Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Fairy Friends And Lil Stinker

Fair warning- Picture overload here!

Yesterday's post showed
you the
Fairy Costumes
my daughter made for
my grandkids-
Now...not only did she
make costumes for her
own daughters she made one
for Lulu's best friend,
little MissA.
Isn't it sweet?

The families met at
Heritage Hill for the
Fall Fest.
The sun was still shining when they
went into the corn maze...
And dark descended before
they found their way out.
They traveled down the hill a bit...
And came to the pavillion
where apples were up for grabs.
Remember SweetCheeks getting
ready to kiss the apple?
Well, she went from
Sweet to Savage
in one bite!
No wonder OH-wen
"ruhnned away when I trihed to kisss hims"
Her older sister was not going
to go without an apple.
And Ria won TWO apples..
one for each hand.
Now I don't want to say that Little MissA
is a cheater-dog...
but they said
What a night!
A night that was full of fun!
A night that was full of surprises!
A night that was full of all the good things
childhood memories are made of...
A night that ends with 3 tired little
fairies headed back to
their car...
and home....
Good night Little Fairy Girls.
We'll see you in morning light!

Watch out for this little guy
on the way home...
he can sure smell up an area!
Look at that sad little face...
Nobody wants to play with
A Skunk?
Well, SOMEBODY loves him!
Baby E's Mama is a witch,
you know..
a red-headed witch..
a pregnant witch..
a good witch~
a witch that loves her little stinker.
And it's pretty plain that
 Daddy loves his
Little Stinker, too.
Sigh---time to pack
Halloween away for
one more year.
By the way~
Guess what MyHero dressed up as?
Okay- I mighta lied about that ~
He's a much older Tom than this one.
And that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hallo-Weenie-You Sure Are Cute!

Maybe it's the way
we talk in the
(Never thought I would talk
this way being from PA
and arriving via FL)
But SweetCheeks seems to
like to say
Hallo! Ween~
like she talking to someone!

Halloween or Hallow-Weenie
is sure fun when you are all
dressed up in these outfits
your Mama made you.

Here they are at the top
of the park after
donning their costumes
and getting ready to go in..
Lulu is the Summer Fairy,
Ria is the Angel Fairy,
SweetCheeks is the Snow Fairy.
She told me
I cahn whahve mhy magik wahnd
and mahke it snow at yohr house!
I don't know what you folks on
the EAST COAST did to tick
her off...but she sure rained snowed
on your parade!
That's why I'm staying on her
good side!
They start down the
path to the buildings,
with SweetCheeks
running ahead.
Lulu follows close behind
while Ria checks out the
spooky character off to the side.
(Look at her face)
Here's a close up of Lulu's face
that Mama painted...
Sorry-it's a bit faded out~

Next we have the beautiful Ria
smiling sweetly for the camera.
They walk and walk and walk-
It's a big park.
At the base of the steep hill is
a house with a bench in front.
They sat a spell and rested.
(Catch that?  Spell-Halloween?)
Never mind~
There are lots more pictures to share.
I will share some of them tomorrow..
but will leave you with this one...
While all the girls were dancing and twirling...
was doing this!
Pop by tomorrow to see if she
Kissed An Apple!
Her Dad says it is better than
chasing down her classmate, OHwen,
and kissing him!
Yeah...and then there's THAT!
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fairies Flaunt It!

I rushed home from work
and then to my daughter's house.
There were three little fairies
waiting patiently for
their faces to be painted.

Who are they?
Well...there is a
Snow Fairy.
I am told this is the wind-
that carries the snow.
Mama has been working
very hard on these
They are beautiful.
Mama TPot is
VERY talented.
These little girls don't know
yet how lucky they are
to have a Mom that loves
them so much...
and does so much for them.

Someday they will know-
but not until they are all grown up
and look back on their childhood.

Today they are carrying costumes
to the car.
And loading them in the back..
The girls are dressed in warm layers
and now their skirts and wings
are loaded
 in the back of the car.
The colors are a bit washed out here..
you know me and pictures!
And here they are-
The Fairies
all loaded in and ready to
buckle up but first they
are making faces at Nana!
See if you can spot them..
There is the Summer Fairy,
The Angel Fairy,
and, last but certainly not least,
The Snow Fairy!

They are going off
here in Green Bay, WI.
Heritage Hill is a wonderful
village recreated at the edge
of town.
Wonderful old buildings are
preserved and restored and there
are always
special events to attend
complete with costumed
characters in period dress.
For Halloween
there are games
and contests
Trick Or Treating.
Our three little
beauties will be judged
on their costumes.

Will they get candy?
Will they win prizes?
Will they have fun?

You'll just have to come
back tomorrow to find out!

And if you don't come back
I am sending this one after you.
She can go from
Snow Fairy to
WITCH in less than
20 seconds.
You say you're not scared?
She can't hurt you?
If nothing else she will talk
you to death!
Pinky promise!
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Papa Teaches BabyE To Be A Stoner..

All your chicks that lived
through the 60's and 70's will
get what it means to be
A Stoner!

Well, we aren't talking
No, indeedy, we are
talking about
skipping stones
across the water.

Look at this sweet little
Baby E with his Papa.
He looks up to and
adores his Papa.
Papa is telling him how to
be a
They are looking for the
perfect stone for skipping.

Watch BabyE!
Papa likes to point when he talks.
I call it "expounding"
when he's talking to me!
MamaMimi is behind them
telling Papa not to let
BabyE get his shoes wet.
Men don't think about those
kinds of things, do they?

Okay, Buddy~
You hold it like this!
One big water ring says
that it didn't SKIP
all that far!
Tiring work!
And it is time to head for the house
where we have something
special waiting....
A Treat!
AND-Even better- THIS
And what does Papa
have waiting for himself?
Why ME, of course!
Well, it's a tough pick..
it's either me or
lying around in bed
watching a movie.
Bed wins! Everytime!
Story of my life~
And guess what?
He's not having any of
THESE treats either...
cuz the only stoning he does
is down by the bay.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

SOMEONE Has A Message For You AND A Recipe!

I am at work while
you are reading this.

I didn't want to leave you
without a message
sporting a brand new hair cut,
wanted to give
you this little message...
And after you have said
Good Mornings...
Throw THIS into your crock pot...

Because your family will love
morning, noon or night! is THAT good!
My whole family loves this
soup-even the non-soup lovers!

Wild Rice Soup-Crockpot Recipe
1/2 cup wild rice, rinsed
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup diced celery
1 pound chicken breast
(cut into 1" pieces)
3- 14oz cans chicken broth.
(reserve 1 cup broth)

Put all above ingredients in crock pot.
Cook on low 6 to 8 hours.

20 minutes before serving.
Stir together:
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup all purpose flour

After mixing sour cream and flour together
slowly add :
One cup reserved broth.
Slowly stir into hot crock pot soup.

Leave cover off and cook about 20 minutes.
It will thicken slightly.

Toast 1/2 to 1 cup sliced almonds.

Serve in mugs or bowls and sprinkle with almonds.

Eat 2nd (or 3rd) mug full and complain that
you are
Oh- Wait-That is MyHero's job!
Maybe YourHero will love it too!

SOMEONE said it looks
like sumbuddy
throwed up in the cup...
and I'll just be leaving you with
THAT thought! 
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I See The Light! I See The Light!

No- I am NOT having a
religious experience..
right now....
although that may have happened
to me a time or two in my life~
and I tell my little girls all the
time that the light of God
shines through them.

But this is a different type of
shining through things!

You DO remember my
orange 3 ring binder, right?
Well, here's some more
projects and pictures from there.

I know you have all see the
images of the houses with
all the witches, etc.
silhouetted in the windows.
internet image

This is something
MUCH simpler.
These are made with
plain old tissue paper
that you use to
fluff up your gift packages.

How simple and cute, huh?

And..then there is
which I hope to do with
my grandkids this weekend.

Copy this image
and either enlarge it and print
it out on your computer
take it to a copy center and
have some larger copies made.

You cut the image out of black
construction/poster board.
Then you hold it up to the light
until the placement is right
for the "face".
Then you cut out
the black backing so it is the
same size as the pumpkins
and glue the edges together.
When you tape these to 
your window
it will look like a regular old
When the lights come
on in the house
(lamp or light fixture)
the light will shine through
the cut outs and the
"face" will show.

Cool, huh?

And what else can we make
out of paper cutouts?
of course.
See ya at the top of the stairs...
if ya dare!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

R Is For Rats

R Is For Rats....

MyHero turned his nose up
in disgust.
He wanted to know....
What kind of normal person
wants to use
when they decorate?

Well, I informed him,
was normal.

But THEN I had a

Hmmm...if they are selling
RATS in all the stores...
there must be some other
RAT LOVING people out there.

I found the first one perched
on top of my books
on the table behind my sofa..

Then there was one on my mantle...

Who was joined by a crow...

And one on the stairwell newel post...

Keeping company with
The Pumpkin Fairy
that hangs over his head.

And another out
by the front entrance...

sneaking up on that poor
little unsuspecting

And apparently,
the rats scared the
witch away
because all this is left behind
is her hat.

This crow flew from the
rats to seek  safe haven
in a birdhouse
that is much too small.

Whew...Well, that's all
the RATS I spotted
so far.

But those rascals that
visit here brought me a present.
They said,
Nana, this is perfect for you!

Wonder what the
hidden message is here?
I'll get YOU, my pretties...
Wait til I come to YOUR house!
Yeah...just you wait....
And ALL OF YOU bloggers
better be nice to me too!
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