
.You can click HERE to get a copy.

So, that's about it for me.
I miss ALL of you and
for hanging in there with me .

Keep our family in your prayers
as we go through some 
life-altering changes.

Of course, I have to leave you with
ONE SMILE for the day!
MyHero took
down to clean up our beach.
Hello----the BEACH stops at
the edge of the water!
Nothing like a little excitement!
My son was on the golf course
when I sent him this picture 
of his Dad with HIS tractor.
Was he surprised?
He never missed a stroke!
Now you know why I don't like to let
drive MY CAR!

ps...No-the tractor does not start-
thanks for asking!

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