Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SweetCheeks Gone Wild (In Hobby Lobby) Video

I love to go to
Hobby Lobby.
on this particular day
I don't have the luxury
of shopping in
First we must try on
Then we find some
curly ribbon bows.
SweetCheeks insists that
they are
Juss' lihke the ohnes youh mahke, Nana!
 And then..we move along
to find something even
Enjoy this with your
morning coffee-
or tea~
But~you know what?
 I wouldn't trade

THIS visit
for all the tea in China~
(cuz I don't drink tea!;>)

Hope you have a
SweetCheeks in
YOUR life!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday SweetCheeks!

I can't believe you are
Where has the time gone?
Where has my baby girl gone?
Where has my LIFE gone?

It seems like just yesterday
you were a tiny little thing.
You only weighed 5# 2oz when
you were born.
You were in the NICU for 15 days.
And then you came home so
we could love on you.
Your sweet Mama doted on you..
(Look at those Cheeks-
We loved you as we watched you grow-
Even when you were a hot mess.
You were so sweet even
as a tiny girl,
and funny,
and smart.
I love this picture of you with your two sisters

And you know that your
 Mom & Dad and Sisters
love you soooo much.
You LOVE Starbucks
with Nana.
I started you early on...
I know..I know..
Sad, isn't it?
And here you are our poor, poor
 little SweetCheeks as you got
snagged by a bush
after picking out a Christmas tree.
And you were quick to remind Santa
that you had
what you wanted for Christmas!
And then you started nursery school-
and your teacher said you were
very smart.
Pfffftt..we already KNEW that!
In many, many ways
you are an
Old Soul.
Wise beyond your years.

But today..
just today..
you can be our
Little Girl for
one more day
you only turn
Five Years Old

Happy Birthday
Little Princess!
We Love You!
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Charles In Charge's New Blanket

Here's Our Boy!

He is visiting Nana & Papa's house
while Daddy is working and
Mama is here with him healing.
He is about 100 miles
from his own home for a
few days.

Doesn't he look like he
has settled right in?
His big cousin, Lulu, is
holding him here.
I want you to notice the blanket.
That blanket was sent by my
friend, Jettie.
Jettie and I have never actually met
in person
but we are
kindred spirits.
if you will.
She has a blog called
where the highlight is
Christian book reviews.
(and YES, Jettie IS her REAL name)

When Jettie found out my daughter
was having a baby she wanted
to know if it was a
BOY or a GIRL.
I said we didn't know.

When we brought
Charles In Charge home
there was a package waiting for us.
Jettie's Aunt is well into her
80's and she made
this blanket for
Also in the package a hand crocheted
dish cloth and
a beautiful towel that hooks
over a knob or
oven door handle.
I love it!
Anyway here is the baby
snuggled into his new blanket.
Can you believe it?
How special and wonderful is that?
Here he is being held by Mama~
The funny thing is that with a 2nd baby
you don't get many hand made
special gifts like this one.
I know the color looks green in this picture
but the green is actually a soft baby blue.

As you can see,
Charles In Charge is pretty
content to have
(and I do mean ANYONE)
hold him.
What do YOU think of the
New Baby?
Yep- Got It!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go- A Hunting We Will Go...

Hi-Ho the Dairy -Oh
A hunting we will go
It's Over!
The month of November
is almost over!
Can you believe it?
How do I know it's over?
The pumpkins ain't so purty anymore...
The last of the turkey leftovers
have made their way
past faces.
The leaves are off the trees.
The leaves that are left will
soon be buried under snow.

The corn fields have been harvested.
And look who has appeared on the scene.
Looking to shoot poor Bambi.
Run Bambi Run!
However, we don't hunt
THESE here.
Speaking of cougars...
I noticed another type of
has appeared on the horizon

I think she bagged
herself a winner.

As for me..
I'm gonna see if I can find
some boots like this..
I want to go hunting too.
However, I don't think
will let me go~
Unless I decide to hunt for
His personal favorite.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

There Is Magic Here!

I have a wonderful
Steve and Carol.

They live just North of us
in Door County.
They don't have any
grandkids of their own yet
but they surely do love ours.

They love the Lord and
follow the sun in a
5th wheel camper
to do His work.
They are a blessing to
all that know them.

They recently spent a day
with the kids.
Ria was home with Dad,
not feeling well,
so she missed the outing.
They took a walk along this lane..
with Lulu starting off ahead...
She came back for a picture
with this strange looking creature
 with TWO HEADS!
(Looks almost like a little boy
on top of a man's shoulders, doesn't it-
It's NOT- It's a man with two heads)
Told you we had a strange family.
But then she is off and running ahead-
Unlike the straggler in the group.
SweetCheeks is surrounded by
mystery and intrigue...
so much so that you will notice
that even the leaves
rise to do her bidding.
(just like her Nana does)
yeah..and so it goes~
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeding A Clown

HOW do you feed a clown
you ask?

Well, let me tell you~
First you must find yourself
a clown!
Oh! Look-Look!
Here is one now!
like to eat.
We are SURE that he has been
born into the wrong family.
loves to eat.

This one?
Not so much.
First he must SMELL the food!
Next he must INSPECT THE FOOD-
up close and personal.
Here you go...
(sorry for the blurry picture-
it is like trying to catch the wind in
Ummm..this seems to be the most
common response to
Or sometimes he likes to
just hide his eyes like he is not there.
So...You don't want CHEESE..
You don't want mashed potatoes..
What would you like?
MY that looks good!
Okay- Lunch is over..
Now I can start preparing to
Feed The Clown
at dinner time.

I'm thinking maybe he would like
paper rather than plastic
this time.
Do I get the
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving~A Poem For You

I have so much to give
Thanks for...SO much.

Thanks to my family,
Thanks to friends coming my way,
Thank you to everyone that
touches my day.

Thanks to my husband,
Thanks for my home,
Thanks for a resting place
wherever I roam.

Thanks for new babies,
Thanks for sweet life,
Thanks for allowing me
peace amidst strife.

Thanks for my children,
Thanks for grandchldren, too.
Thanks for the blessings
that fall on this crew.

Thanks for Thanksgiving,
As we gather this clan,
Bless every child in it
and woman and man.

Which brings us to the banquet,
The banquet of life,
Where some poor old turkey
Gave us his life.

We'll surround him with taters,
We'll smother him with peas,
We'll say, "Pass the gravy"
and Thank You and Please.

But let us remember,
As the table boards bend,
That all of this bounty
Belongs to God in the end.


 © D. Diana Kosmoski 2011
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday MamasBoy! We Love You~

I am copying most of a post I wrote last year
for MamasBoy's birthday.  Thought some new
readers might like to see THIS ONE!

November 23,1979

The day after Thanksgiving.
I was so tired from cooking all day
that when I woke up Friday
morning and my back ached,
I didn't think much about it.
Even though it was my
due date,
I wasn't sure I was in labor.
I still wasn't sure when I went to the hospital
even though you were my 4th baby
and you were due.
I'm in labor?
Alrighty then~
You were an easy baby
and got a 10 right off the bat.
Your Dad was so proud to have a son
after having two little girls.
You were an easy baby-
easy-going, happy, sweet.
At one year old you loved
your little rocking horse.
Which got left behind when
we moved to Florida.
You were crushed!
You loved the swimming pool.
One day I was all ready to go on
an appointment.
I was dressed to the nines,
nylons, heels,
hair done, makeup on.
I leaned over to say goodbye
to the girls in the pool
and you walked up
behind me and pushed me in.
Everyone laughed..
including me..
although I should have
probably throttled you back then,
before your "tricks" got worse.
You were SO sad when we told you
that you were too big for
a sink bath.

But happy to trot off to Christian
nursery school
three mornings a week.
We thought it would be good for
you to have someone to play with
besides your sisters.

One day we turned around
and you were five.

At six you loved playing ball.
And although you played soccer
for ELEVEN years..
(yes I was a soccer Mom..
I never missed a match)
I could not find a single
picture of you in your soccer uniform.

You were a rabbit
for so many years that I lost track
of how many bunny costumes I made.

The years flew by.
Soon you were a young teen.
A kind young teen.
You were kind to your family,
to kids you didn't know,
to animals,
to your elders..
you were just a kind young man.

Suddenly you were driving.
I think this is the Saturn..
you know the one..
the one that Saturn replaced
the motor in twice..
and you had bought it
gently used.
After the 2nd motor was replaced you
sold it and made more on it
than what you had paid.
(because it had a new engine in it)

However, my favorite car story..
entails you taking a Fiero
(that looked no where near as nice
as the one pictured here)

AND you decided
in December..
that you wanted a convertible took a SawzAll and cut
the top off...Yes you did..
And you drove it all winter..
then sold it to some
poor sucker.

We had some wonderful times
in the house on Quincy..
this was taken one Mother's Day..
Boy! Wish I were 50 again!!

And you were tickled when your older
brother gave you a niece to love.

You were always up for a party..
like your sister's birthday.
your best audience..

well, next to me and your
sister, Mimi, that is.

Then, you decided to take your guitar
and go on the road with a band.
You traveled around for about a year,
and played some pretty  good music
You are a great entertainer..
you have certainly kept us "entertained"
all these years...if you count extra
gray hairs as entertainment.

But then, being a homebody,
you came home to stay.
Just when we least expected it
you found the love of your life..

And, the best part, is
we love her too!

However, being the unpredictable soul
you are you grew your hair out
and decided
to play music and open a
music store in Door County.
Your sister, Mimi..always
(and still) thinks
you are almost as funny as
she is.

We were over the moon
when you married
the girl we all love. your sisters have
children you are a
wonderful Uncle..
because you still have a lot of
'KID' in you. you get older...I know
that you are looking forward
to owning THIS someday..

You even give SweetCheeks a ride in it
sometimes just so you can enjoy it...

But-It's not gonna be your birthday present
this year cuz...
I might be OLD but
I ain't dead yet!
Happy Birthday, Son!
You are loved!
(But not enough to get my car)

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