Monday, February 28, 2011

Snips And Giggles And Birthday Smiles

The Birthday Girl's Day
might have ended like this...
But it started here..
In a cute little place
in DePere, WI
a place of
for little girl's
birthdays. And the little girls
looked like this
when they were
but it was a lot of work
to get to this point...

For one thing..we must entertain

Cousin BabyE

His hair doesn't need curling...

so he needs to find something to do...He loved this little yellow engine..
where little boys sit to get their hair cut..And while BabyE is playing engineer..

the little girls are getting mini-manicures..Lulu got her hair done first.

She wanted tight, coiled braids..

With a little glitter, please...Then she had her mini-mani..Next- it was


She looked pretty happy sitting thereUntil we tell her not to wiggle

because she could get burned

with the curling iron..

at which point she looked a tad nervous..But the saddest part of the whole

day's experience was when

SweetCheeks got poked with

a bobby pin and it stuck in her hair..

and made her cry when they

pulled it out...

(It almost made Nana cry too..

as a matter of fact I can feel myself

tearing up right now)..sniff..sniff...She was feeling quite a bit happier

when she escaped to sit in the

little pink car they use for

cutting little girl's hair.And she had fully recovered her poise

by the time she hit the stage to

do her rendition of the
Happy Dance.

and tried to out perform herself

when she realized she had an audience..

We saved the best for last

Our sweet little Ria..

The Birthday Girl.

Beautiful from birth..

our little Ria turned 7 years old

yesterday...2/27/11She straightened her naturally curly hair

for the day..

only to have it re-curled...

A bit of spray and we

are good to go... Off to the party..

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Ria!
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Little Ria

For some reason
I can't access any
of my old pictures..
the ones taken before
about 3 years ago..
Guess I will have to
call the
Computer Repairman..
otherwise known as
to come and figure that out.
So...for this birthday..
We are taking a short
trip back in history..

Here's the earliest picture
I can lay my hands on
of Ria...
Is this a beautiful child?
That is SweetCheeks as a baby
crawling around..
she looked up to her
big sissy-even then.

And when she was three
she and her sister

were in a wedding that

was photographed for a

national magazine.

This is one of the pictures

that appeared in the spread.

Our little thumb-sucker...

Look at those eyes...

Here she is on another

summer day...another wedding.

She loves to swing

and play outside...She took baths in the

kitchen sink long past

the time she outgrew them...

But...that is just what you

do at Nana's house...Or sometimes..

you just lay around and

snuggle on the down-filled chair..

(everyone's favorite)She is prone to do

gymnastics...even with a dress on...and loves her sister, Lulu,

who seems to love making faces

when the camera goes click...And she loves her baby sister,


who is always good for a laugh...Most of the week she is in school...

and is a very good student..

although the teacher says she is

"very social"

Really? Seriously?

Our Ria?But today was her day..

It ended like this...With one happy little face

waiting to blow out the candles

on her cupcakes...

Happy Birthday , Sweet Little Ria!However,

the fun started much earlier

in the day..

and BabyE was in on the fun...

So~ If you are very good

and promise not to eat all of the

cupcakes that are left,



I will tell you about

Snips & Giggles...

Yes. I. Will.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being Dead Is No Excuse

Tired of Dieting?
Do you eat too much?
Did you ever notice that
part of the word
Die-t (get it)?
I don't live in the
South anymore
but I can tell you
Southerners sure know how
to host a funeral.
Now- I was not paid to
promote this cookbook..
but you can find it
at any
Barnes & Nobles..
or Amazon.. know..
wherever they sell books.
The Official Southern
Ladies Guide to Hosting
the Perfect Funeral.
Today I will share
one recipe with you.
It is the funniest cookbook
I have ever read.
after I share one of
these over-the-top
and you have drooled into
your keyboard,
I will bring you back
to reality..
with a vision
that will make you
lose your appetite..
I promise!
I promise!
I promise!
Here's the recipe
from Page 58
Methodist Party Potatoes
Party Potatoes might sound a bit jolly for
a funeral, but no self-respecting
Delta Methodist is buried
without them.
Note to purists:
If you refuse to cook with
corn flakes..skip this recipe.
1- 2 lb. package frozen hash browns
10 oz. grated sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 pint sour cream
1-10oz can cheddar cheese soup
(do not dilute-Lord help you)
1 tsp. salt
2 tsps. coarsely ground pepper.
Topping: TA-DAH
2 cups corn flakes
1 stick butter
Preheat oven to 350º
Prepare the hash browns according to pkg
directions. Combine the cooked hash browns
with the other ingredients.
Place in a 13X9" casserole dish.
Top the casserole with corn flakes
and dot with butter.
Bake 40 minutes,
or until golden,
crisp and bubbly.
After you've eaten your fill,
ask the Doctor to add Lipitor.
Serves eight.
I promised to take
your appetite away...
Yes I did..
Lose that hungry feeling
Internet image
Because, after all...
a promise is a promise.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Buy Or Not To Buy

We love the Upper Peninsula
The UP, as the locals call it.
We love to go to
Pictured Rocks,
Munising, MI.
While we stay in Munising,
we always take a day trip
to Marquette -about 40 miles away.
Why do we go there?
Well, we go
it is the ONLY place
in the UP that has a
Can you spell
Yep- I am and proud of it.
Thanks, but no, thanks
on the offer for an
AH- I am smiling now..
because I SEE IT.
To get there though MyHero
insists we
take the downtown route..
*big sigh*
This is when I love it best..
I love Autumn in
The UP.
The main drag looks like this.However, Autumn is
short-lived hereabouts
so we also go in the
where the
Chamber of Commerce
promises it will look
like this...
We always drive along
Lake Superior..
from Munising all the way to
we head back downtown
and ride up to the end
of the peninsula..
to Presque Isle..
make the loop and head back.
For several years we
have been noticing
this abandonded building..
and having
sawdust in our veins,
we are always imagining
WHAT IT COULD LOOK LIKE..Lo and behold..
there is a white sign on
the boarded up front window..
Closer, Diana..closer
MyHero shouts..
What does that sign say?
Sign what sign?
(driving a bit faster)
There's a SIGN on the building!
I only want to
I don't want to do it!!!
Too late!
MyHero has his cell phone
attached to his ear.
(He's deaf in one ear-
how do you feel about
people that repeat themselves?
Welcome to MY world!)
Hello (again)
Yeah..about this building you
have for sale..
What ?
How much?
Over a
Are youflippingouttayourgourd?
We'll call back if we are interested.
Geez, Diana..
The guy wants a
million dollars for that place!
No kidding?
I dodged that bullet!
Cuz even WE know..
It's $999,999.00 too much~
Thank you, Lord!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Living With And Loving Lavender

I don't often show pictures
of my "things"..
my home..
my "belongings"
because that is not
is about.
Later on,
down the road a bit,
I might do another blog..
featuring make-overs..
and "things" and "stuff"..
but my blog is about family life..
a history for my grandkids
to look back on~ and remember~
and smile about~
smile about their Nana--
who thought everything they did
was precious and funny.'s blog is a bit of
because I saw this article
and know that several of you
collect lavender glass.
Here's the scoop...Texan Michael Breddin, co-owner of Leftovers Antiques
in Brenham, Texas, has been adding to his
revolving collection of SUN GLASS
for several years. At the time of this article
(In Country Home Feb. 2008)
he had about 800 of these curious lavender bottles,
which started off CLEAR but have transformed
to purple over the decades as the
was exposed to the sun's UV rays.
The bottles were made between 1860 and 1915
and, at the time, were valued between
$6.oo to $180.00.
Isn't that interesting?
Well, I love lilac
(and lavender too).
I have a guest bedroom
with ShabbyChic white
ruffled sheets that has
bits and pieces of lavender
in the room.
There is this plate...
made by 222Fifth...and this one...
same company...and a little hanger
with a crystal "hook"and..
my favorite...
an antique chair and ottoman
covered in lavender toille..
It is ever so comfortable..
and lovely..I keep a throw rug loomed
by my friend's mother
~in white and pink and lavender~
under the ottoman
because it sinks down
into the carpet when the
kids sit on it.And this is one of my favorite
pictures ~
It is an original oil painting
by a local artist..
My hubby got it as a surprise
for our 24th wedding anniversary...
It is more beautiful than
the photo shows..
(you know me and cameras)And this wall hanging..
which I love...

A little piece of tapestry..

And a bouquet of hydrangeas...

amd roses-

My kids know I love lavender..

So, my daughter-in-law,


gave me this saying..

"I thought maybe

you could use this somewhere"
Was she insulted when I

put it in the bathroom?

Nope! Not at all...It coordinates beautifully with

the lavender towels

in that bathroom...
My youngest daughter, Mimi,

handcrafted this for me..

stitch by stitch..after I admired one

in someone's house...

a true labor of love for her

because she is not a sewer..

(was not- is now!;>)

Isn't it a gorgeous piece?

And my oldest daughter, TPot,

handcrafted this vision in purple...who tells me,

Nana- I rweally LOVFFE the ones

that are wrapped in pourpul..they arhe

my fhavorites...Those arhe the ones

I gonna eat. OHkay?Okay...

Well, I guess that means there

won't be any left for me..

because it looks to me like

they are ALL wrapped in purple..

*sigh* The story of my life~

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