Monday, May 24, 2010

The Shredder

I know that today lots of us have shredders at our houses to take care of all those letters and papers that we don't want anyone to find for fear they will use our information for illegal purposes. (Wow-that was a really l-o-n-g sentence)

I thought you might like to see my own personal shredder. This is the super duper pooper model and, unfortunately, cannot be duplicated. He is quite user friendly until you try to take away whatever he is shredding. At that point he is apt to throw what I like to call a "hissy fit".

I was throughly enjoing watching EeeMan's (remember PacMan that ate everything in its path? yeah...well this is his brother)-where was I? Oh, yes I was enjoying his chomping abilities until I realized that it was NOT yesterday's paper. No, indeedy, it was today's paper and if I couldn't read it, HOW would I know who died? Did you ever wonder who reads the obits? Yeah, well it is people like me...hoping that we outlive our enemies.

EeeMan has gone home now. He was still eating the last time I saw him~although I think it was cottage cheese at that point. Did you ever know a 9 month old baby that LOVED cottage cheese AND tomatoes? Well, feast your eyes (get it? feast?-never mind) on Baby E. I told his Mom to just wait until he turns two and decides he only like jelly beans....that will serve her right. As a child (and I think still although she won't admit it), she would NOT eat leftovers. She said she only liked NEW food.....hahahahaha...and now she has a kid that eats newspaper. God is good!
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Jettie said...

I have all the local funeral home sites bookmarked, what does that make me?

Jelly Beans and spoonfuls of sugar, at 2.
Stephen liked corn bread, until he discovered it had that hated ingredient, CORN, now won't touch it.

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

I still don't eat leftovers. Unless it's Mexican food and I'm hung over from too many margarita's the night before. Poor leftovers would sit in my fridge for months - luckily I married a human garbage disposal!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Oh I do love it when kids imitate their parents in some way. Payback is a bitch. (Sorry, can I say B.... on a blog?)

I have grandkids who eat sushi. My own kids wouldn't think of such a thing. Their loss. I started training the grands as soon as they could say "fwench fwies". Now I have someone to go to sushi with and they are very healthy!