Friday, May 31, 2013

The Mirror Screamed Paint Me-I Said OK

I met my daughter, Mimi, 
in a little thrift shop.
This mirror screamed my name at
My daughter screamed, too-
Sometimes I just pretend I am deaf.
(snicker, snicker)
My husband has perfected that art
so I am learning from him.

I am pretty sure this mirror was part of a
French Provincial bedroom set.
It was pretty in its time.
Today the top looks like this....
Here's what it looked like when I 
picked it up.
See what I paid?
It hangs just off our entry hall now.
Yeah- don't mind the reflections
and anything that might be amiss-
This was done with acrylic paints
mixed and layered
and then I pounced some gold
all over it.
It kind of has an olive tone.
I like it-
Would you believe I have another
mirror just like it waiting for a 
redo, too?
Next one will be white-I think.
And here y'all thought I was 
just sitting on my butt the whole
time I had no computer.

Now, if you are very good and
don't delete me from your blog list,
tomorrow I will show you 
SweetCheeks and Company
with the mayor!
And, no, she is NOT running
for office...........
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Sweet Cheeks Learned At Children's Church

Our grandkids belong to a 
different religous denomination than we do.
Their parents are doing a wonderful
job raising them up in their faith.
once in a while when the kids
spend Saturday night with us,
 they go to our Community Church.
We have a Children's Church there
that does games, simple teachings and
simple crafts.
(God bless those room "mothers")

So-Last Sunday off SweetCheeks goes to
the Kindergarten age class.
We picked her up afterwards
and she was smiling. 
What did you learn today, SweetCheeks?
I learned Ephesians 4:32
Be kind to one another and forgive
others as God forgave you.

WE were duly impressed so we pressed on....
And THEN what? We asked.

SweetCheeks never missed a beat-
Then it was all

Ummmmm....Didn't you listen?
Noh- I wuz buzhy!
Buzy doing what?
Making butterflies for the other LITTLE kids.
They thought I was the teacher's helper!

(The LITTLE kids are her age)-lol
That's my girl!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


You know~
They say there is something wrong
with someone that talks about 
themselves in the third person....
which I just did!
The SHE refers to ME!
But then, y'all knew a 
that something wasn't quite
right with me anyway....

Sorry I have been gone so long.
I brought you some flowers to 
make up for it.
My computer DIED an agonizing death.
Would you believe I wore all the letters
off the keys?
Well-I did!
Anyway~I finally got a computer
(thanks to Mama's Boy-
love you, son).
It's a little different than the one
I was using before so bear with me
on this learning curve.
At least I can type-
of course, I can't type AND chew gum,
but other than that I am good to go.
I will be up to my usual SASS in short order.
Bear with me as I start getting around to 
visiting all of you.
I have a few projects to share that I 
worked on whilst I was away.
But-now I am back- and
you all are 
once again!!!!
Love you guys- thanks for your
patience and all the wonderful 
emails and comments you sent to me...
along with seeds and such!
Looking forward to visiting with 
everyone again.
whoooo hooooo
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

You know Mother's Day is a special
day for many people.
not everyone was blessed to have
a wonderful mother.
To them, Mother's Day is a mockery,
an injustice because of
 all the hurts they
have suffered.

Blogging is not all sweetness
and light.
There are deep, dark pains
that hide beneath some of
the smiling faces...
aches that are too
deep to share with anyone.

I think this piece I wrote
addresses both sides of the

Mother's Day

Some of us have been blessed with wonderful Mothers.
Some of us have Mothers that were not quite so admirable.

Some of us have Mothers that praised us and adored us,
Some of us have Mothers that never said a kind word.

Some of us have Mothers that loved us unconditionally.
Some of us have Mothers that loved us only
if we met all her expectations,
and even that was not enough.

Some of us have Mothers that smiled readily.
Some of us have Mothers that never found much to smile about.

Some of us have Mothers that~
whatever we did~ it is more than they hoped for.
Some of us have Mothers that
no matter WHAT we did-it was never 
"quite right".

Some of us have Mothers that had a charmed childhood.
Some of us have Mothers that were raised in pain & shame.

Some of us have Mothers that
 need us & want us in their lives.
Some of us have Mothers that are needy
 and we seldom see them.

Some of us have Mothers that complete our lives.
Some of us have Mothers that
leave us aching, wanting and empty.

Some of us have Mothers that stand
on this side of the Great Beyond.
Some of us have Mothers that have passed
 over this earthly barrier.

Some of us will emulate our Mothers.
Some of us will vow to never be
anything like our Mothers.

Some of us are happy and fulfilled,
no matter what kind of Mother we had.
Some of us will never be happy
even if we were nurtured by an amazing Mother.

Today I am blessed to be a Mother.
My daughters are blessed to be Mothers, too.
Today I vow that I will be
the best mother (and grandmother) I can be.

Today I vow that I will love
as deeply as I can those that share my life.

Today I know that I am blessed indeed~
Today I hope that you find blessings
in your own life-
and love your Mother
even if it is just because she gave you life.

~Happy Mother's Day from Me to You~
©Nana Diana 
This piece is from last year.
I hope to be back to blogging  in the next week
or so.  I miss and love you, my friends.  
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