Thursday, November 27, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and THE BEST Appetite Suppressant and it is FREE!

I am so thankful for
my beautiful family
and that we are all healthy.

I am thankful for another face at our family
table this year-our beautiful grandgirl,
Anna (Bright Eyes)
Last year at this time we were 
begging for answers and prayers for our little
He was SO sick.
Bloggers came through and we were blessed
He had Kawasaki's Disease.
Once he started treatment the recovery 
started immediately.

At two he is happy and healthy.
So-Thanks to this 
our little boy was saved
for something special.


IF you feel inclined to overeat today
this is 
I have ever seen.

You can thank me and PicMonkey 
for cropping this picture.

You're welcome.

I plan to be back full time soon.
As soon as Starbucks kisses me Good Morning.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Quick Update On Me and Something To TICKLE You!

I am pretty private when it comes to 
personal things.
I don't like to complain or even admit to myself
that life can throw me a curve sometimes.
I love this saying by Elizabeth Edwards.
I have a hard time adjusting my sails sometimes.
I don't like to think I am unable to do something
I have always done..
That being said,
I didn't want to leave you all hanging
or thinking that things are worse than they are.

A few of you know that I was on an old
heavy duty anti-inflammatory for three years.
It is something I should have been on for about
2 months- but it worked when nothing else did.

Long story short
(as my dear daughter-in-law says and then 
tells you the long version anyway-Lordy,
I love that girl!;>)

Anyway-I weaned off it over a period of
about 3 months.
That is good.
The bad part is that it absolutely 
tore my stomach up.
Think somach on fire 
with nails scratching across it.
Yeah- That would be it!

I am on some meds that should work 
in a few more days.
When I can concentrate on what I am doing
I will be back.
Bear with me.
Ya can't keep an old broad like me down long.

ps.  I DID make it to Walmart 
for a few minutes.
This is NOT the Walmart pharmacist that 
dispensed my meds....but wouldn't he 
tickle you?
Back soon.
Thanks for all your well wishes.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Taking A Few Days Away~A Short Break (I Hope)

You remember last week I told you
my stomach was bothering me?
Well, it is no better.
I went to the doctor yesterday.
Apparently, I don't have a virus so that is
That means I haven't infected any of the kids.

I am on a course of treatment for a few days
so I am going to snuggle down,
watch some crappy old movies,
thumb through my Christmas magazines & books
and stay under a heated blanket
because I have chills.

Don't worry-
I will be fine-I just didn't want to leave you hanging..
waiting on me and wondering where I am.

Guess my new curtains will wait a few days, too.
Darn it!

I'll be back soon to regale you with
a few more snickers pictures-
like this one!
Personally-I have always loved a man in a bow tie.
I don't usually expect to see one in Walmart though!
See you shortly!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

IT'S TRUE- I AM BEGGING A FAVOR-It's Called The Case Chase!

I don't often talk about my
on my blog---other than as the parent 
of all my 
extra-special, super smart, talented, beautiful

But, today is an exception.
Mama's Boy is a brilliant young man.
He works full-time for a large corporation 
but on his own time he has developed a few patents.

This particular project has taken 
TWO YEARS to get off the ground.
First, he had to get a patent and then
copyright the idea.
Do you know how hard it is to get a patent
on an IDEA?
Then, he had to get clearance 
to put it on the internet,
find a server that would not fail,
check out the different laws as they relate to different states,
find a spokesperson to be 
and then
to make sure the idea would work.

This officially launches this Saturday,
November 22nd
and it is going to be a blast.

It is like GEO-CACHING
except there is REAL CASH
at the end of the search.

I have a very little part in it-
writing a few clues
but my biggest part is my support.

Could you please, as a favor to me,
swing by his Facebook Page and 

If you want to share it on YOUR FB
page I will do a little drawing in a bit
for those that do that.
Can't even tell you what the prize is..
maybe an 8x10 glossy of My Hero 
in a "special costume"?...or maybe not~
If you do share it on your FB page
come back and let me know so I
can throw your name in the drawing.


You can find the game here.
There is a really funny little
video on his FB page.
IF you have 60 seconds watch it-
it is really a good laugh.

The Case Chase is starting 
in Wisconsin & Illinois but is
headed all over the country in the upcoming weeks.
It should be somewhere near you in the near future.

Sorry-can't give all you guys any 
cuz someone might hurt me!

Thank you SOO SOOO much!
Mama's Boy thanks you, too!
I am not showing HIS face here because he
will be hanging around different places
hiding the tokens.
Watch Don't Watch for him!
Before I hit publish on this I was
told that the
Local News Fox Channel 11
had picked the story up.
You can watch it here!

Again- Thank you SOOO much!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Buy One Rug And It Turns The Whole House Upside Down- Just Call Me The Stitch Witch!

My house has been a house of 
subtle earth tones for a long time.
One of the reasons I have stuck to basics
is because we usually live in a house for a few years
and then sell it and move on to another
rehab project.

I always put my personal taste in small things
that I can pack away before showings
and take with me.

Well, I don't know what has happened to me.
I have been longing for a change lately.
The last time I had any BLUE in my house was
in the 80's when I had 
Remember those years?

Lately I have been crushing on 
So, when I saw this rug in Home Goods
I was smitten.
This came home with me along with two runners
that matched.
This is now the anchor under the dinette table.

Well, as you know,
one thing leads to another--at least for me.
Now the dining room needed something to pick 
up the blue in there.
I had taken the curtains down for summer
because I like bare windows when there is no need
for privacy.

But with winter coming I needed something to 
warm those windows up.
Holy Schmoley!
I love florals and have not had them 
for a very long time.
MyHero thinks he doesn't like florals
so the house is pretty much floral free.
But the dining room?
Well-when I saw this Waverly material
(and it's an old one) called Robin Egg
I knew I had to tote it home.
I waited until Sunday when they had a huge sale
and got it for 1/2 price 
plus I had a coupon for $50. off.
I won't embarrass myself by telling you 
how little I paid
for this material.
I got all they had -just over 7 yards.
Now the trick is-this has to blend with the 
rug that is already under the dining room table.
Blue is NOT an easy color to introduce 
(at least for me).
But, hold your bathroom break-
I like the way it picks up that rusty color in the rug
which is otherwise lost in the big picture of things.
 Whew!  I think it is gonna work.
But, before I put the pedal to the medal
scissors to the fabric,
I pin  the bolt in place and look at it.
And I look at it..
and I look at it.
Should I?
Does it?
How will it..........
It is so odd to look at pattern when 
you have not had pattern in a long time.

Why is it so much easier 
to pick patterns and textures
and accessories for everyone else?
Oh-yeah- It's because I have to 
LIVE with these choices!

So, hemming and hawing
 I did what any weirdo would do...
I took some photos and mailed them to my
good friend and confident and voice of reason
 I won't name her here but she knows who she is.
She said-
Love it-Go For It!

Ahhhh--there it is!
Someone besides me thought it was okay.

What else did I find?
Throws and some fabric for pillows-
The bottom right is the upholstery on the dining room chairs.
That has to stay.
The fabric has that same rosy tone and this also
goes nicely with the rug in there.

Oh- and I found a couple of lumbar pillows 
in the exact shade of robin's egg blue
for the leather chairs.

Lord willing 
and the sewing machine 
doesn't seize up
I will be stitching my little heart out.
I hope to have results to show you a 
by the end of the week.

And just so you know...
I did NOT shop here for accessories!

You all have a GREAT TUESDAY!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Just A Quick Before And After......I Can't Believe It~

Oh No!
The time has come!
The time is now!
The hair is gone!
I can't say how!

It was here before-
But it went away.
My "baby" is gone.
He's a big boy today!

(apologies to the book Marvin K. Mooney)


Five Months
Fast forward:
He said he would get his haircut if he could get

This works for Mom & Boy!

Mom might have shed a few tears when they cut off the curls last weekend.

I might have joined her with a sniffle myself.

AND for your morning viewing pleasure
here is a 
with a mohawk!
I don't think Big Boy E's Mom is 
gonna let him do that!

Lots going on here-
Working on a project that I hope to share
by the end of the week!

Have a great Monday.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Prayer Request AGAIN For Linda & Update on Toby & Me

A few weeks ago I asked you to pray for 
Her best friend, Deb, posted this yesterday
and Linda has asked for extended prayer.
My bff, Linda is in the hospital.  She had another echocardiogram (Nov. 12th) and her heart was worse.  The doctors have NOT been listening to her complaints!  The cardiologist's office told her to go to St. Lukes in Milwaukee which is a much larger hospital and specializes in heart disease.  Already the IV Lasix is helping, or at least, working.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  You may put this on your blog.

Edited to Add:
I just received this at 8:30 am from Deb this morning:

Linda's condition is VERY serious.  I broke down yesterday when we went to visit.  I am so afraid for her, but she is being strong, and following all the medical advice, etc.  She knows me, and knows I cry.  Please spread the word on the blogs.  Not everyone reads mine.  Prayers for Linda and also prayers that I can be a good support to her.

If they cannot get her heart issue resolved
they will not be able to do the cancer surgery
that she desperately needs.

On another note-
Several months ago you prayed here for 
Toby, hubby of Teresa @ Magazine Your Home
He had some pretty serious cancer surgery.
I asked Teresa the other day and she
said he is recovering beautifully and is back to
his sassy self!
Prayers DO Work!

As for me and all you who thought I was 
Coconut Cream Pie.- LOL--

Let me just say----NOT SO!
The pie incident was over a week ago.
My granddaughter complained of 
her tummy hurting for a few days.
I think I might have picked up the bug
from her.
I AM feeling better this morning.
At least I can drink a cup of coffee
and THAT is a 
GOOD THING as Martha Stewart says!

I am going to lay low for one more day here
and hope to be completely fine by tomorrow~

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

BJ's Coconut Cream Pie-Nana's Way-And The Liars In My Family

Well, most of you know
that crazy ole' BJ @ Sweet Nothings, right?
She is always up to SOMETHING..
and sometimes she teases honors blesses me
by mentioning me on her blog.
Like I said- Crazy.

A week or so ago she posted a recipe for
her mother-in-law's recipe for
She told a story that put a lump in my throat
his mom made coconut cream pie.

Now, I happen to LOVE Coconut Cream Pie.
Yes. I. Do.
(which is really funny because I don't like
coconut anything else-yes.I'm.weird)

So, I copied down bj's recipe from this card she posted.

Well, you know me-
I had to change it up JUST A BIT.
Here is my version of bj's pie.

Coconut Cream Pie
3 tablespoons flour
3/4 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups milk (I used 1-1/2 cups milk & 1-1/2 cups half & half)
2 LARGE eggs (3 small ones)
1 Tablespoon butter
1 Tablespoon Vanilla (I use real vanilla)
1-1/2 to 2 cups coconut~ I used Bakers from the bag in the baking aisle (we don't like it toasted like some do)

In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, flour and salt. Stir in milk; cook and stir over medium-high heat until thickened and bubbly. Reduce heat; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from the heat; gradually stir about 1 cup of hot mixture into beaten eggs. Return all to saucepan; cook and stir over medium heat until nearly boiling. Reduce heat; cook and stir about 2 minutes more (do not boil). Remove from the heat; stir in the coconut, butter and vanilla. Pour into pre-baked pie shell.  Chill for several hours before serving and top with whipped cream and sprinkle with more coconut if desired.. Refrigerate leftovers.
 Yield: 6-8 servings.
Do NOT believe anyone that tells you 
I ate the whole pie by myself over
the course of a day week.
There are SUCH liars in this world.

AND-if they tell you I made a
to serve as pudding?
Big lie!  BIG LIE!

I feel a trip to the confessional coming on.........sigh......

ps.  I have the chills and a stomach virus, I think.
I never get sick.  
I am into it about 36 hours this morning.
I have things to do.
IF I am not around today you will know why!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Finish It Up Friday- Five Fotos (or 6 or 7 or 8 or is it 9) For Fun!

Still working on purging my pictures.
I had planned on doing all
but I couldn't resist these taken
this week at my house.

#1- Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?
It's little CJK
Let Nana whip you up a nice meal!
Good to the LAST DROP!
Wait- What do you mean you think I lied about
COOKING A nice meal for the kid?
The truth is out!
The box is a dead giveaway!
Look! Look!
Look what you can do with a Happy Meal Box.
Who needs the toy inside?
AND- Who needs prescription glasses?
Not this one!
The family clown
(famously known as SweetCheeks)
is being out-clowned.
Methinks I see trouble brewing!
Cheer Up!
Here's your little cousin giving you a 
Nano-Nano, Nana!
~remember Mork & Mindy~
Doesn't your heart ache for the loss of 
Robin Williams?

uh-oh--another hiccup, SweetCheeks!
Look who ELSE is getting cuter by the day!
Baby Bright Eyes,. Big Boy E & CharlesInCharge!
Don't worry, SweetCheeks,
you will always have a special
spot in my heart!
Happy Fall-Y'all.
Have a good day AND
thanks for smiling at the "littles" in our family.
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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Is it too early for a 
Christmas Wish List?
This is too good to keep to myself.

My daughter called spur-of-the-moment
yesterday to see if I could 
pick the girls up from school,
feed them and make sure they did their homework.

No problem.
It is always fun to have them here.

Can you tell?
Homework is finished.
Dinner is done.
What next?
Why!  We must listen to the 
Of course we must!

This is something I 

I listed these in the exact order
she listed them in.

1- A writer's kit (hmmm...paper and pencil?)
2-  A math book (seriously?)
3.  Tshirt with a DOG on it (as close to a pet as she'll get-Mom & Dad both have allergies)
5.  Science goggles
6.  A Taylor Swift CD with a BOOM BOX 
(have you seen any boom boxes lately-do they even make them anymore..and WHERE did she see one?) 
7- This might be my favorite!  
Instruction book for the Hello Kitty clock
I got last year from Santa and can't figure out how it works.

And-there were two additions...
(which her sister Ria also wants-WHAT is wrong with these kids?)

What 7 year old do you know that wants a

I was laughing so hard I could hardly write this down.
and she wanted to know...

I gave her the standard Nana answer...

There you have it!
Can't wait to hear what YOUR KIDS want!

ps.  And just so you know- she was 
DEAD SERIOUS about this list!
THAT'S what makes it so funny to me!

ps-I had sporadic internet last night
so if I didn't visit you it is not because
I forgot!
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Farmhouse Memories

Sometimes it is bittersweet, isn't it
to remember the days when 
people in our lives celebrated
special days with us?

The family unit I knew as a child 
is all gone now.
A father, a mother and one younger brother.
We celebrated 17 years of Sundays  together 
before I left home. 
17 years out of a lifetime isn't much but
 0h! the memories created then..

My parents were not religious people
but they were believers.
I grew up right next to a Catholic church
but never attended there.
This was taken from the road in front of our house
before the road was paved..
I don't remember my father ever 
going to a church service.
My mother took us kids sporadically over the years.
When I was a young teen I 
started going on my own
with some cousins.
A little country church with a marvelous pastor,
Melvin Shultz.
His wife, Thelma, had the voice of an angel 
and I loved
to sit as close to her as I could on a 
Sunday morning..

My father always pared the farm work down
to a bare minimum on all 
Holidays and every Sunday,
doing only the chores that were necessary to 
get by for the day.

My Grandfather, dressed in his Sunday suit,
 would stand here by the
road on a Sunday morning to greet people
on their way home from church.
He lived with us for about 5 years
until I was 6 or so.
I remember when my father planted
the elms on the left hand side
to give some shade to the front yard.
They were mere saplings then.
The big barns are long gone now.
The house burned to the ground 15 years ago or so.
The shed that you see in the picture above 
(that is hidden behind the trees)
is the only building that remains 
of the original farm buildings.
I remember when my Father and two neighbors
built that shed for wood, storage and butchering.

Going the other way, down the hill,
the road makes a sharp curve then leads down 
 to my Aunt Bessie's house.
She, too, is gone these many years.
 I spent a lot of time in the woods
that grew along the road..
Sweet, sweet memories this morning.
Memories of coffee percolating 
on the kitchen counter-
Watching the sun rise and flood the East facing kitchen with light.
Bacon sizzling in the frying pan-
the sharp crack of eggs against the side of the pan-
Biscuits with home-churned butter and honey
from the bees from the hives 
down past the little pond.
Sunday Memories-
Stored Forever-

And----just so you don't think I have gone
all smarmy  and  sappy on you
here is what I plan to serve MyHero 
for breakfast this morning if he
doesn't shape up. 
It will go great with a side of
poisonberries boysenberries.

.You can order your very own 

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

We are on our way out of town 
for a cousin's wedding.
I will share details when we get home.  
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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Have a wonderful Saturday.
I will be watching
"The Babies"
Oh....she is gonna kill me one of these days!

I have to get groceries, too.
I need bananas.
I wish I had an outfit like this one
to wear when I shop for bananas.
Have a great Saturday!
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