Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Award? Me? Why Me? It's Because Of Sunshine

Well, I don't really do the awards thingy anymore 
I promised Jann  
that I would.
One of the reasons I decided to do it
is because.... well...
because Jann is SO nice..
and also because it is the 

My old neighbors, Toddy & Carl, always
called me 
(along with various other names when
they were "in the cups" if you know
what I mean)

So -Here it is-
my answers for
The Sunshine Award

1.  Favorite color:  Green & (since I have had granddaughters-Pink)
2.  Favorite number:  8   (using my birthday all those numbers add up to 8)
3.  Favorite animal: Human or otherwise?   Hmmm...I love kitties and miss my own.
4.  Favorite non alcoholic drink: Are you kidding me?  Starbucks sugar-free vanilla latte
5.  Facebook or Twitter:  Neither- I am old school.  If you want to know something- CALL me!
6.  What is my passion:  Being a Nana to my grands, gardening, sewing, BLOGGING..
7.  Favorite day of the week: Monday- I know- crazy, huh?  It's kind of like I get a do-over!
8.  Favorite Pattern:  Simplicity....hahahaha-I know what you want... Florals-I love florals.
9.  Receiving or Giving: Giving- I am a great giver but a poor receiver. I always feel guilty
10:  Favorite Flower:  Lilacs in the Spring followed by roses and peonies...oh-and I
love those sweet little violets.

That's it- That's all she wrote- or all I wrote~

Now, here's the deal...
if any of you newer bloggers would like to do 
this simply copy and paste the questions to 
your own blog and put in your own answers...
unless, of course, you want to use my answers...bwhahahaha
If you take the award
and do your own list, let me know
 and I will do a link
to your post.  

Have a great day everyone and spread
to those around you! 
Got it?  Okay- Start NOW!

And...if you promise not to sneak down
to the kitchen at night and eat the last
brownie in the pan and swear it
was gone BEFORE you went to bed
 well...THEN...I will
show you something special
in kinda in the playhouse-
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

View While I Go To Pot

Pot is a funny word,
isn't it?
There is a POT~
And there is a POT
And there is POT
This is NOT growing in my
yard no matter what the 
neighbors think!
Do you know I missed that
60's revolution?
Well, I did-
Thank You, Lord!

There is another kind of 
pot, too.
To POT something...
Oh-And THIS kind of POT
Yep- ALL kinds of pots
out there..including
 I won't show any images
of those because
some of my relatives
have asked me not to show
their faces on my blog.....
and they might 
start complaining and
(cuz that is what 
Crackpots do).

And then there is ME-
Slowly going 
and, believe me, I am NOT
showing you any pictures 
of THAT either! that I have
given you a short 
refresher course on POTS-
Here is my little potting area
which I showed you before~
When I am potting I can
look down towards the bay.
We put this berm in about 4 years ago.
There was not a plant here.
There is a house to the right of us
and this gives us both privacy.
There was none before.
The Bay is straight ahead beyond 
the trees. 
This is the end of that fence...
and where I just planted one
of the New Dawn roses.
If I peek around the corner
and look across the yard
to the South
here is what I see.
I love our little
It, too, is waiting for its
Spring Spruce Up...
Inside AND Outside.
That will be one of my
next posts...if I can ever
get at it.
I have some 
HELPERS coming over to
HAHAHAHAHA much to do...
Clean or Play?
we have to PLAY
by checking to see if
any fairies have come to
abide in our
Fairy Garden.
SweetCheeks told me that
they have been buzzing around
looking for a place to land.
If anyone knows, she does.
She has a direct connection
to Fairyland-she talks to 
them all the time.

Hmmmm...maybe MyHero does, too.
He seems to be talking to himself
a lot lately....maybe HE is talking
to the fairies...
or....maybe not~
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Puttering Or Pottering Or Pluffing

Another catchy title, huh?
Don't you love the way
I make up words?
It keeps my mind agile.
Methinks it is 
the only agile thing on me
these days.
Not really-although
I'm sure MyHero thinks
the only thing I do is sit
around and eat bon-bons and
play on the computer.
I guess he thinks magic elves
come out to do the laundry and
cook at night whilst we are sleeping.

I have a secret spot on the 
backside of our house.
It is hidden to the side
of the garage and behind
our master bath.
I like to call it
The Potting Area.
The area where one goes to pot.

Watch your mouth-I am NOT
talking about myself-
I am talking about 

I am onto this 
kick now- I can't seem to
help myself.
Everything got thrown 
out here last Fall.
How bad is this?
Old pots...old leaves left from Fall...
I couldn't stand it for
Here it is-cleaned up
and ready for business!
Much better, huh?
Ha!  Another HOSTA that
was looking for a new home.
He's a little sad looking but
by tomorrow he will be 
perky and pretty.

Here's my favorite old
bench.  I have carried it to
5 houses.
I can't seem to leave it behind.
It reminds me of the farm 
I grew up on.
I sit here and sip my coffee
when I am tired of putzing with plants
out here.

Pop back by tomorrow and I will
show you the views from here
down to the bay and across
the yard to the playhouse.
Now, I need to get off my
duff and see if the fairies have
fixed my coffee yet.
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!
Wish you were here to join me
for a cup!
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I know many of you come here
for your morning smile
but today is just a
bit different.
I have never done this
before but I was so 
touched by this
video that it
brought me to 
If you have a moment
to watch it I think it 
is something that will
touch your life.
God bless each and every
one of our service men 
and service women
that so willingly
give their all so 
that we can be free.
God Bless You
on this
Memorial Day.

Also, if you weren't here yesterday
please read the next post down
and go visit Laurie!
I also wanted to add that Laurie will
not be able to visit your blog daily
and/or comment because of
her limited vision...and she has some
really BAD days with sight.
However, she will be visiting you
in spirit each and every day.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Psssttt...Need a Bit Of Help Here

My dear sweet friend,
Laurie, has a blog.
It's a wonderful blog.
She has had 3 wonderful
Blogland ate the first one.
A computer virus ate her second one.
The third one was only up for
a short time...she will tell
you why.

 Laurie, being Laurie,
is persistent.
She laughed at the 
Dirty Devil BlogGod
and started a new blog.
It is called

Her other one was called
When The Bough Breaks.
I tried to tell her she was
tempting fate but to no avail..
ok..I might have lied about 
that part.

She does beautiful artwork.
Her story is amazing.
She is a wonderful artist but
she is losing her sight...and
at a quicker pace than predicted.
However, don't feel sorry for
her- she doesn't want
She just kind of states things 
She is a realist that way.
Her story is amazing
and will touch your heart.

You know the really
She paints 
I love her stories.
And, now she can tell them
all over again because 
the old ones are GONE!
Poof!  A computer virus 
took them away.

Please help her get her
followers back.
She will thank you.
I will thank you.
God will smile at you
for your good heart.

And...if all else fails
and you
I just might send
the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police after you.
Whoa...wait a minute...
that might not be such a

I did tell you she was
Canadian, didn't I?
pfffft...I won't hold
THAT against her.
That WAS a joke!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

What A Fairy Nice Garden You Have There!

Well, I know I was going to
show you my small deck
off the dining room today.
Sorry....Not happening!

No, indeedy,
We have fairies to take care
of today.
Here's a sneak peek..
Before I show you
the whole thing I want to show
you what we started with.

I picked the girls up at school
and we made a trip to 
a local nursery.
We found several sweet little plants.
We filled the old wheelbarrow
with my special secret
potting mix.
And then commenced to
smooth the soil.
We found an abandoned
cookie jar fairy house.
We painted it and you will
see it in its glory later.
We built a path to the door
of the fairy house.
And added a water feature.
We added a little picket fence
and a bird sanctuary.
Our rain barrel is supporting
some small tools.
The path is in...
and the bench is ready for sitting-
Whoops- except for the dirty
seat!  Guess the fairies 
will brush that off tomorrow.
And..then we wheeled our fairy
garden close to the playhouse
because we are pretty sure
that is where the real
fairies all live.
We had a little cat in our
fairy garden until Lulu
informed me that fairies
We removed him immediately.

We are hoping that we will
attract some fairies that
will grant us all our special wishes.
And what are we wishing for
you ask~
We are wishing that the
pumpkins we planted below the
fairy garden will grow.
Someone has promised
to take very good care of them.
Gotta love a girl that likes
to water!
I am hoping the pumpkin fairy
doesn't have to go buy
pumpkins this Fall to stick in the
garden to make
come true-
if you get my drift~
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Beautiful Bardot Bites Bricks

Well, I should have said
bites the DUST but I
was kinda on a 
B Roll there and
couldn't seem to stop myself.

I know how y'all love those
So-here is one for you...
Look what Mr. Wind 
(rhymes with sinned-not kind)
did to poor, poor Bardot
(remember Bar-DOH-not BarDOT)
This is not the first fight
I have had with him.
He is a tricky devil.
One time he even blew my
dress over my head...
or it might have happened
twice-but we won't talk
about the second time because
I was on a date- Let me tell you-

Anyway, no matter where
I move in the country 
Mr. Wind
seems to follow me
and tries to 
"get me".
Sometimes he misses
me and gets my friends....
like Bardot.

She was crying when I picked 
her up- she had spilled her
pretty posies and
she was a hot mess.
I told her we would 
fix Mr.Wind-
and so we did!
She is staked and leaning
against Mr.Maple.
I trust him and know that
he will never let her down.
That meant that I had to move
my angel and my lavender chair.
The chair went back a bit
and is now in a new place.
I am developing a
back there.
'Course if I show it to you
is it really SECRET anymore?
Just wondering...
The chair has been moved
back even further since this picture.
And there are some more of
those hostas that I transplanted.
(kind of behind the bike)

This little passageway goes
around on the South side of 
our house and leads past the
air conditioner (hate the look)
and if you keep going
you end up at the playhouse.

There's an arch there...
you can barely see it hidden
under the evergreens
And behind that is the 
deck off our dining room.
A deck that needs a good 
Spring Cleanup.

So-here's the deal.
I will get the soap and water.
You rest your eyes a bit
and tomorrow,
if you don't take the 
A-train to NoWhere,
I will show you that
deck-clean and dressed
for Summer....
if I can put down my can
of Pringles  and get at it.
Happy Day To All~

ps...Only 7 months until Chistmas!
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soccer It To Me Baby

signed up for 
That's our little

Here she is-
Can you pick her out?
She is the tallest one
on her team.
I asked her why
she wanted to play soccer.
She said,
Beecuz I lihke to khick things!

Let me tell you though,
that little girl kicked
in her first game.
Her Mama asked her if
she ever passed the ball
so someone else could
make a goal.
She said,
Noh-They cahn do that when
I ahm on my breahk!
She is fast and not afraid
of the ball or the
other players.
She runs flat out as fast
as she can.
She is like a little bulldozer.
That MIGHT make you
think she is a tad bit of
a tomboy..
but no...
during her downtime on
the field
she made sure she was
spiffed up for the next
time on the field.
When the back-up players
got called in she came
to sit by me.
I asked her how she was doing.
She said she was
Let me tell you-
THAT'S a first!

Her sister, Ria, is
playing later this week.
I'm betting she will be fast
and there will be a whole
lot less drama going on...
unless, of course,
 SweetCheeks is
there coaching her.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Boyfriend Got Himself In A Fix

Well, when MyHero found
out I had a
he was not too happy.
As a matter of fact, 
he showed THAT GUY who
was boss of MY LIFE!

He said-
I'll fix YOUR wagon
Things are not looking good here.
I finally convinced him that it
was a platonic relationship
(and it saved him a whole lot 
of work-which was the REAL clincher)
so, soon enough,
he was back with all
feet (or wheels) on the ground.

But, while he had disabled my
I found my
waiting in the dark confines
of the back garage.
He smiled when he saw me
because I had not let him
see the light of day in 
a few months.
Oh- Wait!
The one above belongs to
Julie Marie over @
She's the one that put me
up to this!
Sigh-No...that is NOT
my boyfriend.
This other guy?
It is a clandestine affair, this one.

MyHero said-
I'm going to 
and so he did.
If you asked me-he kinda liked it!

Now you KNOW he has a name.
What is it, you ask~ 
You want to know his name?
His name is Mickey.
Mickey Mantis...
(kinda like Mickey Mantle 
only different)
Mickey has been my 2nd love
for about 15 years.
He always makes me sweat 
when we get together.

I asked him..
Mickey~What would you like
to do today?
He said...
Let's do something for the kids.

How about a pumpkin patch
down by the lower fence?
Pretty, huh?
Pumpkins and gourds
will soon be enjoying the view.
As for me?
I am putting Mickey away 
for a couple of days.
He just plain wears me out!
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