Monday, July 30, 2018


Yesterday, Sunday,
I felt compelled/driven
to make contact with my friend,
Mary F.
Her blog, 
has not been active
for a while.

I was in contact with her
at least once a week
until a few weeks ago.

She has had several health issues
in the past few years-
heart issues and COPD.
However, she was a bright spirit 
and full of life.
The last time I talked to her she was
scared because she was having
so much trouble breathing
and they wanted to do a procedure
on her heart.

Yesterday, I was determined to 
contact her.
Her phone was disconnected
and I left a message for her son
(I think I have the right number)
on his phone.

Lastly, I went to her FB page
and starting visiting contacts
that I thought looked her age.
I found one that had a picture of
herself with Mary.
I sent her a message.
This morning,
I heard from her.
Mary passed away YESTERDAY
while I was searching for her.

Do YOU think WE are not connected
by some force beyond this earth?

I will miss Mary----a lot.
I hope someone takes her two pups in
that she loved so much.
She also had a roommate and I am
sure the roommate is reeling
with all of this, too.

Please pray for her son, Shaun,
and her granddaughter, Kelly.
They were the most important
people in her life.

I am comforted knowing that she is
to breath.
Although my heart aches I 
know she is no longer in pain,
no longer anxious, and
no longer struggling.

"A death is not the extinguishing of a light
but the putting out of the lamp
because the dawn has come."

RIP, dear Mary, you are in my heart!

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Sunday, July 29, 2018


Way back in the 
we did a lot of fun things.
We shared projects,
we shared ideas,
we oohed and aahed over kids
and grandkids
some of us posted recipes.

I posted this recipe soon after I started blogging.
I think dear 
bj @ Sweet Nothings
thought she had died and gone to Heaven
when she made this the first time.

If you have never tried it-well-
you have missed a real treat.

Chocolate Gravy
is  really a Southern dish
and I live in the Midwest.
However, I think I am a
Dixie girl at heart
cuz I love all things South.

While living down there
 I developed a taste for
with lots of REAL butter
and salt and pepper please.

AND a taste for
Now, if y'all want you can
go ahead and slave over
the biscuit part OR
you can buy Bisquick.

I choose the latter course.
I suppose you could even
lower yourself to buying those
biscuits in a tube...but I'm
not that far down yet!;>)
(sorry all you tube openers)

Anyway, bake yourself up
some biscuits.
and then stir up this...

And pour it over those
biscuits and you will have
a feast fit for a king..
or in my case,
a Queen...

At least once!  And if you can
still do your zipper up you
can have some more
You're welcome!

Did I mention that this
was always one of
very favorite recipes 
when she was little?
Go figure!

Here is Paula Deen's version:

Chocolate Gravy

1/3 stick butter

2/3 cup sugar
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/3 cup cocoa
2 cups whole milk
Heat butter in a cast iron skillet over low heat.
 Mix in sugar, flour and cocoa. 
Slowly pour 1 cup of milk into the skillet and 
whisk well to remove lumps.
 Whisk in remaining milk, stirring constantly, 
until mixture is thick,  being careful not to scorch. Serve hot over biscuits.

And, pluhleeeze- 
DO NOT let your kid
lick the plate
and put it back in the cupboard.
Let the dog do it.
I hope you all have a 
wonderful Sunday.
As for me,
I will be wearing my 
stretchy skirt so I can have
TWO helpings of 

Oh- Yeah-
By the way---
I might have lied about the
Sorry 'bout that sucker!

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Sunday, July 22, 2018


Now I know that may sound
STRANGE to you...
but, after all, isn't a 
LOT of what I say

I have always been fascinated
by old bridges.
I don't like going across them
BUT I do like
seeing them.

I always thought it would be
fun to have a little 
Open Air Cafe on one.
A place for women to
come and sit,
relax for a moment,
share a cup of coffee,
 and chat.
I know-I know-

I would make the sides 
of it look like this
bridge in Northport, Michigan.
Here's the other side.
Wouldn't that be fun?
And, maybe a little shop off
to the side like the one
next to the bridge in 
Do you think I could convince
MyHero to BUY me a bridge?
Nah- Me neither...

I found one that is 
AND they will deliver it!
Yes-indeedy-they will.

Well, I know 
out there are going to 
try and beat me to the punch.
I already have my name in,
thank you! you suppose 
this is the bridge
Billy Jo McCallister
jumped off of?
(some of you chicks are
WAY too young to remember
that song).

Maybe THAT is why it's for 
sale-it's haunted!
(Just trying to scare you 
off so you don't bid!;>)

I'll let you know when
it gets delivered
so you can get your
seating reservation in early!

Have your umbrella 
at the ready
in case it rains.

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday, July 15, 2018


Do you love 
like I do?
If so-
you may enjoy this sweet 
little poem in their honor!

Oh- Sweet Mop Head 
that bobs and sways,
holding court in the garden
for long warm days.

We watch you bloom
pristine and white,
You shimmer by day
and glow at night.

When Fall comes tramping
down the lane,
You feel your life
Has been in vain.

Your time is limited
that we know.
What choice do we have
but to let you go?

But wait, oh wait,
Oh dear, Oh dread,
SOMEONE somewhere
lopped off your head.

And here you sit
Without a shout
For dear old Nana
Has dried you out.

And the great queen shouted to those below her.
~The End~

Come back again-if you dare-

Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday-
watch out for the cranky old lady
with scissors in her hand!
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Grab your reading glasses
and a whiskey coffee cuz
this is one
It is the longest post I have
ever written!

A long time ago
when I first started blogging
I was asked these questions
and I don't think I ever answered.

I stumbled across this recently and realized that
while so much has changed
so much has remained the same!

So---here in all my foolish loquacious-iness 
are my answers to eight questions I was given.
If you aren't feeling like reading
(and maybe laughing a bit)
you can move right along and 
come back another day.

Here we go!

I have been asked to tell you

EIGHT things about myself.  

 (yes I said 8-who picked that number

as the criteria to decide if I was fit to

be in Blogland-I mean why not 5 or 7..but 8?

Hey-did y'all know 8 is my favorite number?)


I am supposed to tell you EIGHT

things about myself I think you

would like to know....

Well, that's a joke...

Who really wants to know 8 things

about me?

 You just come to Blogland to see

pictures of what life should be like, right?

Well, I am never one to cringe from the truth..

which is NOT always a good thing-

trust me on this.

Ready? Here we go...

Question #1 Why did you start blogging ?

I took an idiot pill 

and it said blogging was good for

 allergies...Huh? want truthful answers..

okay then...don't get snotty about it.

What made me start blogging?

My friend, Jettie is to blame.

(Hey Jett-she's Southern..

they all say HEY instead of Hi)

Isn't Jettie a cool name? 

It's her real name...yes it is!


Jettie blogged for books back then. 

I thought that was pretty cool..

So...I asked Jettie about blogging..
She said even YOU (idiot was implied)

can figure out how to blog..

and she gave me some basics...

Like..okay...the button on the

right will make your screen light up..

Yeah...that's just about where I started...

And then....

I thought it would be fun to blog 

for my grandkids

so they could read about themselves


You know - because as a parent, 

you don't have the time/energy 

to jot it all down..

Grandparents are supposed to have

a whole lot more time--which--

let me tell you is a lie.

I thought it would be fun. 

I thought maybe my kids would read my blog,

or maybe a couple of friends would read it..

or maybe my brother (Lordy-how I miss him)

would read it.

I had no idea that anyone I didn't know 

would read it..
. ain't real purty..
and it's just kind of a hodgepodge.

 No real theme...if you get my drift.

Question #2. While working outside what

do you think about?

I think about God's goodness in my life. 

How blessed I am.
I also think about projects 

I WANT to do..

Like the one below...

Sorry I stole this from someone's site.

If it's your own pop in 

and take credit for it...cuz it is

so darned cute I want to copy it.
I also spend some time thinking about 

the little granddaughter we lost 

and wonder what it would be

like to have her in the family mix.

She would be a BIG GIRL now-

I think about the brave struggle

MyHero endured in the past few years

 in his fight(s) (and win(s)) against cancer.

Question #3. What is your favorite vacation

 destination and why?

I have two places...

depending on the time of year.

In  summer I love to go up to 

the UP of Michigan

I love Lake Superior. 

There is nothing like the

wild, rugged beauty you see there.

We usually stay in Munising..

 it's a little off-the road, by-passed by time.

I like it because I totally relax there 

for some reason.
That time frame would be..

anytime AFTER

July 1st and BEFORE July 6th

because that is about when summer

"happens" in the UP~

yeah..those are random dates 

but close to the truth. the winter...

I love Florida.

I love the ocean.

I love the balmy breezes.

I love it all...from St. Augustine to the Keys.

You can't go wrong with Florida..

I even love DisneyWorld..

Yeah...I'm kind of GOOFY like that!

I love it because I feel like 

I am "connected" in Florida.

The ocean draws me in and 

soothes and refreshes me.

And~ I am always in awe of the beauty

and lushness of it all.

I especially love New Smyrna Beach.

Did I mention a lot of old people 

drive around in Florida?

Yeah...Not on my list of favorites.

Sadly, I am becoming one of THEM...

but I still drive pretty good...uh-huh...

#4- Do I like sunrise or sunset?

Now THAT's a poser!

When I am on Lake Michigan,

I love the sunrise as it 

comes up over the lake.

I like to sit outside and watch the sun weave

it's fingers across the sky.

I love the sound of the early morning gulls

 and I especially love the fog horns 

on a overcast, foggy morning.
(internet image)
But when I am home, at my own house,

I love the sunsets...

I especially love sharing them with family.

It is like the sun kisses us all goodnight..

and we have made it safely through

another day.Question #5. Are you beginning to think I 

will never be done?

NOPE! That's NOT the question...

Here's the REAL question..

Question #5. What is my 

favorite Season/Why?

Ohhhh! It is Fall...glorious, wonderful Fall.

I Fall in love with 

all the wonders of Mother Nature

as the nights turn crisp and cool.

I love hunkering down by a fire 

in the fireplace as the

Fall winds blow round the eaves.

I love pots of stew...and apple cider...

and pumpkins...and the leaves that burst

into rainbow colored tree flames.

I love Thanksgiving and turkey and..

well...Yeah...I like Fall.
Question #6. What is the wildest thing I've 

ever done?

Hey! Do I LOOK Stupid? Don't answer that...

Do you think I am telling

YOU the wildest thing I've ever done? 

Ha...not on a bet-your-life


am I ever telling that!

Question #7. What is the biggest surprise

 in my life?

Hmmm...I think it is how fiercely 

and deeply I love my grandchildren. 

I mean...I KNEW I would love them...

I heard other grandparents

tell me how much they loved their grandkids...

and I thought...Yeah...okay...

only 33 more photos to look at 

so you can tell me how cute they are...

But NOW? Yeah...

Well, NOW I get it!

I would do whatever it took to protect them

as best I can from the world's harm.

Here's some pictures 

only 26 more to see!
There are more grands 

that I don't have pictures of

on my computer.

 #8- TAH-DAH...Last question!

Where do you go to be alone?

Well, this oughta get a smile 

out of those of you

that DON'T know me!

I get in the car...

and I drive..and I drive.

and I drive.

It is restful, peaceful and I listen

to music and talk to God..

and I am free.

While I am traveling

I am free.

I can forget about laundry

and projects that await me

and daily chores.

I am free for a breath of time.

If I am feeling a bit stressed or want

to decompress..I take a Starbucks..

and a book and I park somewhere..

anywhere...and read..and read..

so..if you see some crazy blond 

sitting in the middle of a parking lot

looking down into her lap...

she is reading.

Don' t bother her.

And..even if she has a

Honk If You Love Jesus sign

on the back of her car...

Don't honk..

Cuz it won't be me anyway..

I don't have one of those signs.

I don't even wish I did.

Did you ever pull up behind two

cars and one says

Honk If You Love Jesus

and the other one says..

Honk For Clowns-

also known as

Candidates Running For President?


Don't honk..

It just confuses too many people.


Thanks to all of you that have 

followed along with all my nonsense

today AND over the years.

I owe all of you big time...

 my readers...

my kids...

. MyHero..

and all the 

"little people"..

Thanks for stopping by...

Thanks for reading..

Thanks for being.

And as my

friend, Jettie would say...

Y'all come back now, ya heah.
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