Monday, September 30, 2013


I have so many things to share this week
that I hardly know where to start.
I guess I will start with where
we went yesterday.
click for source
Gotta love a pumpkin place.
Especially when you see this
on the news.
This is the most amazing pumpkin farm.
Meuer Farm is in
Chilton, Wisconsin.
Every year we go and one of the highlights is the 
Can you see that it honors Donald Driver this year.
Is that AMAZING, or what?

Here's what it looks like going in-
Well, when I saw that it made me think
of our fairy garden.
If you remember it started out looking like this.
THEN the Queen Fairy got lazy
and let the trolls plant corn there.
After coming home from the pumpkin farm
The Queen Fairy 
knew just what to do.
Snip, Snip, Clip, Clip.
Tis a
Fairy Garden Corn Maze.
And all the sweet fairies can find
their way home.
AND-it won't cost you 
go through this maze.
FIVE dollars will be just fine,
thank you.
I take PayPal, Visa, Master Card
but NOT American Express!;>)

 Wait till you see what the Queen Fairy 
is up to today.
It involves Annie Sloan Paint-
MAYBE I'll show you that tomorrow
OR maybe I will show you
the truck full of Fall decorations
that I stole from the riverbank
OR maybe I'll show you the 
grapevine wreath that 
SweetCheeks made...OR...
maybe The Queen will just sleep in.
click on image for source

FAT chance of THAT happening!
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Prayer Plea For A Peanut

Well, old bean, 
as Tammy  from Peanut On The Table would say.
However, Happiness has been elusive lately.
We need some prayers here.
Some prayers for wise decisions.
Tammy had just gone through some pretty
extensive cancer surgery.
They "think they got it all".
Her doctor, however, wants to continue
with radioactive iodine treatments.
This will make her terribly sick and 
means that her already
 compromised immune system
will take a hit- a big hit.

She has prayed on it and thought about it
and decided not to do any further treatment(s).
We have written back and forth several times
and I would like to ask you to pray
that they did 
"get it all"
and that she has peace 
with the decision she has made.

She is a believer in God and personal healing.
Please pray for her...
and if you like to be entertained
you can always find a bit of fun on her blog.

Thanks so much-
I am off to the pumpkin patch with all the littles
and a few of the bigs today!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013


No time for a long post.
The Giggle Heads Are Here.

I guarantee that this 
will make you smile!

See you later, 
my lovely blogging friends!
I hope there aren't any 
drool marks on my newly washed floor!
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sweet Cheeks Short and Sweet

Here is our dear little
all dressed and ready for dance class.
Optical illusion-
Which is bigger-her head or her bow?

I watched her dance last night.
She is so happy -no matter what she is doing.
She just makes my heart smile.
She can twirl and pirouette with the best of them.
And to think-we used to call her our little
You can click on the image to go to 
Amber Alexander's website which is full
of wonderful whimsical animal renderings.
Prepare to be delighted.

I guess that is better than 
Dancing Bare!
(No images available!;>)

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

French Provincial End Table ReDo

Bonjour or Good Morning
French or English- Take your pick..
Want to see what I have been up to?
Pretty darned cute, huh?
Paris inspired!
Simple and sweet.

It didn't start out so cute!
It was REALLY REALLY dirty
and pretty beat up.
I didn't have any white chalk paint
so I scrubbed her down and used good old
Behr ultra white in a semi gloss.
Two coats did it.
There is no distressing on this piece.
Distressing, isn't it?;>)
I lined the drawer with some 
"watercolor" wallpaper that I 
have had for at least 15 years.
Anyway- I think it turned out pretty cute
and this is going in some sweet girl's 
Paris themed bedroom.

And speaking of Paris~
When MyHero and I got married he
promised to take me to Paris for our
5th anniversary.  
He came through on his promise. He did!
He took me to Paris.
Paris, Wisconsin!
It coniists of a few houses and 
some closed down stores.
How about THIS place?
Now-Look at the top of that picture.
Does it?
Welcome to my world!
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


What does that bring to mind?
Greens?  Tomatoes?  Onions?
Well, folks, this will forever alter your vision of SALAD!
click on photo for recipe
Lulu decided it would be great fun to make 
After crushing the ONLY PRETZELS I had in the house
(this is important later in the story)
we put them in the oven at the recommended temperature
and set the timer.
After about 4 minutes (out of 10) 
I smelled something burning.
Yes -I realize that I misspelled Pretzel-
but I am too lazy to change it now
Ummmm...Remember this was the LAST of the pretzels!
Too late to turn back now because the other part of the
SALAD  is already done.

Well, that means I have to take a trip to the store-
10 miles and 30 minutes later we are ready
to try it again.
Ummm...this time we leave the crust  in less time
and then have to let it cool.
By now the Jello has "set up" and doesn't 
want to spread over the cream cheese mixture.
Now it looks like CRAP this!
And it served up like THIS.
Ummmm.NOT pretty.

I'll tell you a secret.
Want to know why the crust burned?
Remember how I was bragging on my great 
double oven the other day?
Bosch 800 Series - Electric Oven (Double Oven) - Built-in - 30" - ...
I had used the top oven to broil something 
for the kids
BEFORE we started the SALAD.
I set the LOWER oven to bake the pretzel crust.
GUESS WHICH oven I put the crust in?
Hey- I never said I was a SMART cook.
I just like to eat!

SweetCheeks says-
Pass the spatula!
She loves the 
By the way- I have made this before
and it is DELICIOUS!

I'll be around late today-
I am meeting my daughter for a 
fun day with kids and lunch
between my house and hers.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I lied- I was going to quit
yesterday BUT-
You asked for it.
You got it.
What are your pet peeves regarding blogging?
I was hoping no one would ask me this because
I don't want to offend anyone.
But-you asked-
#1- No Reply bloggers that ask me a question.
I try to answer and have to back track through
links to TRY and find a way to answer them.
#2-Word verification. 
It takes SO MUCH EXTRA time.
Sometimes the words are so garbled that
I have to re-enter it two or three times
before I get it right.
#3- Bloggers whose name does NOT appear
anywhere on the their blog.
If you're blog is 
HAPPYLICIOUS and your real name
is not in your profile...and/or you don't
sign your name at the bottom of your blog
what am I supposed to call you-
Happy or Ms Licious?
Please identify yourself SOMEHOW on your
blog with a real name.
#4-No links back to your blog attached to your name.
I think when Google Plus came along and people
signed up for it they don't realize that a lot of times
it does NOT tie back to your email OR your blog.
So, if your are a NO REPLY blogger and 
connected to Google Plus with no profile info
I can't contact you.
#5- Bloggers that are 
There are some people out there that are 
so jealous of other bloggers that they 
leave snarky comments.
I had one anonymous person that commented
all the time with one word.
No matter what I posted-it was CUTE-
even to prayer requests.
If that is YOU-you need to get a life. LOL
You no longer leave comments on my blog
because I don't allow 
ANONYMOUS comments any more!
#6-Blogs that have black backgrounds
with small white print.
I find them almost impossible to read.
#7- Blogs that have super small
fonts that are single spaced
and hard to read.
Sometimes all I can do on those
is look at the photos.

Okay then-
Now that I have that off MY chest
what are YOUR pet peeves?
And please don't say blogs about
Pet Peeves!

Come back tomorrow and I'll
show you what's cooking at our house.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Wrapping Up Answers to ASK ME ANYTHING

Now that the 
are out of the way I will answer the rest of them.
What does your hubby do at the hospital?
Does he mind that I am so open about family matters?
Does my family "get it" with my blog?
Are we on our Second Honeymoon?
MyHero is a chaplain at a local hospital.
(Married to a pastor-me-yeah-no one in my
family can believe it either) lol
He is used to me being open but there are
things that I don't talk about.
Some things are too private or too painful
so I leave those out.
He pretends to hate it when I make fun of him.
The truth is, if I don't tease him
he wonders if I am mad at him.
He is the straight man in my comedy act.
He is also the straight man in both of our son's comedy acts.
Our daughters are much nicer.
My family doesn't really GET IT with the blog
but I find it much more personal than 
Facebook where they have 5000 friends
and only KNOW 10 of them-snicker....
I KNOW my readers!
2nd Honeymoon?  Hmmm..that implies that we had
a FIRST honeymoon.  We never did.

Do you forgive easily?
I never hold grudges. They would eat me up.
It takes A LOT to make me mad but  
when I have had enough I will 
However, once I have had my say
I am over it and no longer angry about it.
If I struggle with forgiveness it would be with
someone that does the same awful thing 
over and over again.

What do I like best about myself?
That I can roll with the punches and deal with
most things with a sense of humor.

If you could change one thing about the world
what would it be?
That no one would have to suffer needlessly-
That no child would go to bed hungry or sick.
That those that need healing would be healed.
I guess that is more than one thing but they
all kind of tie together.

If you could spend one hour with any person
-living or dead-
Who would it be and why?
My father.
He died when I was 21 and I never got to say Goodbye.

Someone asked me if I like light, fun blogs 
or ones that delved into real life problems.
I like both.  It connects us when we are honest
and real because, let's face it, life is 
NOT always FUN.
I do think there is a fine line though between
sharing a problem/talking about life
and not falling into a pity party.
Illness, depression, divorce, death
all REAL problems to share.
There is a lessening of burden when it can 
be shared with others.

Okay- I think there will be one more day
of answers to
and then I'll move on.
Thanks for hanging in there.
Hope you haven't felt like 
HANGING yourself after all these
LONG posts!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Answers to ASK ME ANYTHING

Okay then!
Had enough yet?
Shall I continue?
You know I have to show you at least 
ONE PICTURE from this trip.
Look at this lush little flower. Cute, huh?
Anyway, moving right along.
You sure asked a lot of questions.
Here are some EASY answers to some FUN questions.
What fragrance do you wear?
I know you are gonna laugh about this, Liz!
I wear HAPPY by Clinque in the summer-seriously-lol
Or-BEACH by Bobbi Brown.
In Fall I switch to 
Tuscany per Dona by Estee Lauder

What's your favorite food?
What do you like to cook?
Eating Sugar?
I love French food  but don't eat it often.
Don't snicker but the BEST French food I ever had
was at The Bistro in Epcot (Disney).
I like to cook but I like cooking for a crowd
better than just cooking for the two of us.
My FAVORITE though is baking.
I LOVE to bake-pies, cookies, cupcakes,tarts...
you name it- I will bake it.
When we built this kitchen we put in a huge
Bosch double oven and I love it.
Bosch 800 Series - Electric Oven (Double Oven) - Built-in - 30" - ...
Which brings me to sugar-my weakness.
I went for 7 out of the last 10 years 
without eating sugar.
5 years in the first stretch and 
then off an on for the last  five years-
As of this week I am off again 
and hoping to stay off this time.
Sugar to me is like cocaine to an addict.
One piece of candy is too much 
and the whole box
is not enough.  
I could LIVE on sugar.
My blood sugars are good but 
I know it is not good for me.
So, here in front of God and Bloggers 
I am telling you
that I am going to do my best to 
I feel 100% better when I don't eat it.

What would be the most surprising thing about you
that we don't know?
Hmmmm....A few things
I won the state (PA)
FHA (Future Homemakers Award)
as a senior in high school and they called a 
special assembly to present it.
Ummm...My HomeEc teacher hated me
and had to sit on the stage when it was presented.
I wore the pin to school every day.-lol
I married MyHero after only dating him for
I would not recommend this for any sane person.
I drive everywhere.  
MyHero never drives when we go anywhere.
He reads or works on his computer.
I am not a good rider and 
he is not a good driver-lol-and admits it.

Where haven't you visited 
that you would like to go?
What is your heritage?
I would love to visit Ireland.
My father's mother came to the US from Ireland.
Her name was Rose Owen. 
So, I am English/Irish on my father's side.
I am Pennsylvania Dutch on my mother's side and French.

Okay- Think that's enough for today.
Remember that sweet little lush flower I showed
you at the beginning?
Well, here is where it grows.
Yes- It grows right below 
No wonder it's so lush.

More answers coming tomorrow.
Y'all come on back now, ya hear?
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Friday, September 20, 2013

More Answers to ASK ME ANYTHING

Wow!  Y'all sure have lots of questions
and I am going to answer some more of them.
Here's a few more pics of our trip so far.
We hit Grand Marias, MI
And visited Eagle Harbor & Manistique, MI
Alrighty then:
Here are some of the things you asked.
How do I visit so many people
 and leave comments?
How do I develop relationships with bloggers?
How do I know so much about other bloggers?
How do I get comments?
When I visit someone's blog I READ it.
Usually every word. 
If it is full of pictures of the same thing I usually skim the pictures 
quickly but read the content.
I might mark it to go back 
to look at pictures later
in more detail.
I HARDLY EVER read anyone else's comments
that have been left before mine on a blog.
 I don't want it to influence MY comment
and if I did that I would not have time
to visit so many of you.
If I follow your blog 
you are most likely on my sidebar.
I want to honor every blogger-
not just a chosen few.
If you took the time to write it 
and I am going to visit you,
I am going to take the time to read it.
That's how I come to know all of you so well.
I think I get comments because 
I connect with people.
I don't care WHO you are-
if you are REAL that is the person
I want to know.
I don't care if you live in a tent 
or a mansion because
money and things 
DO NOT define who you are.
I think people respond to me 
because they know that
I genuinely care about them and their families.
I also think SweetCheeks 
has been a good drawing card for me!  LOL
How long have I been blogging?
How do I blog everyday &
 balance life & blogging?
How do I go about blogging?
I have been blogging about 3-1/2 years.
I started blogging after my friend, Jettie, started
blogging for books. I liked the idea.
For the first few months 
I did not get hardly any comments-
some days I got no comments at all.
But, I was writing my blog as a family "history"
so that my kids/grandkids 
would remember things
that happened.
Then, I started visiting other blogs 
and commenting
and following blogs.
I changed my writing style and shortened my posts
because I find short posts the easiest to read.
(LOL-THIS one is getting a little long though!;>)
I think most people just want the highlights anyway.
I take photos all the time and 
I write notes to myself.
I may post something SweetCheeks said 2 weeks after she says it- 
but when the time comes I have the pictures
ready to match the post.
I also do things probably a bit different 
when I write my post.
Once I decide what I am going to write about
I figure out which pictures I am going to use.
Then, as I am writing my story,
I post my pictures
one at a time as I go.

My "gift" if I have one is that I have a wicked
sense of humor-like my father did-
like some of my kids do.
I can see the joke in just about anything
and I try to end each post with a smile.
So...that's about it for this post.
I will answer more questions tomorrow-
keep 'em coming if you want.

Oh- yeah- Someone asked me what is the best
thing I have seen so far?
It's GOTTA be this!
Taken in Calumet, MI.
You didn't expect any less from me, did you?
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Thursday, September 19, 2013


First off- I am going to have to break this down
into a couple of posts.
What fun questions some of you had.
Before I start answering question
 these are some of the things I saw
in the last couple of days.

I will answer one question
right off the bat-
Laurie asked me-
Why are Tete and Jettie NOT allowed
to ask you questions?  
Here is why!
As soon as they saw that they couldn't 
they started e-mailing me.
Here is a sample of their questions!
Do you stuff your bra with tissue paper or foam?
Do you like granny panties or tighties?
At least she didn't ask if I wore a thong!
How many WARTS do you have? seriously, Jettie
When you get up in the middle of the night, 
do you dribble as you walk?
Do you slurp your soup, 
or do you eat it daintly like the rich folk?
Have you read 50 shades of gray?
In the middle of the night, 
when no-one is watching, 
do you sneak food, 
saying those calories don't count? 
Are you REALLY blond?

Now-Do you see WHY?  
These are both very intelligent 
middle aged women
who revert to 6th grade behavior
when they think they can
AND I should have added 
my ex-sister-in-law, Ellie,
to the No Questions roster but I didn't think
her computer was working.

Moving along to the REAL questions!
I had several questions that asked 
How do you keep up?
Well, for starters I am very organized.
That can be a talent or a curse-lol
I sleep 6 hours maybe 6-1/2 at the most.
If I sleep more than that I am groggy,
When I get up- I make sure I have my post up,
I drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee, 
and watch the local news.
I also read any comments
that came in during the night.
I then have a "list" of things I do-
Sweep through kitchen,
make the bed,
throw a load of laundry in,
do an odd job or two like mirrors or dusting.
After I do my little morning chores I sit down,
pour myself MORE coffee
(Donna asked how many cups- 6 to 8 a day,
Awful, I know.  Hey-it's better than vodka, right?;>)
Then I sit down with my laptop 
 and answer any unanswered comments 
I have waiting for me.
If I have time I will also visit a few blogs.
Then my day takes off from there.
I might go grocery shopping or run a few errands
or I might sew or paint something.
If I am out and about
I try to be hone by 3pm and I sit down with 
my computer and Dr. Phil (yes-I-do)
I answer a few more comments and/or
visit a few more blogs while his show is on.
Then, I usually make dinner.
I might then go to kid's volley ball game
or run one of the grandkids somewhere.
We watch a bit of TV and then 
when hubby goes to bed
(He goes to bed early 
because of his schedule at the hospital)
I spend about 2+ hours on blogging.
I am a VERY fast typist-
seriously fast.
On weekends I usually have kids
so just speed things up a bit with
chores and don't spend as much
time blogging.

Okay- That took way longer than I thought
and I don't want to bore you all.
Tomorrow I will answer several more questions
about how I grew my blog, etc.

Thanks for all the questions.
Some are fun and some are crazy
(not mentioning any names Jettie, Tete, Ellie)

Thanks for hanging in here with me
while I am traveling.
Headed East from Munising, MI
this morning.

ps.  You can continue to ask any questions
you might have!

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