Thursday, June 30, 2016


I know!  I know!
It has been a long time since I posted
about anything except
cancer and death.
Contrary to popular belief
those are NOT my two
favorite topics!

Once we got the old boy cleared of
I decided to run away from home!

My daughter, Tara, her three girls and I
took off to see my daughter, Mimi,
and her two boys and little

We stayed in Indiana a couple of days on our way 
to Florida.  
This was a trip promised to Lulu so she 
could see her Michigan friend that stays
at the same condo complex that we 
always stay at.

Mimi's hubby was out of town
so she decided to follow us south
for a couple of days.

We headed to Gatlinburg.
Now I know all you Suthern' gals are used to
but let me tell ya---
this northern girl thinks 102 degrees is about
50 degrees hotter than I like.
Now-I did NOT go on this.
While the other kids went
I watched Baby Bright Eyes sleep.
Here is what she looked like when she got up
and discovered Mom,
her brothers, 
 and her cousins were gone.
This is what she looked like when I gave her
 Nana's sure know the tricks, don't they?

Did I mention it was 
I felt like dropping a bag of ice cubes
in my bra to cool off but 
thought people might talk if
I started dripping
from somewhere besides
my forehead!

Leaving Gatlinburg, Mimi & her kids 
headed home to Indiana while 
Tara, Lulu, Ria & SweetCheeks & I
continued on to Florida.

Lulu spent a lot of time hanging out
with her friend, Gabby.
I had Lulu convinced that her real name was
GABREIELLA- (pronounced like Cinderella).
She was so embarrassed to think she had
been pronouncing her friend's name wrong
for the past three years.
Finally, Gabby (on the right) 
took pity on her and told
her the truth....darn kid!
That is Lulu giving me the 
'you're so stupid, Nana' 
hairy eyeball.
The other two sisters-
Ria & SweetCheeks
spent a lot of time 
and hugging-
when they weren't arguing about whose turn
it was to sit in the third row seat.

I spent my time reading and watching 
the sun come up....
and the moon rising----
I have lots more to share
 and much to tell you
but right now I have to fix the
old boy something to eat.
This is what he likes best!
Tube feeding sure is EASY---for me!

I've been trying to find these 
Talking Ensures
to keep him company while he
So far, no luck.
Let me know if you see any out there!
I will keep you posted as to what
else is going on here...
It's A LOT!

Off to visit a few of you before
I fall asleep sitting up!
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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Storm Has Passed- Thank You!

Thank You! Thank You !

The scary storm that surrounded us that we called
has passed.

Here is a message from John to give you an update.

I will be back around blogland in the
not-too-distant future.

Here is his message as it appears on 

Hello all. Diana and I are pleased to tell you that the PET Scan was clear and I appear to be cancer free! We are so thankful to all of you for your constant and fervent prayers and support. You have no idea how touched and blessed we have been through this whole ordeal. We have become closer as a couple and we have gained many new friends. We have learned to trust God completely for our health and well being. We have gained faith and belief in the power of prayer. We have been humbled by the love and concern others have shown for us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! In addition, I have been cleared to go back to work on June 28th as a Chaplain at Bellin Health. I will take a new perspective in empathy towards patients, especially cancer patients, as I truly do understand what they go through while on their cancer journey. For this I am also deeply thankful. We would also like to thank the Caring Bridge staff for providing this platform to share our healing experience. We know that all journeys  do not end so well, and feel very blessed that ours has come to this result. At this moment, there are so many others that need all of our prayers. With that thought in mind,this will be our last post as I seem to have made it over the "cancer bridge" as Diana so aptly named it. We hope not to see any of you on,nor need to personally use Caring Bridge for many years. We will now use it to pray for others.Thank You all once again. May God keep and protect us all, may He continue to guard and heal all of our physical bodies from sickness and harm, and may He be with you all.  
With Kindest Regards and Much Love, John and Diana.
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