Thursday, July 18, 2019


When I was a little girl
I loved playing house.
I never had a
REAL playhouse,
but I laid out floor plans
with stones to outline rooms.

Growing up on a farm,
in a rather isolated area,
meant playing alone much
of the time.
I had a brother that was
four years younger,
 but when you are kids
that is a significant
age difference
and he sure didn't want to
"play house".

When we moved to our house
on the bay,
I begged for a
My wonderful brother-in law,
and son
made my dream a reality.
For several summers the
playhouse was open
for business.

 Summers were always busy ones
and I loved
cleaning up the playhouse
for Summer
 Dreamdays and Parties.

The little garden

and window boxes
whispered sweet childhood

This flag outside the door
welcomed everyone..

And the front door,
complete with hat,
offered a sweet invitation
to enter.

You could sit a spell in the
newly painted wicker
furniture.  A rare find
for $2.99 per piece
at a thrift store.
They used to be natural
wicker but looked so much
fresher in white.
Pillows and baby dolls
were the perfect accessories.
The little rose mirror
was a real original and a
$4,00 find and the little
rose picture
is from my friend, Donna,
over at
My Shabby Chateau.
The "hutch" was another
$4.00 find
And the sweet picture above
the settee was $2.50.
I found a close out miniature
chandelier, complete with flowers
and crystals for a few dollars.
It hung over the little
wicker table covered with a
little tablecloth that my mother
hand embroidered when she was young.
Look! Real leaded glass windows
from the salesmen's samples
left over when we sold
our home improvement company.
A playhouse to love.

Built with love,
for the kids we love...
the ones that sat on the grass
in front of the playhouse
and dreamt their childhood dreams..

Then, hearing the call of fairy voices
beckoning them to play,
 they were off and running.

ran too far, too fast,
I wanted her to
stay little just a little while
I loved that she
believed in magic and fairies
and a Nana that could make
any wrong right.

The house is sold to another
and the playhouse is 
it serves another purpose,
just for a moment in time
it was a mine.
It was a
for me.
I lived a childhood
through the eyes of 
grandchildren that I love.

Can't get any better than that!
Hope you have something
that special in your life
that makes you smile
everytime you remember 
something about it.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


We are so blessed to have a son
who married a girl that is like
to us
14 years ago today~
(which was also my mom's birthday)

They are so happy together-
and that makes US happy!
If you have a moment
please wish then a
Happy Happy Anniversary!

Here is the by-product
of their union!
What a match made in Heaven!
Today, the munchkin looks 
more like this-
Dad looks more like this~
What a blessing!

Mom opted to hide
from the camera-lol-
so no pictures here of her
pretty face!

Happy, Happy Anniversary-
Love you all to the
moon and back!
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Friday, July 12, 2019


Hi everyone!

I am doing this as a favor for
Sweet Linda.
She has helped me out 
COUNTLESS times with blog issues,
thus the title she holds,
The Fairy Blogmother~
(and you know I am all about fairies).

She quite suddenly found out Christine who started Dishing It & Digging It link Party has closed it down. Linda was a host on it as well.

Linda has decided to host a new link party every Sunday, the same time, called "Love your Creativity".
You are welcome to share recipes, crafts, tablescapes, wood working, diy, tutorials and more. The party is every Sunday at 1:00 Pacific time.

Please pop over and lend her
some support.
Better than that sign up for
her link party.

If you DON'T know her,
you have missed one of the 
Sweetest People in Blogland.
She has been a blogger,
a designer, a caretaker,
a cook and bottle washer,
survived at least 4 bouts of cancer,
and you can't keep the gal down!

Please pop over and visit her at
and I know you will find 
something special there.
Thanks, Linda,
for all your help and I hope
you get some new visitors
and lots of links!

Please pray for Linda.
On top of everything else she just
had some surgery and is in for a
painful recovery. 
The surgery was much more than
she thought it was going to be
so I know it is disheartening 
as she now has a longer,
more painful healing process.

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Saturday, July 6, 2019


I was thinking about what makes me happy.
Obviously the first thing on the list is
family-MyHero, children & spouses,
and grandchildren.
But there are other little things
that I don't think much about
in the day-to-day act of living.
And yet..they are a part of my life
and bring me a bit of joy.

Years ago when my Mother 
came to live with me
I brought quite a bit of her "stuff" from
I think I thought having "stuff" from the farm
would help me remember
the farm and family as it was....
because in her state of mind
she was no longer the mother I knew.
When she passed away,
and I gave some of the "stuff"
back to my brother.
My kids, too, have some of the things
and I finally gave my youngest daughter
this treasure.
It is a little cedar "chest".
It is only about 8"x12"x4" high.
Mother told me once that she gave a man
a ride to Elmira, NY and he gave her
the little carved box as payment.
If you open it you will find
some little treasures....
hankies and an embroidered piece or two.

What else makes me smile when I see it?
These fairy books that my daughter, Mimi,
gave me.
When you open them you will find that....
They are kind of "naughty" fairy books
not the kind I can read to the grandkids.
Whoever knew fairies had boobies?
Well...they me!
And in front of the books that are
tucked into this little niche
is a rock that my son painted
when he was just a child.
He gave it to me for Christmas one year.
That was the year he had $20.
and spent $2.00 on lei's for everyone
(except me-I got the rock)
and the rest on himself.
Yep-He was THAT kid!
Then, Mimi went to a garage sale
and picked up this pearl necklace & earrings
still in their original box.
They have aged to a beautiful cream color.I researched them online.
They were QUITE the item in their day
and a favorite of Liz Taylor.
Below is another special "box".
This one was given to me by
MamasBoy & TheSecretAgent
on my 60th birthday.
If you open the box
you will find 60 "memory slips"
tucked inside.
that I got for my 60th birthday.

Do you think they fear I am losing my mind
and hope these act as gentle reminders
of a time when I knew who I was?
Is that what this present is all about?
A random one reads:And, last but not least..
I received this special little box
from 3 very special little girls.
It is a Fairy Catching Kit.
We had many sightings at my house
but never did actually capture one.
They had hoped to outwit them
with this kit.
Just look at all the tools inside!And to wrap up this little presentation of Joy..
I wore this...
because a special little Miss
wrapped it up in a piece of Kleenex
(which I am hoping wasn't used)
and said it was....
"The bestest present eveah"!
And, indeed...I think it might be!
How about you?
What little things make you happy?
What little joys put a song in your heart?
I hope that your days 
are filled with little joys, too,
because I am finding that..
the older I get..
the more happiness I find 
in the little things.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Life is 
No, indeedy!

My beautiful princess,
ALANA (aka Lulu)
went from
I think she is the 
cutest barista ever!
She knows that hard work pays off!
She is a 2nd generation barista-
following in her Auntie Mimi's footsteps.

She could have gone 
for the
glass slippers
Instead of the 
But this girl knows that there is 
more to life than being pretty.
She's a grand girl with a kind heart
and as pretty inside as outside.

Can you BELIEVE she is working at
Neither can I!!!
Maybe I will get a free drink...
ummm--probably not!

Have a wonderful week
and upcoming
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Sunday, June 30, 2019


I am sadly relaying
this news-

I know that several
of my fellow bloggers
followed and loved
Janet (MaQue).

She was an artist
and a great gal.
She was undergoing chemo
and while her 
spirits and outlook 
were good,
her poor body just
couldn't withstand
any more treatment.

Her hubby left a bit
on her blog about her
He is heartbroken.
If you want to pop over 
and leave him a message
that would be awesome.
You can read his message

Thank you all so much!
I hope you all have a 
great Sunday.
Say a little prayer 
send well-wishes and 
healing thoughts
his way.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


While I LOVE being home,
I also LOVE to travel.

I took Thing Two & Thing Three
on a little get away.
I LOVE the ocean
and so do they!
Sorry-not such great pictures
but you get the idea!
They rode thousands of waves!
They also had plenty of time to
as I jumped the waves.

After tiring of the ocean
we retired to the pool-
I made
late every afternoon
and made all the tables near us
This is

Take 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks,
1 cup of lemonade
1/2 cup of coconut MILK (canned)
Add: Stevia (or sugar to suit yourself).
I use about 3 T of Truvia (stevia).
Put in blender and process until 
thick and creamy.
but addictive-trust me....

We only had one day of rain
and spent that watching movies/shows.

Atlanta Traffic...
Sorry Atlanta-
I HATE driving through you!
Coming home I took an alternate route-
It was an hour further west BUT-
being as it took me 
I figured I saved at least an hour
taking the longer route!
Who says blondes are dumb?
Have a wonderful day!
Sending love your way!

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Monday, June 24, 2019


Hi there!
I had planned to come back today
with some fun stories about
my time away.

However, some things take
precedence over fun things.
Below are three people that 
really need prayer
and healing thoughts and

The first is Erich.
You can read his original story here.
That was well over
You can imagine the angst
his mom, Carole, is going through.
That feeling of being helpless
and not being able to help your child.
Here is part of her latest email to me.
Things are not going the way I have prayed they would here.  Erich went for his usual scan after 12 weeks on maintenance treatment with the antigen since the radiation and antigen had made the cancer inactive.  They opted then for maintenance treatment for the next 12 weeks. That being completed he went for another scan and that was not good..  

The scan was done a week ago Friday, and we went to the oncologist for results a week later.  That was a few days ago.  There was reported to be an enlargement---  they type of which they cannot tell-- whether it is the tumor growing or scar tissue.  A new chemo BOTH bi-weekly and the antigen treatment again is prescribed.  Then another scan.  If that works, OK.  If not, the surgery is facing him .  If he chooses to have it as it is a horrible surgery that makes even the oncologist wince.  Hence, for this total last effort via medicines they can recommend.
Pray for her as well as for Erich.

Also, please continue praying for 
my friend, Jettie.
You can read about her latest surgery here.
Look at that baby face!
I won't tell you she is 70 and I kinda hate her for looking like that at 70! 
They think her daughters are her sisters.

Her surgeries have been rife with 
complications and this one is no exception.
She was hospitalized for several days
after she was released for an infection.
There are two types of bacterial infections
at the surgical site
and she is being treated with an IV at home.
If this doesn't work, the next step is 

Also, Ted (same post) has had a 
rough road to recovery.
His meds are on hold at this point
because of some kidney problems.
Pray that the problem is resolved
so that he can continue on his
treatment plan.
Susie (She Junks) is holding on!

As always,
if you don't pray,
please send up healing thoughts
and well wishes.

Thank you all so much
and I will be back with some
'stories' in a day or so...
after I catch up on my work load here.

Love you guys----
You are the best followers EVER!!!!

Edited to add:
This is from Dawn P
and I do not have an email addy for her.
If you read this, Dawn, please send me
your email info to

Always in my prayers - all of those with need. As all of you all have included my Mom in yours as well - she had 1st chemo, did not go well, treatment stopped 1/2 thru last Thursday, sent to ER, admitted with afib off the chart, got it under control by Saturday so they released her, and she had rough night Sat nite with some chemo side effects but as she only had 1/2 a treatment not as bad as could be ... but it is looking like her cardiologist will be putting the kabash on the chemo.. which leaves her with 6 mos, maybe a year left... - we will know more this week. So I share my prayers with ALL of you...
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