Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tornados & Witches & Wind-Oh My!

There are tornado warnings on TV-American Idol is delayed while we watch the series of storms flash over the screen again and again~and again. I know that my daughter, TPot (read the cast of characters to know why we call her TPot), is on the road close to the heart of the storm.

I call TheBrawnyMan to see where TPot is and when she is expected home. He assures me that she is racing ahead of the storm and will be home soon. In the background I hear SweetCheeks, who is blowing bubbles, saying, "I wanna talk wif Nana!" I hear the fingers fumbling over the #pad with only 2 or 3 slight squeals of mis-pressed numbers. "Nana," comes the breathless voice, "Didja know dere's a biig storhm commen?" "I heard that, SweetCheeks, it'll be okay~you're safe with Daddy!" "Nooh~Nanee yoah bettehr getaway frum yoah house cuz iss gonna be ghone!" I assure her that we are safe and our house will be safe. Now she starts sounding a bit panicky..."NOOOH-Naneeee-dere's da mean ole whicht is sturring eberthing upp and the wind is gonna blow yoah away!" {slight little ohno scream}"Did yoah seedat, Nana? Did yoah seedat likening? Dass scary and I doan lwike it!" I again reassure her that she is safe and has nothing to fear...her Daddy is there and Mama is almost home.

"Noooh.. I purty sure my Mama iss deahd and the mean ole whicht throwed a house on her or sumthin!" By now, I realize that she has heard the word tornado and is reliving The Wizard of Oz on her own terms. I tell her that Mama is just fine and will home any minute. "Dat storhm~Iss almoss here, Naneee-"......(by now she is into play acting and not scared anymore)

"Quick, quick," I tell her. "Grab Toto and get down to the storm cellar!" "Thass whut I gonna do, Nana!" Click-phone is hung up and disconnected. I begin to laugh as I imagine my son-in-law explaining that they don't have a storm cellar. I am SOOOO bad~
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