Saturday, April 15, 2023



I apologize!
I thought I had posted this around
Easter time...
but...guess what!?!
It was still in my drafts.
So-here you go--
late to my own party!

#1-Aflame With Love   

Melanie, Judy/GoldCottage, Pam S, Racheld, Kathy, Sandie/Chatty, Nonnie, Patti/Pandora's, Linda C, Kay G, Rose, Ann(promises not to set table on fire), Jan/Jan'sJourney, bobbie, Brenda, Michelle D, Nancy, Kris, Sandi-(Sees a breeze blowing there-special computer, I guess) and Connie!

#2-#2-Get It?  

Theresa, Lisa, Jan/LowCarb, Missy, Polly(all about the pastels), Bonnie S, Kim, Fran, Cecilia(has 3 weddings to attend this summer so she will be practicing good manners and scrubbing paint off her dress)

#3-The Bride Wore Blue  

Carla, Laurie/Heaven's Walk, Happy-(happy to see blue & white dishes), Karen, Sally-(sitting here because Karen is here!Little clique going on here?), Tiffany & Katie Isabella (the cat--obviously can't sit at #6 because of the dog picture)

#4-Drinks Are Pink

Diane/LavenderDreamer, Unknown-joined by Unknown2-(she was swept away with the table and forgot to leave her name), Nellie, Linda/Life&Linda, Donna, Gay & Donna S

#5-Blue & White Bridal Fantasy

BeachGypsy-(bringing corsages because she was a wedding florist and also pennies for everyone's shoes...just give me dollars instead, Deb-okay?) Pam& Amy-ToodyGooShoes


Tom-(he thinks it should be daffodils for spring instead of sunflowers-you bring daffys, Tom), Chrissie-(likes the brightness-no sun in England right now), Jane/WI, Unknown-(likes dogs), Pat-(loves floofs-which I am assuming are dogs and she didn't mean floozies-so as not to insult any of you gals that are sitting here), Mevely & BillieJo

#7-Sweet Spring White 

Sue, Kitty,DebbieDabble,Latane,Terri D (Terri is sitting here so her clothes won't clash with other tables-white goes with anything-at least we know she isn't showing up naked), Bless, Judy, MA, Julie, Debra/SheSeeks, bj/SweetNothings-(gonna bring Sam Elliot and get in a cat fight with Sally S. who ALSO wants to sit next to Sam)  

I am going to keep Sam to myself at the far end of the there!

Well-that about wraps it up for this time. I guess I will do a Mother's Day Table if y'all promise to behave.....fat chance of that! 

If I made fun of you think of yourself as family!  I 'give it' to everyone--no one escapes!  

Have a wonderful weekend!





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