Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Well-it was actually a day
but, like Snoopy,
I always wanted to
start a story with that line.

I was raised in the
mountains but
had a longing to
be BY the water.

I am one of those
very strange people..
I LOVE to be
the water
I don't like to
the water.

I love a good
Now I am not talking
hurricane or tornado
type storms..
nope-just a
plain good old storm.

We had a boat that
we used as a live-aboard
during summers.
We rarely took it off
the dock
which was fine for me.
Have you been paying attention?
I was ON the water
but not
the water.

Our first little house was
by the water...
and then we moved
various places over
the years.
and finally..
came back to the water.
when I look out my
window I can see
the Bay of Green Bay.

One of my favorite things
to see is a storm
moving in from the West.

The waves kick up.

You can see the rain coming
across the water..

Moving closer...

The trees bending
in the wind.

The playhouse flag
blown off the flagpole
and landing in the bushes..

Ahh..yes a storm that
passes and leaves
the early night sky
looking like this.

Another storm
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Little Giveaway-From Little Ol' Me~

First I had one follower-
Jettie- my friend-
my supporter-
my adopted "sister".

Then my kids found my blog
and became followers
and gave me encouragement
to continue blogging.

And then another friend found me..
And, sometime in the last
week or so- I looked up
one day to discover
I had over 200 followers.

Now- I know that doesn't seem
like many when you look at
all the mega-bloggers out there..
and you gals know who you are..
but I am so happy to have
200 followers and to
"know" most of them...
to visit their blogs-
to know their families
and their likes and dislikes.
I am blessed.

I applaud all you ladies that
have huge followings.
If some of you smaller
bloggers are jealous
forget it!
The big bloggers work
very hard at growing their blog.
They take a lot of time
and put a lot of energy
into each post.
I admire all of you
industrious, wonderful,
blogging women..
big blog, little blog-
doesn't matter..
I have a soft spot
in my heart for all of you.

As for me-
Well, I just keep plodding along.
And when I have time to
stop plodding I visit
Barnes &; Noble.

What is so wonderful about
Barnes & Noble?
You mean besides the fact
that they have a
inside the store?

Well~ they sell great
Like this one..

which shows a bit of this-

And this one-

which features someone
I know and love
and featured here.

And this one-
which is full of ideas
for Fall
See? Told you~

Are you liking this so far?
Well, if you would like to receive
these magazines to pour over-
to hold in your own hot little hands..
$25.00 Barnes & Noble gift card
all you need to do is
be a follower and
sign up here.
No need to tweet,
Facebook me, feature me
on your blog...
or twitter
titter -doesn't that SOUND like
 a naughty word:>0-just saying'...
You just sign up and
make sure you're a follower.

And HOW will I pick
the winning name?
I think we will go back
to this tried and true method.
She folds-
And-fully dressed for the
She picks!
How's that work for ya?
Sign up below
and we'll have a winner
a week from today,
Friday -August 5th.
Good Luck and
may the Force be with you~

ps...It might not hurt the odds
to whisper sweet little nothings
about SweetCheeks-
you know how SHE is!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Farmers Market

Well, I sure hope
you didn't stop by to see
pictures of fresh fruits
or vegetables-
or even flowers,
for that matter.

I sure hope not
cuz you won't see them here.

I like to see other things
at the
Farmers Market

Like things that lean..

And things that jump...

And things that sell cold things..

And things that eat cold things...

But the funniest thing I see
is a guy with a 45 pound monkey
on his back.

Okay-quit your whining..
Here is ONE picture to
whet your appetite...
I could say something like-
Isn't this picture just
But I won't...cuz
then you will want to
squash me.
Okay-I quit~
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Remembering Anna Bella

(Angel of Wonder by NA Noel)
It has been a whole year
since I did a post about this..
Another year...
Another year...
Hard to believe..

Today our little angel,
 Anna Bella,
would have been 6 years old.
I often wonder
 what she would be like today
and picture her much like the angel above.
When she was born
 she looked a lot like her older sister.
This little angel appears to be
a combination
 of all 3 sisters.
What a beauty she would have been.
It is always hard to lose a child.
Some of you know this first hand,
some of you
could not begin to imagine it
happening to your family.
There is a whole different level of loss
when you lose a grandchild,
the child of your child.
Your heart aches
for your loss and
for your child's
When you lose a child,
your life is forever altered.
There is always a little piece of you that is missing..
a piece that somehow slipped away
and leaves an aching void.
I can't imagine how someone with no faith
carries on with life when they lose a child.
I can't imagine thinking that I would
never see that little one again.
As for me, my hope is in the Lord.
I know that someday we will all be
reunited again
and our family
will be whole.
Rest in peace our little Anna Bella.
We love you so.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Stoner Is Still Rocking

Remember the other day when
I told you my son was a
Not the kind that uses

If you missed that you can
read about it here
He was away for several days
but got home last night and
started again.
Here is one side...all done
except for tweaking..

And the front by the
end of the walk-
Notice the ones he
buried around the tree..

The other side of the front
which is partially done...

Pretty cool, huh?
He has never done any rock
work before and is doing it right
by digging the rocks in and
securing them.
You know what else is cool?
This thingamabob
(yes-I'm pretty sure that is
the REAL name of this piece)
Anyway-this thingamabob
that sits on the top of
their garage.

He is going to get up
there and clean it up
and paint it..
AND hopes to make
a matching one for
the top of their house.
The round painted ball
part is really copper..

He will be taking a cutting
from my
AnnaBelle hydrangea when
they are ready.
They lost their plant
during their move.
Each family member got
one in memory of our
little granddaughter,

And to end the day
another beautiful
pink sunset to stain
the sky.

Hope your day is
wonderful and blessed.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's A Big Job~But Somebody's Got To Do It!

My son-in-law is in
the construction business..
and he can do just about anything.

This is a big job he was working on

I ususally see him supervising..
but this time caught him

And, his best helper
that loves to tag along
has a job too.

What is it?
Why~ To look
you know?

I think she is
very, very, very
good at her job,
don't you?
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Monday, July 25, 2011

You Won't See ME Today- I'll Be Here

I need a break.
A serious break.
It has been go-go-go
for the past few weeks.
There have been some
family "issues".
Stressful issues.

This is just a one-day break
but it IS a break.

We will be  here..
One of my favorite places
to un-wind..
to just BE.

I'll BE here-
where the shore looks like

And the hotel looks like this...

And the view from the room looks like this..

And during the drive along
 Lake Superior I see a spot
that looks like this..

And, like Pavlov's  dog,
I go to this....
A perfect day away!
Happy Monday!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Family Zoo

Hurry- Hurry-
The animals are caged!
Let's escape while we can....

Too late!
What do you mean where am I going?
Why do you ask?
Oh! Who wanted a
quiet Sunday anyway?

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Rainbow Dot Family-SCheeks Video

If you read the blog the
other day
this is the conversation that followed
"Guess Nana's Age"

SweetCheeks has long had invisible
and her most special
(and recurring one)

SweetCheeks informs us
WHO Rainbow actually is...
WHERE she lives..
HOW she lives there..
and most importantly..
WHY I can't see

The video is a bit dark to start
but lightens up as you go along-
then gets dark again..
sorry...never said I was a
It's a bit longer than my usual
20 second ones..but I just
couldn't shut the camera off~
If you aren't smiling at the end
of this
you need to see if  you can
buy yourself a sense of humor....

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Friday, July 22, 2011

SweetCheeks Has A Boy Friend~

Remember I told you
I would post a bit more
about Ria's recital?
I said it would be
something about
SweetCheeks at the recital.
Well, I am good as my word.

SweetCheeks was sitting
patiently, in a warm room,
a bit bored but happy,
waiting for her sister to
start dancing.

All of a sudden she started to

Why are you smiling?

Thass mhy bouyfrend!
It is?
Yep!  Dohn't tell him though.
Don't worry-

She listened raptly to
his every word.
And gazed at him adoringly...
Remember when you were
His words fell on her ears like
Which made it all the more
disappointing when we
told her he
be her

Why noht? She asked
ever so sadly.
Well, because you are
to have a boyfriend..
because he is your

I know there are some states that
might allow that...
Ain't never gonna happen here!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Surprise For Me!

Someone asked me
for my address.
Someone wanted to know
where I lived.
Someone's blog says they
have ESP..
Then how come they don't know
my address?
After all-
Remember my post about Miss Cleo?
Yeah-She had ESP..
or so she said!

I responded by asking
this ESP person
if it was to send me something
that exploded.
She responded that it was not.

Here's the address..
For Me?
Here's the outer package~
Can you believe that
SOMEONE sent me
Here's the inner package..
Not too SHABBY~ huh?

Here's the card that accompanied it..
It looks like a gift itself, doesn't it?

Here's a tag..
Is this a cute tag?
Don't you just LOVE it?

But THAT is not the
real gift..
No. It's. Not.

Look here!

Outer cover

Inside front cover

Inside back cover

And blank pages to fill
with pictures of my choice.
I think this would be a good book
for blackmail pictures, don't you?
No one would ever expect it!
Caught with a whole donut in your mouth?
You're in the book.
Caught with toilet paper stuck to the
bottom of your shoe?
You're in the book.
Caught with holey underpants when
you had an accident?
never pictures of that~

OMGOSH...I don't even know
how to say a proper
Thank You!

Will this do?
Thank you from the bottom of
my heart!

I have had a tough week..
A l-o-n-g week..
and God put this
perfect person in my life
just on a day I needed it most.

You want to know

Here's who!
She says this is her profile picture
I think she looks more like a
but that's just MY take on it.
You will love her blog.
She is very talented
as you can see.
Now-Get going~
Pop over and say Hello~
You'll be glad you did!

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