Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank You For Your Prayers

Still no computer
of my own.
Just popping in to tell you that
my son-in-law's surgery was
a success.
Thank you so very much for
all the prayers and support.

They were a bit late getting started
and his pain meds wore off
before they wheeled him out
but he soldiered on.
As you all know, I can find
humor even in tense moments.

While we were waiting, Big J was
sitting upright in a recliner with
his open backed gown on
and his to-the-hip support hose.
Someone walked in and he
pulled up his gown to show
how far up his stockings went
forgetting he had
My daughter and I laughed
until we cried.
Thanks for asking but
No-I won't be posting a picture
of THAT!

He has several weeks of recovery
ahead of him which we know
will not be easy.

So.....now that your prayers
have covered him I think you
better pray for my daughter
we all KNOW what
babies men really are
while he is home recovering.
I don't know what it's like at YOUR HOUSE-
but when MyHero gets a cold it is
Meanwhile, while I have the
I am doing laundry, dishes, cooking
and taking care of
I am talking about.
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Please Pray For My Son-In-Law's Back Surgery

Still no computer here so I
am working on borrowed time.
(sorry-can't even use PicMonkey to crop this photo-
I have no idea who the person in the background is)

My handsome son-in-law, Big J, has had
a lot of issues with his back.
He was in a car wreck last year
and has not been out of pain since.
He has been on morphine for the
last couple of weeks to be able
to manage the pain.

Monday morning (tomorrow)
he is undergoing some
pretty delicate surgery.
His Mom & Dad are coming
in from Kansas City, MO,
to be here for the surgery.

Even though he has not voiced it,
I know he is scared
Macho men don't like to admit that, do they?
He will spend several weeks recovering.

He is Daddy to BigBoyE & Charles-in-Charge.
He needs to be up and running to keep up
with those two monkeys....
don't you know it.....
So, please pray for a successful surgery
AND a quick healing.

I'll be back as soon as I can steal
a little more computer time!
Thanks for your patience and I will
be around to visit as soon as I can.

ps-We love you, Jason!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Computerless In Chula Vista

Completely Computerless-
Typing this on Thursday for Friday morning.
I am a tad lost without my computer.
It's gone- my love affair with Fred
has ended.
Maybe I should have called her Sugar instead.
You DO name your computer, don't you?

Well, at least I am stuck in a pretty place.
We got upgraded cuz they screwed
our reservation up...
works for me!

Here's the outside

Chula Vista

MyHero is at a medical convention.
They are talking about organs.
You don't want to know-
Trust me on this.

See those water slides?
Yeah-We are NOT using them.
Here's where I am
while MyHero is at the convention.
In our room,
It is cold outside so this works for me.
No projects here to work on.
Did I mention
No shopping here unless I want to buy
miniature wigwams.
Did I mention
What to do-What to do-What to do-

If  you have never read
Maeve Binchy you have missed something.
Her books are set in Ireland and,
sadly this is her last book before
she passed.
You can catch a preview
by clicking HERE

After remembering that I love reading
I might give up blogging.
Now you KNOW that I am a liar!
I could NEVER leave all of you!
Catch you later-
Hopefully soon!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Stop! In the name of love
before you break my heart.
You are too little to get your first

Daddy got his hair cut and took you along.
Here you are ready as ready can be.
Oh-sure-You're smiling now....
but as the scissors come closer
you're not so sure....
With a cute girl like this
trimming your locks
you'll want a hair cut every week.
I'm pretty sure my son goes 
a lot more often than he needs to.
Good thing his wife loves Shania, too.
Would you believe he
Neither could the stylist!
Now if we could only get him to eat.....

Computer update coming tomorrow...
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OH NO-NOT THAT! My Computer Is Gone

What to do?  What to do?
My computer has a black screen.
Even my techy son can't fix it.
One minute it was fine,
the next minute I had a totally black screen.
It is off for repairs.
I will try to sneak a few minutes on
my hubby's laptop when I can.
Oh-They called yesterday and it is the
Motherboard, indeed.
Mama has let me down!!!

What SHALL I do while I am

Maybe I will SEW,
using some fabrics like these from

Maybe I will finally get at finishing a couple of
pieces that I have been putting off.
Like this....
I will be back as soon as I can!
Pray that I don't need an intervention
for my computer addiction.
I think MyHero might tie me to a chair..
and shove me into the closet.
That would be HIS idea for a cure.
If I don't surface in a few days-
send help.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Most Distressing Situation

We THINK there used to be 
another baby in the chair.
Where did he go?
We THINK my grandson
ate him.
Can you guess which one he is?
SweetCheeks says:

(The other two little boys belong to
Mike & Lacey-friends of the family)

If I didn't get around to visiting you yesterday
it is because my computer went down-
screen went completely blank.
I am at the mercy of my hubby to grab
his laptop when I can-it is slow and I
have limited access so bear with me.
I will vist as I can~
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Me Laugh Monday Two

The other week I did a
Make Me Laugh Monday post that
got lots of smiles.
It was basically a

I thought today 
I would offer you a 
SECOND one of
those little
that always make/made me laugh.
Some are old ones.
Some are new ones.
All are TRUE ones.

MamasBoy is sitting on
his little bench.
(Amazing in and of itself
because he was NOT a sitter)
looking at 
National Geographic.

Whatcha doin', MamasBoy?

(it's  a wonder he learned to 
speak the King's English.....)

Whatcha doing, MamasBoy?
Loouking at gurhls!

Remember all those things your
parents told you about the
boys looking at National Geographic
to see naked people?
Yeah...well...Here you have living
proof that they were right!
Have A Happy Monday!
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Sunday In Spring WI Style & A Prayer Request Update & A Pretty Please Plea

This is what Spring looks like.
Sadly, that is NOT what Spring looks
like in Wisconsin.
Now...You DO remember that
we live by the bay?
Well....here is what we are seeing today.
That is snow along the rocks and on the sand.
Are  you feeling cold yet?
Cold on land and cold in the air-
Well, while I am dreaming of someplace like this...
I want to give you a quick update.
on my friend, Gert. 
You can read the original prayer request(here)
Here are some of her own words from the
rehab center:
Today, they had me walking and I was so impressed with 
how good I did,compared to how far I walked (and how I
walked) when I was in the hospital, then I remembered all those
thoughts and  PRAYERS everyone from Diana's blog have 
been sending me.  I want to THANK every one for
your love and  concern!
You see, prayers really do  make a difference.

One more quick little request.
If you have a moment-pop by and vote for
my grandson- Big Boy E again
in the contest.
He is moving up the ladder!!!
He was in the 300's and is now in the mid 100's.
Every VOTE counts.
(you do have to type in some
little word/phrase they give you
when you hit vote)
Just think- He could be your future
What do you mean you're not 
going to vote now?
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sweet Cheeks Sells Cookies & Ice Cream

Our SweetCheeks' Daddy
is an industrious guy.
He's pretty easy on the eyes, too,
isn't he, ladies?
That's my handsome 
son-in-love, Big Al,
married to our daughter, TPot.
He is always planning something
or building something.
He can make 
a silk purse out of a sow's ear
(that's an old saying for the
kids in the group-yes, yes, old like me)
What did he come up with when he had
an old trailer base that wasn't being used?
Well, he made a business out of it.
What kind of business?
I can only give you a sneak preview.
Ready?  Shhhhhh...This is NOT
out in the public eye yet.
Here's the front.
The sign will say
It's a little house on wheels.
It is all set up for selling cookies
and ice cream at the farmers' markets
and small fairs and carnivals.
It is still in the warehouse being finished up
but I wanted to share it.
Here is a side view.
A close up of the side windows
Inside is a tin ceiling...

A professional oven which will be used
if they run short during the day.
Guess what I get to do?
I get to make aprons and curtains 
out of fabrics similar to these
I found all these sweet apron patterns
and images on Etsy.
Cute idea, huh?
Imagine SweetCheeks selling cookies.
I hope she doesn't give someone the eye
and tell them they are 
and don't need to buy cookies.
WHY wouldn't that surprise me?

I'll show you more when it is all set up
and ready to go!
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Friday, April 19, 2013

SweetCheeks And The Birds And The Bees

SweetCheeks older sister, Lulu,
has been given 
You know the one.
The one all parents look forward to
with dreadful anticipation.
Lulu is in 5th grade now.
Last year they got THE TALK
about becoming a woman.
Moms (or someone connected to the child)
were invited to be there for
Lulu weathered that one pretty well.
This year
THE TALK was about reproduction
and involved a MOVIE.
Lulu was talking about it in hushed tones
in the car.
SweetCheeks heard just enough to 
know that 
THE TALK was something special
AND when she heard there was 
A MOVIE involved
her ears perked up.
Yes, honey?
You know when I get THE TALK and movie?
Well, when I get it I hope they have that
Theater-in-the round thing like they have
at Dizzney Wurld and that they
give  me 3D glasses.

Now, I don't know about you, but I
am pretty visual.
Let's just say I almost choked on my coffee.
Her next question?
Whut's so funny?

(In about 4 years she will know what's so funny)

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Angels Are Everywhere-Even Where I Sit

You know,
I thought I did a post about
this before but I am 
darned if I can find it
and somehow it quick posted
for a few minutes the other day..
Just call me blond...
or Diana- or-whatever suits your fancy.

If  you read this before I apologize...

Here's the fabric-
Here's the original bench-
Purty, huh????
First I removed the seat 
and recovered it with the above fabric.

Next I applied an applique from 
Home Depot
to the back using wood glue.
This is not the exact applique but it is close.
After applying that I painted
the whole thing semi-gloss black.
After it was dry I used some 
metallic buffer to highlight
the raised designs and the top of
the back.
Notice how the design looks like
Angel Wings?
I wonder if I sit on it I would
I already am!.....
Ummm....THAT was a joke.....
(trust me)
Someone told me last night
that I wasn't really a devil
because I had a halo sitting on
my horns.
I never heard that before...
did you?
Have a great Thursday!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cutest Face In The World

As you know,
I have been away for a few days
tending to "bizness".
I hope none of you ever have
leaks in your house
or your underwear
cuz it is a mess!

Anyway, I am popping in today
because my sweet Mimi asked
me to please do a little post
for her little guy.
He is in a contest for 
Parent's Magazine and
she would appreciate your vote
for what I am calling the
Cutest Face In The World.
Looks like he is up to Irish deviltry, doesn't it?
BigBoyE IS pretty cute, isn't he?
You can vote

Thanks- We appreciate it.
There is a $10,000 scholarship fund
for college.
Who knows what college will cost
when he gets to be that age?
He is smart so he NEEDS to go to 
This would help!

As for being the cutest face in the world?
SOMEONE might take issue with that.
I think my regular readers will know
who I am talking about.
I won't tell you it's SweetCheeks.

I should be back to my usual
Got something going on tonight
that I need to get ready for.
Well, maybe I'll tell you later!
....or maybe not- I'm a brat that way!

Have a wonderful day
and, if you have a moment,
go vote for 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trouble With Water On The Bay

Well, folks,
I might be gone for a day
or two.
Look what we woke up to~
Looks like they will be ripping up
the ceiling of the lower
little sitting room.
There is a guest bathroom
off the old master bedroom
upstairs and a 2nd bathroom
just above this room that 
are joined back to back.
Where is the water coming from?
Anyone'$ gue$$.
If you look closely you can see
one big DRIP falling.
There were $everal drip$-
tru$t me...
Being a husband means grabbing
the good lasagna pan that I like....
Cute, huh?
Anyone want to come over for lasagna?

I will be back when this me$$ is cleaned up...
This is really gonna cut into my
$tarbuck$ budget!
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fixing The Back Yard Of A Historical House

The other day I showed you
the front of the 
 a wonderful old house we bought
in the historical district
in Astor Park, Green Bay, WI
several years ago (here).
The big old houses were built
close together with long ,deep yards.
The house to the left of 
the one we bought
was an eyesore as far as
the yard was concerned.
The fix?
A fence!
What's the old saying?......
Good fences screen ugly things
make good neighbors.
Here is one of the 
highlights when we were done.
When we moved in 
this is what I saw looking out our
breakfast nook window.
Now how cute is THAT? NOT!!!!
Look what a difference a fence makes.
This is from the back looking towards 
the back of the house.
This was before any landscaping was done.
We divided the back yard into
two "rooms"...and put a picket fence
across the back yard to divide it.
First we had to dig up the yard to 
trench utilities out to the back.
I stuck an arbor there so they
would know where I wanted
to place the fence across
The fence went up to make the division.
The problem was that the neighbor's 
old garage was built on the property line.
It looked like what you see above.
The neighbor allowed me to paint it
and hang a door and two windows on it.
I painted the back of the windows black
so that they looked like the real deal.
They are basically "decorations" 
hung on the side of the garage.
I eventually painted the shutters
white-sadly, no pictures of that.

Want to see what is behind the gate now?
Come on in!
Hard to believe it's the same place, isn't it?
New Dawn roses eventually grew up the 
arbors and scrambled right up over
the side of the garage.
sigh- Have I told you I really loved this place?
I did-oh yes-I did!
If I run away from home you might want
to look for me under the arbor
in my old 'secret garden'!
Shhhh-don't tell MyHero where I am
he might show up and want me to cook!
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