Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

is learning to dress himself.
Below you will find 
two examples
of his

What is wrong with
this picture?
Subtle, I know,
but the answer is
his socks are 

Picture #2
is even harder to 
figure out.
What is wrong
you ask?
He is standing too
close to the TV.

(Picture removed
because of weirdos
in the world...sorry)

Have a smiley day!
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Jan's Cottage Garden And Kitchen Update

You know that I am
helping my friend, Jan,
make some choices with
her house re-do.

need any help with
are her
They are gorgeous!
Absolutely gorgeous!
I'm going to give you a peek
into her private paradise...
her backyard.

I think this is an enchanted
Ring Around The Tree.
These are POTTED plants!
Want to see more?
Not a weed n sight!
Don't you think she has
The Magic Touch?
Garage side...
A sweet little windmill 
in the corner....
A place to sit and rest..
Although I don't think she 
does much of either
(sitting and resting-that is)
Moving inside...
We have finalized some choices...
tile and paint...
cabinets and countertops
I don't know who is more
Me, Jan or Mr.Mikey.
Let's hope he keeps his
sense of humor.
So far,he and MyHero
have kept themselves
entertained with 
Let's hope they don't go see
So far....So Good!
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Home Goods (TJ Maxx) Fifty Dollar Giveaway

First of all,
Thank you so much for
all your kind words yesterday
concerning our little
Angel In Heaven.
I really appreciate each
and every one of you.
Thank You!

You know that I don't
really do any advertising
on my blog.
I will promote a giveaway
here and there.
My friend, Anu,
has a wonderful blog

She is hosting a giveaway
so I told her I would
do a little promo for her.
I am not signing up for it
because I have won several
giveaways already this year.
I will let someone else
have the thrill of the win 
this time.

Please pop over there and 
sign up for the
Home Goods Giveaway.
Here Home Goods is the same
as TJMaxx.
Tell her I sent you!

Guess what?
I am almost at
How the heck did THAT happen?
When I hit that 500 mark
I have a give away of 
my own coming up.
Soon...So soon....
Hmmmm.....What to give away?
As SweetCheeks says...
Somebunny loves you!
So it will be
something that says
Somebunny Loves You!
However it will NOT
 include this!
Pinky Promise!
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Remember Our Sweet Anna Bella

Today our sweet little
would be
7 years old.
WHERE have the years gone?
We held her for moments
in our arms but she is
forever in our heart.
She is sister to these
three special little girls.
Hold every child/grandchild
tightly because you never
know how long they will
be yours -they are just
to the world
on loan.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Kitchen Re-Do

Most of you know that
MyHero and I have re-habbed 
14 houses since we got
What a job!
Most were done with a 
houseful of brats kids.

We decided to stay in
this house and live here
at least until we both retire...
well, we'll see.

I LOVE re-doing a house.
picking out colors~
and flooring~
and cabinetry~
 pulling a room together.

So, when my friend, Jan,
called me she
 screamed HELP
wondered if I would help
her with some choices.
Now, she is one smart gal,
BUT, she has never done 
this before.
They have a sweet, 
cottage style house
with wonderful gardens
where they raised their 

When we had our window,
siding and door company
we did their siding and 
replaced their windows
with energy efficient ones.

Jan has made the move
to UPGRADE the interior.
I didn't get shots of
the BEFORE before.
I did get shots of the
What a mess, huh?
I thought her hubby would
cry like a baby when I told
him that the fan/fixture

Where the area is blocked in
(behind the ladder)
there used to be glass block
behind the stove.
That has been filled in
and will house the new
microwave/vent combo.

There was a half wall
with wrought iron railing
separating the dinette
and the living room.
(It ain't never gonna be
1960 again, folks)

Here is her new choice of
flooring/cabinets/wall color.
True colors are really not this yellow-
stupid camera-
stupid photographer
(wait-that would be ME)
 She really likes the warm
soothing colors and so does
her hubby.
Her hubby is MyHero's best friend.
They like to whine to each other
about Jan and me...pfffffft....
they plan to get a room together
in the old age home with a sign
on the door that says
No girls allowed..
especially Jan & Diana....pffffftt.

The kitchen, dinette,
living room all flow together.
So, that means there is lots
of co-ordinating to do
to make the rooms cohesive.
She has dark khaki furniture
and her new color choices look good
with what is already in place.

There are hardwood floors
under the  living room carpeting
and she picked out a carpet
with some bold graphics to
anchor the room
(a very bold choice for Jan!;>)
I am proud of her!

Did I mention that most of
my friend's hubbies do a 
when I come over to 
"suggest" something?
Hmmmm...they are 
SUCH spoil sports...
what do you mean you
don't want to take out that wall?;>)

So, I will keep you updated
as we go along, unless Jan's 
husband kills me on one
of my visits.
And I will 
to haunt him.
And THAT'S a  threat promise!

update :  different flooring and
paint colors coming soon~
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deviltry Afoot.

SweetCheeks descends 
 with a flurry of activity and
 an abundance of energy.
 She is not a child 
to softly pad across the floor 
and play quietly with her toys.
No, she is the child 
that brings with her 
a host of imaginary friends
and grandiose ideas and leaves 
a path of disorder
and mini-messes. 
Gotta love a kid like that!

A while back she went to visit 
Auntie Mimi & Uncle BigJ
(shown here with
Can you believe how cute
BigBoy E is below?
As you can see,
SweetCheeks is training him
to be the next
Nana Blog Star
A few doors down lives 
Auntie Mimi's new BFF. 
This BFF has a 
boy (Eli) that is just
 a few weeks older 
than BigBoyE. 
The BFF also has a cat.
Mimi & SweetCheeks
went to pay a visit.
Upon entering the house
came near to
"inspect & approve" 
This cat is docile,
quiet and quite aloof (imagine that).
SweetCheeks turned her gaze on CAT
and "growled"~
CAT growled back.
SweetCheeks growled louder.
CAT's growl became
a deep yowl-growl. 
SweetCheeks gave him a look 
that we fondly call
"The Firestarter Gaze".
CAT turned tail and ran.

BFF looked at Mimi.
Mimi and BFF
 looked at SweetCheeks.
BFF asked if 
SweetCheeks Mom and Dad 
were Catholic.
They are.
Mimi wondered WHY?
"Because I don't know of
any other church that can
perform an exorcism!!"

Take the devilish playfulness
out of THAT child?
I say NO WAY!
Underneath that
devilish exterior
beats the heart
of an angel.
That's my story and
I'm sticking to it!

I am on my way to
Milwaukee mid-morning
to take Lulu to spend a couple
of days with her
Auntie Mimi!
Catch you all later today-
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinky Clean Birthday

What does 
THIS have to do with
a birthday?
Do you know that
my three little 
granddaughters have

Her name is Gramma G.
It's her birthday.
She is a 
As you can see, she
loves our little
SweetCheeks, too.
She is a
artist and has won
many, many awards
in her career.

So....what do you get
for someone that doesn't 
NEED anything?
Well, I figure she gets
DIRTY painting!
So....How about a little

for those of you that 
missed it before
is my recipe

I use a clean and dry
sink to mix it in.
It is big enough to hold
a whole batch.
I start with the Borax.
It has always hardened
in the box so I crush it up
with my "masher"
(this also makes a good
husband basher if he acts up)
Next, I grate the 
ZOTE soap into the borax
and mix it thoroughly.
Looks purty, huh?
Mix thoroughly then add
Arm & Hammer washing soda.
Mix and add
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.

Mix and add OxiClean
Mix and add Crystal Fabric Softener.
Pour into a pretty container.
Add a label-I made my own
and covered it with 
Clear Contact Paper.
Add 1 measuring spoon/1T

Pinky Clean Laundry Soap & Softener
1 (4 lb 12 oz) Box of Borax- Found in the detergent aisle
1 (3 lb 7 oz) Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda- Found in the detergent aisle
1 (3 lb) Container of OxyClean- Found in the detergent aisle. (This is optional but I highly recommend adding it)
2 (14.1 oz) Bars of Zote Soap- Found in the detergent aisle OR in the aisle with Mexican foods-I know Woodmans has Zote. (I chose to do pink for the heavenly scent but the white would be just fine. You can also use Fels Naptha or Ivory Bar Soap)
1 Lg Box (4 lb) of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda- Usually found in the cooking aisle
1 (55 oz) Bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener- Found in the detergent-This is NOT a liquid fabric softener)  
Cost?  6 or 7 cents per load!!!!!

So, Happy Birthday,
Gramma G.
Anyone that loves
SweetCheeks and Sisters
is a friend of mine.
This guy is looking for a clean shirt.
Should I send him over
help fold your laundry?
Wouldn't THAT be 
of present of all?
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The End Of A Long Hot Day

It has been hot here.
Crazy Hot!
We have broken all records
with our heat this year.

We've been working on
emptying the garage...
Kinda scary, huh?
I'll show you the
AFTER pictures in a day or so.

we suffer as we work
outside in the blistering heat.
evening bring us this.
and this...
and this....
The peace and quiet settles in.
 MyHero and I relax
a bit and watch the sun set.
Nothing mars the evening 
save the call of the gulls
and the hum of the last fishing
boats headed for port.
Ahh....must be the magic
dancing fairies coming out
Nothing like a magic fairy
to catch the last fleeting
rays of sunlight, is there?

Do you suppose a 
gin and tonic would
silence those shoes?;>)
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Because Of Bubbles

Bubbles have a 
way of making 
people smile,
don't they?

If you have 25 seconds
watch the wonder
and awe on
the face of
Sweet BigBoyE
as the bubbles dance
around him.
there is another kind of
that dance, too.
Here is one 
MyHero might enjoy
looking at.

Not YOUR style?
You'd rather see a
How about THIS?
Happy Monday...
Yeah...we ALL love Mondays,
don't we?

PS-Does anyone know why some
THROUGH my email and just
appear in comments instead?
I like to reply to everyone
and I am finding that comments
slip by me with no easy way
to reply.
Any "fix" for that?
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nana-You Tired ME Out

Wouldn't you think 
it would be the other way around?
That I would be the one complaining
about being exhausted?
When I dropped the girls off
at home, Ria told me that
I had tired her out!

we spent 3 days at the 
lake shore.
We started out in the
hotel pool.
We have not had rain all summer.
Guess what?
It rained! And rained!
On Day 2
 we had 5 or 6 clear weather hours.
We headed for the beach.
When we arrived 
there was no one there.
Then the waves started
rolling in and the girls
jumped the waves for
After showering and 
changing clothes we
headed to the restaurant for 
a bite to eat.
The girls got a kiddy cocktail.
SweetCheeks eyeballed
her cherries to make sure
she had the same amount
as the BIG GIRLS had.
Sometimes I wish I drank....
Fresh baked bread hot from the oven,
and the view from our table
made it a perfect meal.
How do you like your 
vacation so far,
Did I mention I wish I drank?
It was crazy & hectic,
there were a couple of 
"meltdowns", and
a couple of mini-dramas~
but you know what it
made it all worthwhile?
The girls waited in the hall
while I grabbed one last thing
from the room.
When I closed the door behind me
I saw this~
Doesn't that make your
heart smile?
And, as Lulu says...
Now it's a tradition, Nana.
We have to do this every year.
SweetCheeks added...
Yeah...until yohu are too olhd.
I feel the liver spots coming on now.
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