Thursday, September 30, 2010

Princess Of The World And A Magazine Winner

Okay, ladies...bear with me...somehow my picture thingy got moved to one side..and when that happened all kinds of creepy stuff started happening...words moved here and there...random rhyme or reason. I think I got it fixed but I am NOT going to re-do this y'all will just have to scramble your eyes around a bit and figure it out. ...sigh...
We did this just at the end of the day-before SweetCheeks went home.
There is lot of prep work to get ready for this giveaway.
First we must make signs to show that we are going to have
TWO WINNERS! Yes TWO~ Can you say TWO?????

Next we must make a list of all the entrants..
And cut them down to size...
Well...not THEM...but their names.
I HAVE cut a few people down to their size in my life...
But we won't be talking about that today..No sirreee.
Today we are talking about slips, folks...slips..
of they are all cut..

Happy Boo!

Next we must fold the slips ever so carefully....

Then we drop them in the basket which used to belong to Great Gramma

Next we must paint our nails so we look polished for the occasion. princess is complete without
a new crown and earrings and a ring. Guess whut, Nana? What?
I haff a whishing crownh at my hohme.You do? Yep!
How does it work?
I putted it on an whished I had a crownh
at yoah house and heah itt issss.
Hmmmm...I wish I had one of those myself, Sweet Cheeks.
Well, yoah chan't cuz yoah is a gwrownhup.
Dey onhly wurk when yoah iss liddle..
That sucks (said silently to myself, thank you)
Now...we must have...
We must have..
We must most certainly perform...
A very necessary part of the ceremony..
We must have a try-on session..
We are loving this ........

Ooooohhh...Loving this ring.....Which finger should
we wear it on????

Finally....finally....we are go....

Number One...Here we go....Ready?????

Oooooooppppps...We got two~Don't look SweetCheeks..
Shake one falls out. Don't read it yet...let one fall
back in.....Hmmmmmm...wonder if that was YOUR name
that fell back in? My random generator is not as fail proof
as some.

Whut duzz it say, Nana? Huh?
It's a name of a winner, SweetCheeks...
Yeah..I know dat butt I chan't rwead it mysulf!TA DAAAAH

Can you read that? It says Debbie @DebbieDoos!
Hooray- That is Winner #1
Winner #2 is coming right up~!!

Only get ONE this time SweetCheeks!
I already GOT OWNE, Naneeee...Nhow I ahm
getting Numbah TWO.
I meant only grab one this time!
I alwready knowh dat!
Of course you do.
We have it now...
We really do...It is winner Number Two!
Can you read it? Can you? Strain your eyes a bit...
Is your vision getting a bit blurry?
Well, it is NOT because you are old...
It is because YOU KNOW WHO-AH moved
their hands a bit...just a bit...
However, I know you can read it...C'mon...
You can do it...
This person is on the road, I think...
but should be home soon...
Winner Number Two is...........

Both these ladies have been faithful bloggers and follow along
with my nonsense. I am blessed to know them both...
and they are both deserving of a win...
Thanks guys! Now email me your addresses.
I have to get this in the mail by Saturday!!!!
Hugs to all and thanks for participating. xxoo Diana
And a big round of applause for SweetCheeks who ALWAYS does what Nana says...Yeah...right...and I have a gold mine in my back yard....uhhh-huuhhh
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Day To Sign Up for the Giveaway!

Last Chance...

Doesn't Free-For-All sound like a fight?

The only thing you are fighting for is

First AND Second place.

First and Second place BOTH WIN!

All you have to do is be a follower


Tomorrow is the Big Day
Our little SweetCheeks
will make someone happy!

Good luck & Hugs- Diana

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How Long Is Too Long?

OK- I am looking for some
HONEST feedback here..
Let it all hang out..
I do!
Well, not literally..
Although some of IT hangs
out even when that is not the plan.
Which is why I have taken to wearing
longer skirts ;>)
Anyway--the question here
to the people that read my blog..
Some people (who shall remain
nameless unless they get too cocky)
have suggested that I consider
shortening my posts up..
Making some of the longer ones
into two posts.
They feel that people like to
be able to sit down for a
quick read and then move on.
So...the question is.....
Scroll through a few of my past blogs..
Do y'all (love that Southern term, don't you)
want shorter blogs?
Faster to read blogs?
More blogs about crafting and
things I fix up and re-do.
Now...Not that I am gonna actually
follow your wants, you understand?
Just asking...
So...write your little heart out..
Anonymous is fine if you don't want to
out yourself.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Do you like Fall?
Do you LOVE Fall?
Are you all about Fall?
We are!
This family LOVES Fall!
Saturday we decided to
take all the kids
~big and little~
and head to the
Meuer Family Farm
in Chilton, Wisconsin
to get some PUMPKINS
for Fall decorating.
We all LOVE
Don't ya just love PUMPKINS?
Meuer Farm is quite an
A-MAZE-ing place.
It has what is touted as the
World's Largest Corn Maze Family.

Is this a cute ad, or what?

This is an overview of this year's maze! Pretty AMAZE-ing, huh? Yeah...You could get lost in there for years. Some have ventured in and never come out. That's just what I heard but I dunno if it's true or not? Do
you see any little noses sticking out of the maze in this picture

Below is Papa & Ria &
TheBrawnyMan & SweetCheeks.
They are trying to hit an old car
with water filled balloons.
If you hit the car you get a free
root beer.
Guess who hit the car?
Yep- Our little SweetCheeks.
She was the only one that hit
the car. So...for approximately
$23.00 she got a FREE root beer!
Uh-huh...amazing how that works!

One of the best parts of the day was the hay ride.

Everybody loves a hayride.

There's Mimi & TheIslandScout & BabyE.

Here's TPot and the three girls

(can you recognize them without their monkey faces?)

TheBrawnyMan is cleverly hidden behind SweetCheeks & Co.~

This is one of my favorite shots.
All the kids hedged by the Daddys.There was a petting zoo.
Ria & BabyE are checking out the goats.
SweetCheeks warned BabyE not to
Ghet too closse cuz dey can heat yoah
fhingeahs off!SweetCheeks really liked the chickens.
Now-I wish -how I wish- I had
taken a picture of the sign.
It said.
These chickens are 8 weeks old.
They will be ready to butcher
in 8 weeks.
If you would like to place an
order for a chicken
please see the
HUH? Lulu asked..
What does THAT mean?
Never mind-some things are
best left unsaid.
SweetCheeks-not understanding
said she woud lhike
to take
a schiken hoamh in aight wheeks
Hmmmm...would that be ATE weeks..
or eight weeks?
Next on the list of
Things To Do?
The 80' long slide...
Nana did NOT go on this..
Mimi got stuck..
I laughed so hard I almost peed...
but I didn't
because there were porta-potties handy.
The yuck-yucks from the slide
turned to Uhk-yuks in the porta potty..
Just something about looking down
and seeing..
well-YOU know-
Here is BabyE making his first run down.
He is being held from behind by Lulu.
TheIslandScout was there to record the whole trip.
And...let's not forget the duck races...
Even SweetCheeks could do that...
Her Daddy won everytime..
He was SOOO proud of himself!
Papa told him-of course you won..
You are playing against girls..

There was a hay maze for the kids..Baby E. King Of The Mountain.A little corn to jump in..

Having a bit of Polish blood in their

genetic makeup..

Our girls decided to make

Corn Angel impressions...
The big kids thought it looked like fun too.After MyHero smarted off a few times..

the big boys took him in hand

and THREW him into the corn pile...

just because they could.

A walk through the maze

(a maze of maize-pretty cool huh)

and it was time to head for

Joe's FoxHut for pizza.

As we were sitting down..

Lulu remembered something important.

Hey! We came down here to buy PUMPKINS..

At the Pumpkin Patch farm.


And so we did!

I guess we might have to go again!>)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

TPot The Tailgater

Today I was going to tell you about our trip
to the Pumpkin Patch. It will be delayed
until tomorrow to bring you this special
News Report.
If you live in the shadow of Lambeau Field
you know how to tailgate.
Our kids have been tailgating since
they were little more than babies.
Our TPot has the distinction of being
in the paper more than anyone I know..
And she is not even a criminal..
Unless you count stealing the limelight
a crime.
Here is her latest "interview"...
BTW-She is not really a "partier" at all~

(I scanned the article from the paper)

It says: Tailgating under a tiki hut can make Lambeau Field feel like an island. But toss in a few tribal masks, grass skirts and an surfboard on a string, and suddenly you're thinking TV's 'Survivor'.
"It IS like Survivor, but I don't make my husband eat bugs. He eats brats, said *TPot (our name for her) from her tropical paradise in the Lambeau lot before the GreenBay Packer-Buffalo Bills home opener on Sept. 19.

Unlike the contestants on the CBS reality show, TPot and her family and friends didn't have to search for food. They enjoyed salsa, homemade chips, and sizzlin' chicken kabobs.
"They seem to taste better when you make them in the Wisconsin air," she said as her husband, (TheBrawnyMan), manned the grill.
TPot, a season ticket holder from Green Bay has been adding items to what was once a plain white tent ever since her husband brought back a tribal mask from Hawaii about seven years ago.
"And we are big Jimmy Buffet fans," she said, explaining the other inspiration for her tailgating theme.
TPot stopped watching "Survivor" about five seasons ago, but if she could enter into an alliance with any Packer player, it'd be left tackle Chad Clifton. (he is her neighbor although most people don't know that) "He'd protect me", she said of Clifton, despite his lack of playing time this season.
The player she would trick into an alliance before secretly voting off is former Packers quarterback Brett Favre. "But he's already gone. Actually, I think that's what happened," she joked.
However,TPot's husband has granted immunity to Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Favre, which may be upsetting the Packers gods.
"There should be marriage counseling for Brett Favre issues," she said.
TPot's loyalty to the Packers is part of her growing up in Green Bay. "You don't have to find it, it's in your home," she said. "At 9 years old, I could quarterback a game. There's a certain excitement, but it's all in good fun." Among her favorite tailgating times was the 2007 home-opener win against the Philadelphia Eagles, when she celebrated her husband's birthday with a giant cake. "We gave cake out to everyone that walked by," she said.
But, besides the sweets and the island beats, what TPot likes best about tailgating is bonding with her husband over brats and Brett. "It sets a nice tone for the rest of the week, especially if we win," she said.

YEP-That's our girl-If there's a camera out-she's in front of it! The TPot lives on!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Faces In Pizza Places

What is it about bringing out a camera
when there are kids around?
I told them to snug up close
and I would take their picture.
This is the 4th shot of them together.
Lulu is hamming it up
(that would be making faces)
in every picture.
Ria is looking at how big Lulu is smiling.
She wants her to smile "normal"..
What is NORMAL?
Around THIS family..
at all.
Big surprise, huh?See one of the outtakes below... is where we are...
Joe's FoxHut Pizza...
in Fond du Lac, WI.
It is the best pizza ever..
My daughter's best friend, Lacey,
married into the family.
She married Mike-Love that Mike..
You would love that Mike and Lacey too!
It is only about a NINETY MILE drive
to get pizza...
But, hey, what are friends for..
except to be your best customers?
We don't go often..
The kids go when they can. we are...
for pizza.
When you have kids along
20 minutes seems like a
6 hour drama...
Of course, now that the camera is
out SweetCheeks wants to
have her picture taken.
She had just come back from the bathroom.
She has just shared her most precious
confidence with her Auntie Mimi...
What is it?
Can you guess?
Put your coffee down and I hope
you're not eating mint ice cream.
Swallow first before reading.
Yep! She has just shared that
her poop was green!
Green, we ask?
Said with a self-assured nod.
See Mimi's look of shock and amazement below.
(Don't ya just love those baby secrets)

Next we move along the table to Mimi & BabyE

And the chimpanzee girl with the big smile
in the back is..who else..TPot...
TPot who loves having her picture taken..
but even more she is lovin' on BabyE.
She loves babies and children..
I think she should have at least one more.
I don't want to tell her to her face
so maybe she will read this and feel
encouraged to ...welll....y'all know how babies get here...right?TPot is surprised when BabyE pushes her away.......
(Maybe he was afraid she was going to eat him)BabyE then turns to his Mama....
for a little lovin...Mama Miss super animated face of the family loves
this BabyE.
Look, Nana- Do you think my Mama is crazy?
Aren't I cute?!?! You sure are, BabyE....
You sure are!

Now, if you peeps are good and promise not
to put white out on my computer screen
Tomorrow I will tell you about
our trip to the
Pumpkin Farm~
Yes, I will- like it or not!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday TPot & TheBrawnyMan

TPot and TheBrawnyMan
were born 12 years
and 1 day apart.
we always celebrate their birthdays together.
This year the celebration was a bit hurried
and last minute.
We had "haystacks" for an improvised meal
and MamasBoy brought an ice cream cake.
After dinner we took family portraits...
Do you see the family resemblance?
Lulu...Ria......And last...but not least..
Next year we are making a banana cake!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Pay For Me= Free For You

Okay Ladies...
Here's the Deal~
Who used to say that?
Monte Hall on Let's Make A Deal?
Do you like FREE?
I am renewing my subscription to
Traditional Home
if YOU
would like a subscription..
let me know by
Nice comments please..
Nothing surly or naughty..
(Guess my kids can't enter)
I will copy each name down
and because I have no idea how the heck
to work that random generator thingy..
Our little SweetCheeks
shall, with great fanfare,
draw the names of two winners.So...tell your friends.
tell your Mom..
tell your wait..
don't tell you enemies
cuz your enemies won't like ME either.
Just tell everyone to
Sign up as a follower
and sign up
for the free one year subscription
to Traditional Home!
Do you like FREE?
I LIKE free!
Sign up...
Do it now!
Sign up ends on Sept.30th.
Winners will be drawn
that night.
Good luck!
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