Thursday, January 29, 2015


Good morning friends.
I know I have been gone a long time.
The pneumonia I had really knocked
me down.
Even though my lung x-rays are clear
I continue to cough and feel exhausted.

I want to thank each and every one of you
that follow this blog and that 
contacted me with well wishes,
healing thoughts and prayers.
I am truly blessed to know
and to have
such wonderful, caring blogging friends.

I have decided I will NEVER be a good
That means that MyHero may have
to find a different partner someday!

This cold weather means that I have
spent a lot of time inside the house
this winter.
I am not a good INSIDE person.
I need to get out at least for coffee 
every day.
My dear friend 
(thank you-you know who you are)
 sent me a 
bottomless cup of Starbucks for the
month of January.
I have used it but had to send someone
to fill it for me every day.
NOT my idea of FUN!

I, along with my daughter and her girls,
am taking off for parts unknown.
Let me just say it is somewhere warm.
I will share pictures when I get back.

My plan is to blog again on a limited basis
in mid-February.
So, bear with me.
I am not giving up-
just giving in to something that has
been beyond my control.

Here are my traveling companions.
Sappy, Happy & Yappy.
They could form their own TV show.

I am leaving this other 
sweet little granddaughter
behind with her Mama.

Is she too cute for words, or what?
Don't you love the one little piece of 
hair sticking straight up?
When her hair is wet it is a mass
of curls like her Mama had.
That's all she wrote, folks.
I am going-going-GONE!
Physically, not mentally, the old brain is still functioning...
kind of.......
See you all soon.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Sledding For Me Yet! Hello & Health Update

Thank all of you that have written 
to me and sent me cards
and notes.
You are all too kind!

I am still recovering.
This has been a long process-
full of ups & downs.
The 2nd round of meds seemed to do the trick
and my lungs are clear of pneumonia.
I am still coughing but it is not
body-wracking like before.
Over-all prognosis is that another week
or so and I should be back to normal
(or as normal as I will ever be).

BEFORE I got sick I did get a 
couple of projects done.
One was painting an old sled I had for
my DIL.
She loves it!
 The lettering is done with a Sharpie
I just wanted to let you know that I am okay
but still recovering.
I hope to be back on a regular basis soon.

Meanwhile, I think
should be used to protect this child.
Little Bright-Eyes Mama Mimi put her here
to sort socks!
(because it is Mimi's least favorite job)
At least it looks like the 
is working overtime to keep the 
workers happy.
Ummmm..and where did HER sock go?
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year-2015 & A Health Update

Thank you!  Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that
I am still above ground!

Thanks to all of you that have reached out
and left me comments.
Thanks, too, to each and everyone that sent me
emails that tell me that you are
praying for a speedy recovery for me.
You all are
Who knew that bloggers could, and would,
care so much about each other?

I am sorry that I seldom responded to 
your comments and emails.
I have been dozing off and on
and watching old movies.
I can't even read because it is hard
to cough and read at the same time.

They ran blood tests and lung scans
I only hope everyone has a doctor
that is as good as the one I have.
She leaves no stone unturned.
I will continue on another 
round of treatment
for two more weeks.

I have some new, stronger meds
that I hope will nip this 
thing in the bud.

I cannot believe how long this is hanging on.
I started coughing on 
December 7th at a concert
and have not stopped coughing since.

I have missed the parties
and all the Holiday preparations 
that  I so  love~
but I did 
with my family.
I hope to post a few pictures soon.
Let's hope that happens before
the 4th of July-
which will be here before we know it.

So that is the update and
with that being said~
I just wanted to wish you a 

I pray for 
for you and your families in the upcoming year,

And, lest you think I lost my sense of humor
I have been thinking a lot about
aging another year.
I have decided it might not be too bad after all!
Bet that doesn't surprise you in the least.

I will be back soon!
Pinky Promise!
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