Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Poser! Feedback Please.....

Well, I know I must be getting older than the moon...or at least I am from a different state than Wisconsin. Do you want to know why? Today, at work, I said I had a poser for someone. I was met with 3 blank (read that stupid) stares. (Hey~Can someone please tell me how to draw that stinking line through something once you type it out? I thought it was under fonts but I can't figure it out for the life of me!)

So~at work the response I got WAS:
What do you mean POSER? I guess they thought it was THIS:
NO~ Not someone that POSES, I told them.
OH!!! Came the reply...Then you mean someone that POSES AS someone else?
You a kid that walks around with a skateboard but doesn't know how to use it.
He's posing as a skater...
Is THAT what you mean?
NO~ Not THAT kind of poser...I mean I have a question for you...
Huh? What? Well, why don't you just SAY you have a question for me?
Because >YOU IDIOT<(implied not spoken) I want you to THINK about it
and not just blurt out an answer.
Hasn't anyone here EVER heard that term before?
Anyway-No one believed me until they looked it up in Old Man Webster's Book of Knowledge.

So...Here- Here's my POSER for Y'all (yeah, I'm just a little bit Southern at heart)

I am thinking of starting a 2nd blog-

One that would be devoted to home and pictures of THINGS and furniture RE-DO's,etc.

This one would stay the same-pics of family and stories of family,etc.-OR-

Should I just continue on like this and post the home stuff in here?

Seriously...whaddaya think?

If I DO do a 2nd blog it would still have my wacky sense of humor...

because I have found that you can't escape looniness now can you?

I secured a name already in case I decide to do it... Let me know what you think!

The floor is open for suggestions!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh No! Oh No! Oh No!

I was
>sneaking around and spending company time<
using the computer to check my blog.
I don’t know what I did.
It made me want to cry.
I didn’t.
I was at work.
Crying at a hospital
Never looks good~
I lost my list of
Blogs That I Follow.
I tried to reconstruct it
As best I could.
If I missed you and you want
To be on
>Please send flowers
And shower me with chocolates and<
Let me know.
I will add you to
Quick as a monkey
Picks a flea off its baby.
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The Secret Is Out...

I have a wonderful brother
He is one of the joys of my life
even though he lives on the East Coast
and I live in the Midwest.
When we get together we never stop laughing.
MyHero walks around shaking his head
wondering what we are laughing about.
Charlie and I think the same things are funny...
Like when someone means to say one thing
and says another...
For instance MyHero
(who is sometimes distracted)
telling Mimi that her coat was ringing..
(he meant the phone)
Charlie & I would laugh hysterically.
MyHero would tell us
Hmmmm...maybe not to him...

Anyway, Charlie has a new woman in his life.
I have talked to her once but
have talked about her several times.
Charlie is very happy.
I can see him smiling over the phone.
There are a few things that Ma Cherie doesn't know about
my brother, Charlie.
By now she has probably figured out he is a hard worker.
He gained that experience early in life
on the farm.

As you can see he was good at
feeding those flipping turkeys...
the stupidest bird God ever put on Earth..
but that is a rant for another day.He was also a good little helper inside.
He liked to bake pancakes Although on occasion he would become a bit confused.
Was he supposed to be AT the stove..
or IN it.
But, Ma Cherie, the deeper secret is this...
When he was little I would dress him up
in MY clothes.
He swore he didn't like it.
He swore that it was only because he was too little to protest.
As I was going through my pictures the other day..
I found this...
Certainly he was old enough
to have dressed himself that day.
He will probably lie and tell you it was
But...take a piece of advice from
The Big Sister..
The one who knows him well.
Check your closet!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pork Me With A Fork-I Think I'm Done

Done for the day that is!!!
MyHero came home and wanted
pork chops for dinner.
Pork chops? It's 235º outside.
And the humidity is 300%..
and you want pork chops?
You want to me to fix pork chops?
Do I look like I am flipping crazy?
Don't answer that because there is

And, of course, if we have pork chops

we have to have... mashed potatoes with gravy.
Honey, this is the got pork chops..

you got with it.

And green beans...

Most Midwesterners drown theirs with butter.
I prefer a few beans with my butter.

And then...Oh My..

MyHero starts salivating down the front of his bib..
er, I mean..into his napkin.

I made him some cherry turnovers

which looked nothing like these

from Taste Of Living..No..ours were a bit lopsided...

we ate them while

they were hot enough

to take the skin off the roof

of our mouths.

I will spare you those pictures!

Well...mainly because you-know-who

wouldn't open his mouth so I could

take a picture..Spoil Sport!

Now, as I am cleaning up and doing dishes,

I remembered I had sheets on the line..

Which happened to be out overnight because

I forgot to bring them in last night

and it poured...and poured...and poured..

Now they REALLY smell

rainwater fresh...except for the one

with the bird poop on it...

I'll spare you that picture comes the sunset..

The day is work is done..

Except...wait...what's that?

You want chicken for dinner tomorrow night? you go...have at it..

and good luck to you~Picture courtesy of The "Chicken Plucking" Secret of Success

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank You For The Thought~

This little girl
(who is old enough to be my daughter)
does some of the most stunning and beautiful
I have ever seen.
She has a most unique "take" on things
and is truly an artist.
I don't want to embarrass her
but if you have a chance
do drop by her blog
and go into her archives
and look..
and sigh..
and dream.
She is as beautiful inside
as she is on the outside.
Thank you, my sweet girl,
for taking the time
to make a picture
just for me.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Finally everyone has their hair combed (kinda)
and we are in the car on the way to
Now-these little girls are Catholic
but their best friends are Lutheran.
Mama & Daddy allow them to
go and learn all about
kindness and caring
and God
with their little friends.
Lulu is at the stage where making a face is always good for a laugh.
"Be careful your face doesn't freeze that way", I tell her.
"Nana, that's silly-it's not even cold out"
replies Little Miss Literal.SweetCheeks is very excited.
Big sisters have been going to VBS for 3 years.
This year she is finally old enough to attend.
"Hurry up, SweetCheeks"
the older girls encourage her along.
"We don't want to be late"We're at the door..
about to enter..
SweetCheeks wonders if they will have any snacks.
(The most important part of VBS to her)
We assure her they will.
Once inside we are greeted by a huge ole
tree-set up specifically for the kids
for this year's theme.
"Look at THAT tree"
we tell SweetCheeks.
She looks at us like we are crazy...
we are a BIT crazy..
"DAS not a wreal twree, yoah guysss.
Dass a pretund twreee...Yoah think das real?
Yoah is crazy!"
Yep! She's got us all figured out.
That little elevator goes all the way to the 13th floor!Come on SweetCheeks
The older girls are going to take you into the church
where you will hear wonderful stories
about God's love for all of us.
Sit down...they tell her..
I YAM sitting!
Now~whure's my Mama and whure's my BABYDOLL?
"Shhhhh...SweetCheeks", Ria whispers...
"You are in church...Shhhh"
"Noah...I sayed dis was
Bacaation Bible Schuul..
NOT church..
I doan wanna go to church..
And -hey...
Where did my Nana go?"Shhhhh....
You'll find me here..
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mickey-Lu BBQ-A special diet

On our way Up North last week..
(and I need to tell you this before I forget because my friend, Feisty,
reminded me about it)
Wisconsin & Michigan are the only two states where it is legitimate
to leave work early because you are going
Up North.
Up North to THE CABIN is an even better excuse.
You can even ditch someone at the last minute because...
you have been invited
On OUR way Up North
we always try to have lunch at this special little BBQ
place in Marinette, WI.
Now...I don't know WHY they call it a BBQ place because they don't serve
They serve burgers...
and brats..
and hot dogs..
and chips..
and milkshakes..
and, basically, that's it!
But-Boy! Do they know how to make those charcoaled little sliders!
For all you non-Midwestern types-that would be burgers..
called sliders because they throw a pat of butter on top before serving..
Yep-this IS Wisconsin.
MyHero's heart always does a little flitter-flutter
when he finally sees this sign..
He starts to smile..
He is halfway out the door before the car is in park.
Welcome to Mickey-Lu's
where time has stood still for half a century. You can belly up to the bar..
or sit at a table.
See those little doors to the left?
Those are the bathrooms.
They are so small you have to step inside and
turn sideways to shut the door.
Well, maybe YOU don't have to...
(you anorexic model you)
but I do.Yummm...
Get that burger ordered. It's still $1 and some change.
They are cooked
in a real honest-to-goodness
inside BBQ grill.
Who'da thought?
And chips-
Oh yes..
we must have chips...
These chips are delishus!Hmmm...MyHero is studying the bag..
What's up? I ask..
Just wondering how many fat calories are in here!?!
Not many!
Eat up...
Eat & you think these are going to make me fat?
Not at all!
You look just fine!
Thanks-And Y'all have a nice day!
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're Tempted...Yes We Are!

Thank you Martha Stewart for tempting me to try
a root beer float with MyHero
on a warm summer night.
Thanks again Martha for temptimg me
with an oh-so-very-chocolate cupcake. And The Joy Of Baking
makes me long to dive
headfirst into this
KeyLime Pie
(my personal favorite)
I have a recipe that is to die for..
well...not literally...
well...I suppose if you ate ENOUGH
KeyLime Pie
you COULD explode and die.
Personally, I like to eat enough just to feel pleasantly sick. But No~that is not what is tempting me right now..
No, indeedy..
What is tempting me is far more life-altering.
And it involves my daughter, TPot.
And it involves a lot of work..
And it involves a lot of fun...
And it involves THIS..
Which is attached to THIS...

Close your eyes to the blue and green STREETSCAPE.

Because that would *POOF* disappear...

We have a name...We have an idea..

We have..We have...


Almost enough courage to

Say YES!

Quick..quick..put your finger to the tip of your nose..

close your eyes..

and say...

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Stay tuned to see if your wish comes true..

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Set Up-Revisited

Because I am working a horrendous schedule this weekend
I am posting one of my first posts about.....well, what else?
SweetCheeks & Company.
Hope it brings a smile to your face!
Listen closely- Do you hear the howl coming from the other room? It is SweetCheeks. She is howling because someone called her stupid. We need to get to the bottom of this matter because we don’t like calling anyone stupid.
When Tpot & Mimi were little they used to call their brother, Mama’sBoy, STUPID. As in,
Hey, Stupid, how come you missed that ball? Or-
Hey, Stupid, you’re a Mama’s boy! .
This was NOT allowed. Why? Well, as I told them, we do NOT want your brother to THINK he is stupid (he isn’t- quite the opposite actually) but, hey, we didn’t know that back then~ we just didn’t want anyone to think they were stupid. Because, as we all know..
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
...someone famous said that- Do you know who it was? Hmmm..
Not gonna tell you either-look it up-that will make you smarter if you have to do a little research. Plus, at our age (for my age and up) it is NOT good to let your brain atrophy. (There’s another word some of you might want to look up)..NONE of my regular readers need to-but you know, there might be a few stragglers in the crowd that are not as "with it" as the rest of us!
So, SweetCheeks is pouting because someone called her Stupid!
Her older friend, Daniel, swore he didn’t do it.
She said he did. He said he didn’t.
Finally, with an admonishment to both parties to "knock it off" the tears that were threatening to fall dried up.
The way TPot’s house is arranged one can be right outside the family room and the people IN the family room can’t see you.
SweetCheeks walks in front of Daniel and says very sweetly,
"Hey~ SAY Stooopid".
Nope-not gonna happen.
Now we know, in parenting circles, SweetCheeks is what we call an "instigator".
SweetCheeks tells him a bit more forcibly-
"HEY- SAY Stooopid".
Daniel shakes his head back and forth-That dog don't hunt!
No... he advises her-he doesn’t want to say Stupid.
Now, she resorts to cuteness and begging..
Now I ask you-Who could resist cuteness at its best?
PLEASE...Please....Just say STOOOPID! OKAY! He caves in, he is tired of looking at her face, and he finally says it~OK-STUPID!
Let the wailing begin- let the tears rain down- let the lip tremble- let the tattletale out of the box-
"MAMA! Daniel just sayed I STUPID"!
Aha! The jig is up! The game is over-
Mama is standing right outside the family room and has overheard the whole scenario. "SweetCheeks- he did NOT call you stupid- He said stupid because you ASKED him to say stupid!"
It’s a miracle-the tears dry up instantenously as she counters with~
"Pffffft...I know dat and HIMS stooopid cuz hims sayed it!"

One Time Out coming right up~ She doesn't mind. It gives her time to practice for marriage. We all know who is going to be "always right" in that household now, don't we?
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Good? NOT!

How many of you have children that are always good?
How many of you have kids that never fight?
How many of you raised your hand and said, "I do"?
Put your hands down now...cuz...
Now...NOW... we know WHO the liars are!
Nothing like a sassy kid, is there?
No one likes to admit they hace a bratty kid, do they?
I have wonderful little grandkids but...well, you know..
there are THOSE days.
This was one of them.
Here is the picture of a good girl.
Lulu went to Washington Island with her Daddy.
She did what she was told.
She did NOT sass her Daddy or her Grampa.
Because she was such a good girl
she got to spend the night at Nana's house.
This is extra special because Mimi & BabyE
are visiting.
She is happy.
See her sweet little smile.
This is what she got to do at Nana's house
after she watched
The Blue Butterfly.
Did you ever see that movie?
It will make you cry with happiness.
It is a true story about a boy that was healed of cancer. Next up you will see a picture of a Not-so-good girl.
She went to Washington Island with Daddy too.
Ria did NOT listen to Daddy.
Ria sassed her Daddy and made Grampa fret.
Ria is taking a little time out.
Ria did NOT get to spend the night at Nana's house.And, here, ladies & gentlemen...
We have..
er... I mean..
SweetCheeks went to Washington Island too.
Lord knows that wasn't the's a 3 hour ride one way.
SweetCheeks does NOT like being cooped up in the car with 2 older sisters.
SweetCheeks was REALLY sassy.
SweetCheeks time out involved going to bed early.
SweetCheeks made Grampa feel like pulling out what little hair he has left.
SweetCheeks did NOT get to spend the night at Nana's house either.
Poooooor SweetCheeks.And last, but not least..
we have our sweet little darling BabyE.
He didn't go to Washington Island.
He got to stay home and smile and be his sweet little self.
He got to spend the night at Nana's house too...
And he was very, very good.
Nighty-night Little Man!

I'm thinking that next year HE might be the naughtiest one.

Nah...nevermind...I think SweetCheeks has that market cornered.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Drumroll Please-I Got An Award

I got this lovely award from a friend that writes a wonderful blog about her grandchildren
MiMi's Mini Tales(and as I now know, another blog-who knew?)
Anyway, the link to her blog is here
(I hope I did that right) Thank you for the Award-What a delightful surprise!!
Anyway!!! I am supposed to write 7 things about myself that most people don't know.
I did one of these when I first started so will try to make this one a bit different.
1. I am a happy-go-lucky person and like to do spur of the moment things. However,
I am very organized so this is a direct contradiction to my inner self.
I go/do anyway-planned or not.
2. I just had a breast biopsy. I had a mammogram and there was something suspcious.
Please, please, please get yearly mammograms.
I know they are no fun...and I know they are not exactly the way you want to spend an it anyway.
I only told one friend and she has been praying for me. Prayer works!
My "tumor" was just an odd little cyst. I am blessed!
3. My children are one of the biggest joys of my life. The grandchildren are THE biggest joy of my life. They make me laugh & cry with happiness. They complete my life. If I never do another thing right~I want them to know that I love them unconditionally..always~
4. I love my home. Even though we have moved many, many times over the years, the house I am IN is always HOME to me. I can make a house feel like it belongs to me within hours of moving in. I keep saying this will be my "last" house. I quit saying that on House #12.
5. I am in the process of planning to open a shop with my daughter. It is exciting AND scary. We are going to have to make a decision and then go with it. We have been waffling back and forth-should we? Shouldn't we? Dare we? Do we?
We will decide this week.
6. I have the ability to "read" people. It is like I can see through the layers to the heart of the person. My gut instinct is just about always right. I have learned to trust it and follow that instinct. My husband has finally (after 35 years) realized that this women's intuition thing works.
7. I have a wicked sense of humor. I can find humor even under duress. The doctor that did my biopsy is not one of those warm, Dr. Marcus Welby types. When he told me that I was going to have a "puncture type scar" I told him that I guessed I wouldn't be wearing my string bikini the rest of the season. I told him that was going to disappoint a lot of people. THAT made him then I wondered if he was lauging AT me or WITH me...Hmmm...
So, that concludes this presentation of ME, MYSELF & I.
Now I would like to pass this award along to some other wonderful bloggers that I have met.
I enjoy these ladies' blogs and know you will further ado-
First-One of the very first people I really connected with- Laurie over at Heaven's Walk
Second-Debbie (that I found through Laurie) @ Lakehouse
Third-WeeFaerie-She has the most amazing photos and is just a beautiful person-Here
And last but not least- I just found (and love) Laura over at Summerhouse
So that's it, folks.
Drop by never know what secrets I will have to tell~
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

French Provincial Re-do

I did this quite a while ago but thought I would share it with you.
My daughter wanted a buffet for her dining room.
She purchased a beautiful set of Queen Anne
dining room furniture from
her Aunt & Uncle.
All she needed was a nifty storage piece.
She is like me and doesn't like everything all
a bit of this..
a bit of that..
suits us just fine.
I found an old French Provincial dresser
left over from a 1970's bedroom set.
Even my daughter thought I might be just a TAD crazy.
Don' t challenge me!
Now, as you can see-
it is not a bad looking piece..
but it does look like it belongs in a bedroom.
Paint wash & re-wash
and re-wash
and wash again.
Dry-brush with some off-white.
Then...remember those old wall "sculptures"
that everyone had hanging on their kitchen wall?
Well- I didn't have any-
but some people I know did.
Anyway-I glued those suckers on the ends of the cabinet.
Starting to lose that bedroom-y look, isn't it?
Not too shabby,huh?
Well it IS a tad shabby but
Hey! That's the idea, Alice!
(remember Alice from the Honeymooners anyone?)
Ralph was always threatening to send her to the moon..
remember that?
Yeah..well, I always ask SweetCheeks..
"You wanna go to the moon, Alice?"
Her reply is always the same.
All righty then...where was I?
Oh yeah...the dresser.
Now what to do with the top?
Ladies, you are NOT going to believe this..
I could lie and tell you
that I hand painted this beautiful
marble pattern.
I did!
No~what you are seeing is marbleized wallpaper
cut to size with an exacto blade
and then covered with about 3 coats of heavy duty polyurethane.

She has had this for about 4 years now and it is still holding up

despite the fact that it is in the same room that

SweetCheeks eats in.

God is good!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Up North-

When we go Up North
we travel along the Lake Michigan side
until we get to Escanaba, MI.
The water there is beautiful and peaceful
and just the drive there
calms my soul.
In Escanaba we found this cute little place
that has the most wonderful faux street visage
painted on the side.
It was so real looking that
MyHero was disappointed that
he couldn't climb the steps.
Crazy guy!After leaving Escanaba we head West
(and North)
until we come to Lake Superior.
We always stay at the same place.
We have been going there for so many years
that we have our own special rate...
but I can't tell you what it is because
I am sworn to secrecy..
And they might not give me clean towels
next time if I told you
what we paid!
We have two favorite gals there..
but I didn't take their pictures..
Drat & Darn..
NO! That's NOT their names
I was just swearing under my breath because
I didn't take their pictures.
Their names are Amanada & Carrie.
We love you girls!
And next time I AM taking your pictures!Can you stand it if I show you the view from our room?
You won't send me hateful comments will you?
Oh...sooooo relaxing..
That is Grand Island across the water.
Remember I told you that MyHero
was a swinger?
He still is..
He can swing just about anyplace he goes..
he has GPS and can find
golfing spots all over the country.
Lord, thank you for GPS- NOT!!!
On day two we always take a ride to
Marinette, MI.
We pass this little place with a water wheel.
I'll have you know that someone almost
ran over us while we were taking this picture...
Even though I had my 4 way caution lights on.
Crazy Drivers!!! Don't they know a photo op only happens
when you are blasting along about 66 MPH
and have to swerve over quickly? would think I made them slam on their brakes
or something...
Patience, people, patience.
Blog woman in action!
And, the perfect end to a perfect day...
Do I need say more?
Yep...I can find places using GPS too...
See what I mean?PS- This is the ONLY Starbucks in the Upper Peninsula.
Do you want to know why?
Sure you do...
It's because MrStarbuckshimself...
was born and raised in Marinette!
So there is your little history tidbit for the day!
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