Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Sweet The Sound

Yesterday I told you about our sweet smelling lad, MamasBoy. Remember him? The charmer of pretty maidens in the pre-school? Well, this little snake oil salesman had two more little tricks up his sleeve. Well, there was certainly more than TWO but I am going to feed them to you slowly so you don't gag on your coffee whilst you are reading.

The day AFTER my little man slathered himself with Polo cologne he became even more of a chick magnet. (I tell you, even after all these years, I still can't stand the smell of Polo-no matter how good the guy wearing it looks-yeah, yeah...I know...I'm old but I'm not dead yet, am I?) Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah...Back to school. Day 2- I drive in to pick Mr. Suave and Debonair up. TWELVE little girls come crushing around me. I hear, "Thank you Mrs.K, Thank you Mrs.K, That was really nice of you Mrs.K". uh-huh...say what?...I lift my eyes toward the teacher, Mrs. Long, for help.

Ummmm...what are they all thanking me for I want to know. For the watches. What watches? Those watches! Huh? What??? Now, this is just after Christmas, remember? That was the year that McDonalds gave out watches for $1.00 if you bought a Happy Meal. How Happy does that make you? I bought one for each child (start counting) and secreted it for Christmas, the
grandmother bought one for each child (still counting? we're up to eight now) and the neighbor bought each child one (NOW we are at the magic number of 12-that's how I remember how many girls were in MamasBoy's class because each girl got a watch).

In the morning, before he went to pre-school, MamasBoy asked each of his siblings if he could borrow their watch (I don't think he made it plural-as in watches-I think he just said watch) and take it to school. They all said yes. He gathered them ALL up, took them ALL to school and gave them ALL away. He was the most popular boy at school and the most hated family member when he got home.

When we asked him why he gave all the girls watches that didn't belong to him he had a very simple answer- "I like girls". he did...Hmmmm....I must check with TheSecretAgent and find out if he slathered himself with Polo and gave her a watch to seduce her.... Oh, yes...and if he did....did he buy it or "borrow" it?

Now, if you are very good, and promise not to spit on your watch face to clean it off, tomorrow I will tell you the story of MamasBoy and ChingChing!
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  1. There ya go! A typical man! Smelling good and giving gifts to "woo" a girl ;)

  2. ....Has this boy reproduced yet? If so, one of these days, there will be payback, and it is so sweet. If not, hide their birth control

  3. Nope-we're waiting for a reproduction~I think TheSecretAgent is AFRAID that she will get one JUST LIKE MamasBoy and wonders if she can handle more than ONE of THOSE in her life!>) (You reading this SecretAgent?-lol-you know I love ya!). Meanwhile, we have SweetCheeks who is MamasBoy in female form & provides us with much fodder for entertainment.


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