Friday, October 31, 2014

HAP-POE HALLOWEEN-Come See The Giveaway I Won!!! It's Spooktacular!

Do you LOVE 
Edgar Allen Poe?
Did you read him when you were young
and find his stories horrifically macabre?

I did!
I think I was about 10 or 11 when I read
for the first time
(ah-maybe THAT is what's wrong with me)
and from there I went on to  
The Telltale Heart and
The Pit & The Pendulum.
and then the rest of his works.

Well, guess what?!?!
I WON a book that contains four of his best stories!
It has POP UPS
 I signed up for this give away over at
I hardly ever sign up for giveaways because I 
am so richly blessed already...
Oh!  I had to do it.

Now-not only did Vera send the book~
You should SEE the packaging!
Sadly, you can't!
Why?  WELL-because I was 
SO EXCITED to get this baby that I 
before I photographed it.
I know- 

But here is what was in the package.
I tried to neaten it up a bit for you.
Two copies of his original works on velum.
The Raven & Annabel Lee.
and oh- Vera made wonderful tags
and there were cards in the package-
The pops up are quite "spooky"
Thank you SO much, Vera!
This is a GREAT addition to my library.
I am reading it tonight.
I have been saving it for 

My 12 year old grandgirl, Lulu, 
was here and asked if she could read
The Telltale Heart.
I let her.
She said- Well, that is weird, spooky.
Not scary spooky like movies today.

You got that right, Lulu.
There will never be another
He was scary before scary was cool.
Personally, I think he is a little 
myself...but that is just a personal opinion.

Hap-POE Halloween to you.
Watch out for 
that might be over your head 
while you are out and about.
The chair is empty but the 
legend lives on.


Last chance to sign up for the giveaway

Sweet Cheeks will do the drawing tomorrow.
I am in Milwaukee today visiting some
babies and their Mama & Daddy.
Catch ya later!
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

God Really Did Make Blue Pumpkins

Okay- I mighta lied a little---
OR---let's put it this way---
God gave us BLUE paint so that
we could make

So-Here it is!
Here is my very own 
that I painted with Annie Sloan 
chalk paint.
I know-I know-
some of you will say---
That woman is crazy-
You may, or may not, be right about that!
While he might not have made a BLUE one
 I am pretty sure He never made a 
but someone in the
Retail World did!
Pretty ugly, huh?
I am working outside doing clean up today
so I may be a tad scarce.
Make sure you come back tomorrow
for a POEtic POEst.
Some of you smart ones probably
picked up on that

So while I am out working
 I want to leave
you with this
that was in the newspaper.

Well, there you have it!
You don't have to get
"all dressed up" if you are just
going to the
Dollar Store!
However, make sure you
if you are going to

Of course, underwear is always optional.

Here is an example of someone
DRESSED UP for Walmart.

ps.  You still have time to sign up for my giveaway here.
You're gonna love it!
Drawing is Nov.1st.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I see that people all over 
do something called 

and tell me what you think of THIS!
Oh- SweetCheeks is gonna kill me someday!
Yes- those ARE 3D glasses!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There's A CAT In My Window

Well, there used to be 
around here.
AND they sat in my windows.
Yes. They. Did.

Here's the thing of it-
we were DOG people
until we got our first cat.

LOL-Who knew we would like
having a cat?
I had them as a kid but never as an adult
until I was in my 40s.

Today I am reduced to having 
on the back wall of my kitchen
above a bookcase that holds
all my DREAM books and cookbooks.
It's by Steve Hanks.
Isn't that a perfect Fall picture?
Thing is- I leave it up all year long.
Yes I do!
This picture has lived in FIVE HOUSES with me
and I always find a spot for it.

I am not kidding when I say
I took 50 pictures of this
and, sadly, this is the best I can get.
Flash bounces off the picture
and there is no way to direct light it
without that same bounce.
Daylight was even worse!
So-here is what you get, folks!
Awful-absolutely awful
but you get the idea.

We had to have our last kitty put down
about 4 years ago.
She was sick and there was no fix for her.
Our little MistyCat.
I still miss her.
She looked a lot like the cat in that picture.

Now- DOWNSTAIRS in my 
Laundry Room I have another picture.
I will tell you that I did not know these were
by the same artist until about 2 weeks ago.
This print has lived in SEVEN HOUSES with me.
Usually in a library area.
Today it acts as a "window" over the
washer and dryer.
One day I really WILL show you 
that room!

SO-No more kitties for us right now.
We hope to be traveling more in the next year
and can't take kitties with us.
AND I don't think it is fair to leave them behind...
and/or alone.

Plus, my daughter and son-in-law are so allergic
that they start sneezing when they hear the word
Isn't she cute?
You've heard of the HORSE WHISPERER?
She's the CAT SNEEZER.
Sometimes when she's here
I call,
"Here kitty, kitty, kitty" 
just to see her start hyperventilating!

I am THAT Mom!
Aren't YOU glad  that YOU aren't 
related to ME?

Have a wonderful Tuesday.
I will be outside washing windows.
No rest for the wicked!

Edited to add:
I may be a bit scarce today.
I have to pick 3 kids up from school.,
feed them, make sure they do their homework
and  herd take them to dance.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Before & After - Come Sit With Me In My Little White Sitting Room

Get yourself a sedative
this is a LONG post!
Matter of fact, I think it is the 
I have ever done.

I don't do a lot of pictures of my house.
It's just not my thing, I guess.
I do pop in little bits and pieces sometimes.
This house had been on the market 
and sitting vacant
for three years before we bought it.
It was the "cleanest" pre-owned home
I had ever seen.
But- it was dated.
AND it was a tri-level.
We rehabbed this house from a
tri level and made it into 
a functioning two story.
It was a long journey and one I won't tell today 
I will show you bits and pieces of my little
sitting room.
This is my little ESCAPE from life.

This is to the left when you enter the foyer.
It is not a big room
12x13 - I think.
I ended up with rose colored accents
in here by a fluke really.
It started with the leaded glass window
that was damaged 
and came out of another house we rehabbed.

This sitting room used to be a dinette.
Here is what it looked like when we started.
This was taken standing in the same spot.
We removed the door and window and replaced
them with a big bay window.
The wall to the right was solid.
We put in a wood burning and/or gas fireplace.
The fireplace is the centerpiece for this room
and for the dining room on the other side of the wall.
The foyer used to be the old kitchen.
Too much to tell in one
SO- we will just settle on this sitting room!
This is a close up of the bay window area.
The porch you see outside is off the dining room 
that is on the other side of this room.
The wall color is a very light cream.
The chairs I have had for almost 20 years
and I still love them.
I did crackle before crackle was cool~
The little table belonged to Grandmother Clara.
The crocheted topper was a gift from my
cousin Marguerite that visited last year.

Along the other wall is the two way fireplace.
This is solid stone and was carved out of
8 or 9 different stone samples.
It was a model used to show what a fireplace
would look like in the different stones.
When I tried to order one they no longer
made them.
I said what about the model?
You don't want THAT!
Yes- Yes- I do.
They gave it to me for a song.
I painted it and it looks great!
Let me tell you -they did a little whining when they
had to off load this thing at the house.
The picture above the fireplace was a
gift from my kids.
The crystal candelabra belonged to
Gramma Hazel.
The lamp in the corner has a cream and rose colored silk shade.
That was in Grandmother Clara's piano room.

Gramma Hazel & Grandmother Clara
were mortal enemies.
It all started with a hat purchased for 
their children's wedding- don't ask.
I love that their things are all intermingled now!
They are probably both spinning in their graves.

The walls look yellow here but in real life
they are a very, very light cream.
The rocks on the hearth 
are from my son & his wife.
One is a huge amethyst and one is petrified wood.
 That little TV is the one I painted white here.
(I know- I know- who paints a TV)
 I escape in here at 3pm to watch
Dr. Phil and blog.
The guest cottage sign is from
Kris @JunkChic Cottage.

The little bookcase was my daughter's discard.
I fixed the back piece and now
it holds my gardening books.
I planned on painting it till I hauled it in here
and noticed that it matched the old window frame.

The doll was made for me by my friend, Ruth.
She was an excellent dollmaker but gave it up
several years ago.
Pouring those molds is hard, heavy work.
She sold at doll shows all over the Midwest.
Her dolls always had the most beautiful faces.
She has her little witch hat on for Halloween.
Sorry- this is taken through her veil 
and so a bit obscured.
This is looking towards the front porch.
This is the same view taken when we 
purchased the home.
As you can see there was no porch there
when we started.
We replaced the windows in the same opening.
and now the sofa sits in front of them.
I will tell you the "sofa story" another time.
MyHero actually bought me some roses.
hmmmmm....wonder what's up with him....
That book is one I won 
from Ron @ Uptown Acorn.
His house is featured in the book.
I love it!!!!
Here are some bits and pieces in the room.
The rose art is an original pastel that I have had for several years.
The children by the beach 
is a giclee canvas- a gift
from my kids.
The piece in front of it I found at a shop
several years ago. 
I like that the kids 
are headed in the opposite direction
of the kids in the painting.
That sculpture weighs at least 20 pounds.
The little church is an original (or so I was told)
by Charles Buchanan.
The sculptured marble plate belonged to 
Grandmother Clara.
It was meant to be mine because the image is of
Diana-Goddess of the Hunt.
yep-that's me all right!
Pillows I love
Heisen footed bowl-Grandmother Clara
Silver tray-Gramma Hazel
snicker-together forever snicker
yes-I AM evil

I think that's enough for one day.
Don't want to put you on sensory overload.
Oh wait- the piano shawl on the coffee table?
That is from Gramma Hazel, too.
Lucky me.
And just to keep it real.
To the left just inside the opening
is my scanner and printer.
That is NOT pretty-but it  is functional.

Speaking of functional.
I love it when someone climbs up into the 
garage attic FOR me!
Don't fall, MrFunctional MyHero!
I might have a few more jobs for you.....
Notice the suspenders?
Those are to keep his pants up
cuz he is so skinny they are falling off
Hope you all have a great Monday.
As for me?
I'll be hiding after MyHero sees this post.
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Sunday, October 26, 2014


I think I told you that Laura is a 
I think there is a certain security
that surrounds you when you are 
used to being a private person.
Cancer takes that security away
and Laura asked for prayers.

On Thursday I got an update from her.
I asked permission to see 
what I could post as an update.
 She replied that I can
post anything I wanted to post.
So, I am posting this email from her
because then I won't have to explain things 
second hand.

If you get queasy reading about blood
or details you might want to skip 
this email and just pray for her.
Just wanted to warn you.

I, again, got home from the hospital yesterday (Wed.).  At about 2 am Tuesday, I started coughing up large amounts of blood.  I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life.  Anyway, a trip to the ER (1/2 hour away) and they slapped me into the hospital almost immediately.   I was really, really down about it because I had just been discharged on Friday and here it was Tues. and I'm back in again (I've spent 29 days in the hospital since the 24th of August).  I had stopped coughing up blood for a while so nobody really knew what to think, but they all seemed worried or concerned.
Everyone loves to hear positive feedback, even Prayer Warriors, and I think all of you wonderful people who took the time, on my behalf, to pray need to know that GOD really does hear your prayers.
Now here's the really cool part..............only GOD could take a bad, scary negative experience like that and turn it into a positive.  Hours later that day (Tues. afternoon), all the drs I have (my cancer dr., my lung dr., my primary care dr. and an infectious disease expert) looked at my recent x-ray, taken in the ER that morning, and compared it to one taken last week and all came to the conclusion that my latest x-ray was much improved over the one earlier.  Could it be that the coughing up of that stuff could have been needed to help get rid of the cyst & infection I am still fighting?  Apparently it was, but even the drs. were baffled.  I'm on these 'horse sized pills' (antibiotics) and the drs were expecting me to get rid of the remaining infection through coughing, but didn't imagine it would take the form it did. scary, bad experience turned into a really good outcome.  Isn't GOD great?  All those prayers everyone is sending up for me are really working!!!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 
I was told yesterday, before they released me, that I could resume chemo next week (if all goes well) and I'm looking forward to it because it was working before this other stuff got in the way of the treatments.  Please keep praying that I stay well and don't catch anything else, or for a full cure if you feel led to ask for that.  Thanks so much again!
Hugs and love,

Please, Please, Please
continue to pray for Laura
whenever you have a moment to do so.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Romantic COUNTRY Fall 2014

You know I usually do a review of 
Romantic Homes magazine.
Well, another little magazine that has 
come a long way is

No I AM NOT selling these magazines
or getting paid to promote them.
I only promote things I like-
for no compensation.

Now this feature in RC is called 
French Essence.
Kelly has a blog called
and I have followed her for a long time!
She moves her things around a lot so her
home always looks fresh and "new".
I love Kelly's style.
Doesn't this look comfortable?
See the plates on the open hutch doors?  Cute!
Also in this issue is
Laurie @ Heaven's Walk.
Under the header of 
the article is titled
 Life Is Beautiful
I found Laurie right after she started blogging
and it has been fun to see all the changes
she has made over the years...from..romantic
to shabby chic to nordic to prairie style with a boho attitude.
Her porch is charming...
as is her kitchen.
I wish they had featured her gardens here.
They didn't so I dug up a picture myself.

A third article is titled
with a subtitle of 
Reign & Shine.
The homeowners are Kathy & Jason Hepton
but I can't find a website connected to them.
But---their house is just lovely.
Isn't this a pretty dining room?
And here is a bit of their kitchen.
I love the touches of turquoise in there.
There is a feature called
Little Girl Dreams
has a 2 page spread.
Christine Torda had this built for her daughter, Birdie.
This is one shot of the interior.
Under the heading of
is an article
Naturally Bountiful.
I am sure you can still find this on the newstands.
I saw it at Barnes & Nobles this weekend.
The cover looks like this.
I think that cover picture is from

So there you go!
Fall is sliding towards winter so 
thought you would enjoy seeing this before
the snow flies.

AND-in case you DON'T remember
this is what winter looks like on
the road in front of MY HOUSE!
I just can't wait!
(oh- I am SUCH a liar)

Don't forget to sign up
for my giveaway here.
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