Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prayer Updates- Smiles And Sadness-Please Keep Praying

A few weeks ago
I asked for prayers
for this sweet, young woman.
Her name is Jessica.
You can read her whole 
story here.
She is the daughter-in-law
of friends of ours.
She has been undergoing 
a grueling round of chemo
and has had a lot of ups and downs.
However, her 
 are dropping!
BUT-they need to drop more
before she is considered cured.
I am going to see her
tomorrow at a big family affair.
Please remember her 
in your prayers.
She desperately needs them.
Her good news is worth a smile.

Now, the not-so-happy news.
let me know
that her little grandson
did not make it.
Doesn't that picture just
break your heart?
You can read about it here.
God called this sweet little
child home.
And, although we know he is
in a better place,
his Mom & Dad
and all his extended family
are hurting.

Thank you so much-
I am overjoyed to know
that so many of you pray
when others need it.
Blessings and a Peaceful Saturday
to you.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Down South Talking Turkey

It's not ME talking turkey
but we'll talk about that later.

Do you remember the 
beautiful home 
I showed you yesterday?
Well, I don't want to 
invade the privacy of
Mistah Jeff & Mizz B
too much so I will just 
give you a limited peek.
This is looking
from their kitchen into the
breakfast room and on into
their well appointed family room.
Beyond the windows to the 
back lie the hazy
Smoky Mountains.
This shows the fireplace
a bit better.
All native stone.
MizzB has done a phenomenal job
throughout the whole house.
The kitchen -which I am not showing-
is a chef's dream.
A small section of their main living room.
Whaddaya mean you can't see it?
Of course you can't...
remember I said  LIMITED peek?
Okay....quit whining-I'm going
to show you something else.

Ready for something special?
How about THIS for an office?
Looking towards the window.
Pretty sweet, huh?
There is a whole other wall of
beautiful built-ins, too.

I will have to set fire to my
hubby's office before they come
to visit. oh..wait..that's arson.
I guess I will 
nail a  bar across the door
and declare it a hazard zone.

Back to my original thought.
Talking turkey.
Before MistahJeff
even gets dressed for the day,
he yells, 
"Good morning, boys"
Curly, Moe & Larry
meet him by the edge
of the drive for their
morning treat.
And, before you ask,
I did NOT give them code names.
The boy's names 
Curly, Moe & Larry.

That being said~
I'd say 
is one stooge short!
Care to name the two that
are present here?

Look how HAPPY those two look.
You would think 
"the girls" (me & MizzB)
went off shopping for the day
and left those two to manage
lunch by themselves, or something!
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Was I Nawth Or Was I South-What's Your Best Guess?

The clue should be in the word
Up here we say North...
Down THERE they say
Gotta love people
with those 
S'uthern accents.

As a matter of fact
we DO love a COUPLE of those
S'uthern people.

Want to know where we
found them?
We found them in this
beautiful, beautiful home.
I should have moved the cars
first, I suppose...
but you get the idea!
See this?
This is the window of the
bathroom that we used 
in the guest suite.
She put that little bird out there
to keep REAL BIRDS from
sitting there and doing...
well-you know-
what birds do.
Yes-That's what you think it is.
Who but a true friend would
be showing you bird poop?

Want to see a shutter
up close and personal?
There's a mist afoot-
another clue to where we are.

I can't tell you how beautifully
we were treated 
Down South.
MyHero and MistahJeff
go back a LONG way.
But MizB & I
didn't really know each other.
Now we do!
Isn't she pretty?
Sorry this is a poor quality
picture...but trust me-
she is beautiful-
inside and out.
I adore her.
No-wait-I love her.
I want to marry her.
oh- wait-
that's not right-
I mean I love her like a
SISTER (if I had one).

She is sweet and lovely
and has the most wonderful laugh.

Now, MistahJeff can put on
his old crudgmugeon act
but he can't fool me-
Underneath that is a 
sweet heart.

Want to see more?
Well, you will have to come
back tomorrow and I will
show you some pictures of
the INSIDE OF this
beautiful home.
It is gorgeous!
Beyond gorgeous!

Meanwhile you can take a
peek at the mountains they
enjoy each and every day.
Is that breathtaking , or what?
So...was your guess 
The Smoky Mountains?
Do you know WHY they are
Because good old boys like
this sit out in the garage
and puff their fool heads off.
MyHero told me
Real Men Smoke.
I told him real men only
smoke butts they pick up off
the street and he should 
Get Busy!
Y'all come back tomorrow
cuz you sure don't want to miss
and it starts with this....

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The First Laugh Of The Day

Is there anything
more like music
to the ears
than the laughter of
a child?

Smiles guaranteed-
This is only 
It puts a smile in my heart
& I hope it puts one
in yours!

We are still traveling and I
hope to catch up with
everyone soon!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Best Part Of Gardening

What is the best part
of gardening?
Is it the beautiful plants
growing in the yard?
Or my sweet bicycle, Bardot?
Is it the fairy garden?
Or one lone beautiful rose?
The best part is having
my own personal gardener
that shows up in work clothes
to water the plants.
Whew- This is hot work...
Anything else to water?
Yep! A few more that the
hose won't reach.
What a good little helper.
MyHero attached the
street number on the post.
Notice anything wrong with it?
Anyone? anyone?
Hmmmm....I think I may
have to hire 
to help me around here.
Let's see....
I am taking applications!
Make sure you show up in
your work clothes.....
Oh- My!
Wait'll MyHero sees this!
I am preparing for the scolding!
My Hero-My Hearos-
Get it? Nevermind......
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Six Months Til Christmas!

Do you want to shoot me?
It's about 90º here.
Does it make you think
of Christmas shopping?
Well, being as I am usually
the last one to the
party...I wanted to be
the first one
to mention Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas,
Did you know that hunting
down the perfect 
Christmas tree can
be dangerous?
Don't believe me?
Look at this....
It's enough to make you want
to never go to a 
"cut your own tree place"
ever again. SweetCheeks likes to
call it

I am going to go hide now
before some blogger
decides to 
hunt me down
and hurt me.
Have a great day and remember~
It is never too early 
to start
Christmas shopping.
The six months will be gone
before you know it!;>)
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Scream-er- Ice Cream

The other day
I mentioned some things
I love about summer.
You know the other 
thing I love about 
Ice Cream

Well, I don't eat it
but my whole family
loves it.

Is there anything better
than homemade
ice cream?

First I mixed up
Orange Crush
ice cream.
Tastes like a 
6 cans of ORANGE Crush Soda
2 cans Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 heaping cup sugar
Put 2 cans of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk to a big bowl.
Stir in the sugar.
Slowly pour in one can of Orange Crush.
Combine the first can of soda with condensed milk and sugar.
Continue adding 5 more cans of Orange Crush.
Add the mix to ice cream freezer.
Crank up the ice cream maker.
Mix until the ice cream is firm.
Let sit several minutes to "ripen".
Freezes well.-Makes 3 qaurts.

I dug out the old
ice cream maker,
cranked her up.
Here is where the 
comes into play.
She made a few turns
and groaned and moaned.
We "helped" her run
until her motor quit.
Thankfully, the ice cream
was almost done.
Bye-Bye old girl!
At least we got this out
of you before you died.
I went to Sam's Club
and found a new friend.
Hello Baby!
You sure are a pretty thang!
Aroma (don't you love the name)
 ran perfectly and 
we were delighted with
We really like the custard
rather than ice cream.
Ohhhh...This is sooo good!
It's too bad that 
no one in this family likes
ice cream!
THIS ONE does!
this one 
 would rather have
a cupcake
at the local trough buffet.
If you don't have an
ice cream maker, or have
never made your own,
you are missing one of
life's special little joys.
Yes. You. Are.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Door County Home

I think you all know that
I have moved about a
million times.
I might have exaggerated
that by 996,986 but 
who's counting?

The last place we lived
before moving to this house
was Door County, WI.
It is called the 
"Maine of the Midwest".

When I got the latest
(thank you to the childrens'
Magazine school fund raiser)
the cover was lovely.
 who shall remain nameless,
 spilled coffee on
the cover before I could even
open the first page.

But, I was drawn into the 
wonderful Door County home
featured inside-
coffee stains and all.

Here is the side facing
the bay of Green Bay.
This is about 45 miles
North of us on the
same body of water.
A wonderful cottage outside
but look inside.
I love this porch and
the pops of hot pink
offsetting the 
summery blues.
A quick peek into a bedroom...
And where do the kids play and sleep?
Is that a happy room, or what?

Vintage Teacart
 is probably my favorite.
Maybe she will invite me
up for tea!
Now, wouldn't THAT be something?
pssst...I'll bring my own cookies~

We are off for a couple of days-
well, actually I am a little "off"
most of the time.
So, I will be playing catch up 
late at night-or early morning-
(if I can get online at all)
 so don't feel
bad if I don't respond right away.
I'll be around!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

THESE Are Compliments?

You know,
Sometimes Someone Says
to you that 
and then...
there is that
follow up 

are the latest in
my life.
( said sweetly)
Nana-You have a
LOT of energy for your age.
Thanks, Lulu!
Are you HYPER because
you drink so much 

(soft little whispery voice)
I like your hair, Nana.
Thanks, Ria.
It looks like the hair on 
one of our dolls.
Really? Where's the doll?
My Mom threw it out
because its hair was
so messed up.
(matter of factly
lightly pinching my forearm)
I must tell you that she
has a weight obsession
and has been watching me 
lose weight.
You're not so fat, Nana.
Thanks, SweetCheeks.
Did you see the 800  pound
man on Dr. Phil?
He was this much bigger
than you are.
I am thinking of moving
and leaving
and-what the heck are you 
doing watching Dr. Phil?
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The First Day Of Summer

Why did I think 
was the 
of summer?

It was yesterday!
What do I LOVE about
Pink Lemonade Slushes!
(click on image for recipe)
I love the way the wind
ruffles the waves
out in front of the house.
I love that our
Fairy Garden
is flourishing...
I love driving across
the peninsula 
to Algoma and 
watching the kids play
in the 
BIG WATER of Lake Michigan.
I love the slow roll
of fog that wraps
its hazy arms around
the lighthouse.
But, most of all,
I love our backyard
and the faces you see.
Gotta love a face like that!
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