Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghostie Games & Skeleton Stretches

Well~After our Pumpkin Game
(see yesterday's post)
we moved to the next table
which SweetCheeks insisted was
The Ghostie Game.
Now..Hearh is howh yoah play.
Yoah take ah suckkar and yoah
whrap sum tissue or sumthin' around
it and then yoah draw sum eye on itt..
and yoah gott a ghostie.
I'hl phick my suckkar first, okay?
I gonna phick three. One for me.
One for Lulu and one for Ria..
But I get to pick the besst kind furst.Uh-oh!
This game is getting more complicated.
Now we gotta pick a twister to wrap those suckers with..
(get it sucker...suckers? a little play on words...never mind)
Whew~! Misssion accomplished...
Now we just gotta draw the eyes on..
This takes mucho concentration..
There's a new entrant in the
Who's that, SweetCheeks?
This is Colin...him's my friend.
Is he your BOYfriend?
Noooooah...I gotta real boyfwriend..
an isss NOT Colin...
Shhhhh..don't say enyfing, Nana!
Speaking of "games" they sure start early.SweetCheeks tells Colin to sit down and she

will help him. She leans in to offer advice.Poor SweetCheeks starts to cry... Why are you crying?

Cuz Colin dusn't whant eny hellp!

It's okay, SweetCheeks-
He can do it all by himself!
Him's chan?
Yep! See?The waterworks dry up and..
Like a proud mother she
looks over and tells him-
Ghood jobb, Colin!Hey! Lookit whass in thiss bowl..
Isss skuluhtons or sumfin'Colin watches her cautiously...
Itt stwretches out like thhisssOoooooh...Now luuk...but isss kinda skeery
cuz I'hm afraid it will break and hurht me...Look...I let it ghoe and isss just norhmal
again. Do yoah see it? Colin?
Do yoah see it?Poor Colin!
He is thinking that SweetCheeks is pretty
skeery herself...
but maybe not quite as scary as this...

And certainly not as scary as THIS!
Happy Halloween from

the Crazy Nana Witch!

(MyHero just said...That's not shouldn't put that on there-what will people think?)

Hmmmm...wonder what they'll think when I tell them you're a pastor..

Don't tell them..he said...Oooopps...Too Late!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

SweetCheeks & The Pumpkin Game

SweetCheeks goes to Nursery School
2 mornings a week.
It is in the same school that her big
sisters attend.
She loves her teacher..and loves her school.
One of the big surprises she has found..
is....Party time!
There is always something going on
and a party to celebrate it.
For Halloween the little kids get
all dressed up and parade through the
school-in and out of the rooms..
and get treats.
I will post some of those pictures tomorrow.
Today I am going to show you
The Pumpkin Game..
But first-Here is SweetCheeks
in her
SnowQueen outfit..
that Mama assembled just for her.Here is her hair-up close and sprayed stiff
so that it won't move in a hurricane.
As soon as their parade is over
the head back to their room to play games.
SweetCheeks says..
Chome ovah hearh-we chan play
dis ghame. I jus' gonna show yoah howh
to do it..Readdy?
Firs yoah gotta haff a pummpkin!Oooppps...bit of a distraction..
Hey! Whereh did yoah get that Stahrbucks from?
What's the matter SweetCheeks?
How comes nobuddy gott me a steamah?
Because this is school..and you don't have
steamers at school..
Ohkay...I chan haff one later, okhay?Ohkay--Hereh's whut yoah do...
Yoah gotta phick up deese blue fingys..
lhike thisss..Doo yoah haff sum, Nana? Ahre yoah whatching
whut I ahm doing?
Now---yoah gotta squeeeeze dah ends lwike dis...See..check it nowh...see it go'ed rwright in...I'hm just foolin' - I sthill gott it ovahr hereh.Nowh...Yoah try it Nana!
Yoah doo it just lwike thhiss!
Nana! Thhatt is NOT a vurry good jhob!
Yoahs went offf the table...
Yoah iss not vurry good at this ghame!
Mama-Did yoah see Nanas?

Nowh- Whatch me ONE MOAHR TIME!See-I do'ed it rwight and now I gonna win...

Cuz I ghot 'em alll in!

Ih WIN!Nana-Yoah can't whin by jus throwing them in,

Can she, Mama?

Cuz that is cheating!

And YOAH is a cheatah...

So I'hm not gonna play dis ghame eny moarh!

Now I gonna go make sum ghosties fhrom suckahs!

(And we will explore that exciting game tomorrow)

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallooo Ween! We're Haffing A Party!

It takes my daughter and family
a few days to get their house ready
for the
Hallooo Weeen Party.
TheBrawnyMan puts out orange lights.
Nana gives them a cat and pumpkin flag.
And Ria is "busy"...
Busy getting little pumpkins ready
to plop on top of the orange twinkle lights..
(that don't twinkle)
Ria very earnestly tells SweetCheeks
just how to do her job.
SweetCheeks listens carefully...Then does exactly what she wants to do.SweetCheeks reminds us not to
forget the pumpkin mailbox cover...
We need it for Halllooo Ween!
(I think she thinks there is someone named Ween
that we are saying Hello to)
Anyway, we got the mailbox cover.
We got it-'deed we do!An hour before the party starts there is
a flurry of activity..
Daddy is setting out the big air-filled pumpkin...
and two of the girls friends have
come over to supervise.
to greet our other friends. Wait...wait..just a minute...
We forgot to plug something in...
Oh My!As their friends cars pull up into the drive
the are treated with this little Fall display.Step inside..
C'mon, SweetCheeks tells everyone.
Doan go in there..that iss vurry,
vurry scary...Walking into the kitchen you see a table
ready with mini-pumpkins
just waiting to be decorated..Straight ahead is the
Haunted Beauty Parlor. looked
like that is where I had my own hair done..
I was a walking advertisement for..
The Haunted Beauty Parlor.
(and all my girls just said - Amen)
Ooooohhhh...That looks pretty scary...Chome on in, Nana!
Thisss isss not schkary at all...
Look...theres sum frog hair jelly..
and sum offther stufff to make
yoah beeyouful..
Look...doan yoah whant to be
beeyoufull like me?
Yeah...I sure do, SweetCheeks...
But it might be too late for me..
Hmmmm...assessing the situation..
Yoah jusss look old, dat's all.
Thank you SO much!
Yoah're welcume!
Now that she is "beeyoufull" she heads
cautiously down
the steps to the
Haunted RecRoom..
(or whatever they call it)Isss kinda shpooky dohwn hereh too, Nana!
Yep! Look at that jersey..
I think it's kind of spooky that
Brett Favre is still playing football.
( insert adult laughter-SweetCheeks- WHUT?)
Never Mind!
Look at that stage..
What's up with that stage?Yoah know thass foar moovfies..
An for dancin..
See..lookit Ria...Her's dancing right now!
I think she's just posing, SweetCheeks..
Noah-Her's dancin! See hers feet mooving?
Tollllldja so...hers dancin'
Well, there's the back bar area...
I'll have a Coke please...
And, because I like to live dangerously..
I'll take some ice and...oh yeah..
make sure it's a Diet Coke, okay?

I head back upstairs to
get a few more pictures...
This is my daughter & best neighborhood friend, Tina.
Tina is an idential twin..I mean IDENTICAL.
I could post two pictures of HER and tell you it was
twins...and you would never know the difference..
Neither would I..Looks like someone stole their clothes
and left the sheets;>)
Here is a not-so-scary pirate..Little Lulu
is way too sweet to be a pirate..And we have our little
Fall her Mom made costume..And, last but not least
we have the
Snow Queen...
who is wondering why
Nana is leaving so early.I scare easy... and besides that..
I have to go home and cook dinner for Papa!
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