Friday, September 16, 2016


I showed you the outside,
the first floor and the upstairs.
Today we are down on the lower level.
As you go down the steps
you see the two little
'hidey holes' where the faieries leave
Older kids on the high one
Little kids on the low one.
(they ring the faierie bell outside the house
before they come in).
At the bottom of the steps
you see a small sitting room off the
master bedroom.
There is indirect lighting in the ceiling.
There is a fireplace in this room also.
That is Georgia Chunk Marble.
You either love it or hate it.
Hubby loves it.
Here you are level with the bay and patio.
Our bedroom is right behind the sitting room.
This is what you see walking in the door.
If you look REAL CLOSE you will see a
by MyHero's side of the bed
snuggled up to his night stand.
It must be for me because we have a 
security system in place that would
scare the devil away.
Looking back towards the door.
Master bath...
His side....
Toilet room is to the left with a pocket door.
My side...
Hahaha-scale is not included-
It is set at 125 pounds
so I always feel good about myself.
Jetted spa Kohler tub.
Right outside this bathroom
is a rescued claw foot tub 
with hot and cold running water.
This has seen lots of bubble baths 
for kids over the years.

Going down the hall to the right of the bedroom-
The laundry room is on the right-
There is a stained glass piece built in 
between this and the extra bathroom.
At night there is a light that shines on it
to act as a night light for the bathroom.
Yep!  Still got my old Maytags
that work like a charm.
They are going on 20 years old!!!
Only one small repair over the years.
These are bead board cabinets.
To the right of this room is the bathroom
to use if you are outside and
coming in from the bay to take a shower.
You can see the stained glass window on the left.
John's office is at the end of the hall
and for some reason I don't have a picture of that
in my file here.
Sorry--another time...
It is nautical decor.

There is also a full service kitchen 
to serve the movie room.
This was the main kitchen in the old house.
When we rehabbed the house
we just moved the kitchen downstairs
and added new cabinets.
They are beadboard which is hard
to tell in this picture.
Storage room to the left which is
To the right is the media/movie room.
When you are standing in this room 
you are at eye level with the bay.
This is a sound proof room
with porcelain drywall.
There is a raised stage at the end
that has hosted many 'plays',
and song fests.
The screen comes down behind the curtains.
Facing the other way you will see a
built in serving station with a granite top.
There is a popcorn machine down here
that sits on top of my dad's old oak icebox
that he set up housekeeping with when he was young.
There are more bits and pieces but 
you have seen the highlights.

I am headed to my daughter's house for a few days
and then on to PA for a class reunion 
and to see my dear, wonderful cousins
that I love dearly.

I have told MyHero to 
while I am gone.
Last year he drove my son's tractor 
into the bay
and it can't be fixed.....
You might remember this...
Last week he thought he might repeat
the fun with MY John Deere!
Skinnier guy...
Littler tractor.....
Hey!  At least he was smart enough
to get off before he rode it all
the way in.
I'd say he is improving!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Yesterday I left you
by the backdoor
looking towards the front of the house.
To the left  where the seeded glass panels are 
is where the steps 
lead to the upstairs area.
This old salt greets you in a niche
that is just his size.
If you look to the right you will see
that disappears into the wall
but can be closed off to 
separate the upstairs and guest bedrooms
from the noise of the downstairs.
Also, this area has it's own zone 
for heating and cooling.
Down the main hall I created 
two insets in the drywall to hold
Grandmother & Grandfather Kos's portraits.
Those are the only family pictures I left out.
Not sure why the painting looks spotty 
on the wall-
it must be the lighting/reflections.

I had a hall closet taken out and 
built a server in for guests.
There is a mini-fridge underneath.
To the left that little corner you see is
a laundry chute..which is tiled.

This used to be a bedroom but we are using 
it as a sitting room and once in a while
Lulu sleeps on the 
sectional in here.
There is a smaller bedroom that 
SweetCheeks and Ria
have claimed for their own.
This is the bathroom that serves
those two bedrooms.
The fixtures through the whole house are
Kohler Coastal Series
Those two bedrooms are on the front of the house.
The old master/now guest room en suite 
is on the back of the house and 
opens to a small balcony 
that overlooks the bay.
We used lots of mirrors wherever we could
to bring the bay/outdoors in-
so that you could see the water no matter
which way you were looking.
I can see where I missed a few 'touches' 
here and there..
but it is what it is...
This is the bathroom for the master.
This bathroom has solid brass antique fixtures
and was the only variation from the
Kohler series we used throughout.
You can't see it here but the mirror
and fixtures are also burnished with
antique brass touches.
So---I think that is it for the upper level.

I will be around tomorrow to 
finish up the tour
of the lower level.

Thanks for all the kind comments you have been leaving!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Yesterday I left you at the front door.
Ready to go inside?
The door is open....
When you step in and look up you see
with seeded glass fixture.
To the left- Grandmother Russel's gate-leg table
To the right a hinged bench to sit 
and change your shoes.
Step forward and you are in the main hall.
This is very dark because it is a dreary day
but from the front hall you can see
straightway out to the bay.
The backside of the house is mostly glass.
Step from the outer foyer into the main hall
and to the left is the front sitting room.
Looking in---
Looking out towards the hall...
Across the hall is a small area for the kids
The steps are on the other side of the
and they lead upstairs.
We'll go there tomorrow.
The two little chairs are sewing chairs.
the pale yellow one was Gramma Russel's chair.
The wooden one belonged to my grandmother.
There is a powder room next to the 
Outside below the window is 
an angel fountain
which I will get pictures of another day.

Continuing down the main hall is the
dining room on the left.
2nd shot looks towards the kitchen-
You can see the 
'coffee/drink' center with
the copper sink and seeded glass built-ins.
To the right of the entry hall is the library area.
OMGOSH-- I just saw that tangle of cords!
I meant to clean that up before the pictures...duh....
This is also part of the inner entry hall &
library area.
At the end of the hall is the 
Dinette Area with Bench Seat
Pantry in the back.
All Bosch appliances.
Jenn-Aire downdraft 6 burner range with grill..
To the left is the bar area with copper sink...
Not a good picture---sorry---
The coffee bar area would be to the far left
in the picture below--
with a wine cooler built in under the counter
next to the fridge.
You can see the bay in the background.
I am going to miss this view.
If you came in the kitchen door that you see
to the far left in the picture above
and look towards the front entry
this is the view.
The overhead gives access to the old roof area-
We built out over the old house
and needed access.
I had them do this rather than put
the access in the closet.
The little door is home to
although I heard that they already 
packed up and moved.
Hope we can find them for the younger 
grandkids when we move.
So--there you have it--
that wraps up the first floor 
(I think).
I will be back with 
upstairs and downstairs next time.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The HOUSE is for sale.
It is no longer HOME to me---
It now becomes a commodity--
It will be my loss but someone else's gain.

A home for them to love and live in.

I have never really shown a lot of pictures
of my house.
So-folks- today is the day.

I am going to break this up into a few
posts because I have about
fifty or more pictures.

Today I will do the outside.

Driving up you see this:
We sit below the main road a bit.
This was taken with a drone.
The main house is to the left.
To the right with the little 'porch'
is 1800 sq.ft. of heated garage
that can hold up to 6 or 7 cars.
This also backs up to a cul-de-sac
so that you can get a motorhome 
in and out of the garage easily.
If you were to come in from the water
the house looks like this-
taken with a drone:
You can see the beach---

A bit closer-
A little closer in-it looks like this--

also taken with the drone-
One of my little garden areas...
And, of course, the playhouse....

Walking up to the front door-
And that brings us to the front door...
which I will open for you in 
future post.
So, after the scrubbing and cleaning was done
I ran to WALLY WORLD to get
a couple of things....
It is always 
SUCH a treat to see what
has to offer...
Like bananas and oranges--
seriously- someday SOMEONE is going
to get killed taking pictures like these
Let's not forget it is 
in Wisconsin!
Everyone needs an outfit like this...
just sayin'....
Have a great day!
I'll be back with more pictures
of the house---

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