Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who's your friend?

Our Little Lucy doesn't like it when I call her Lucy. She likes Ria (prounouced REE-AH). That is part of her name and that is what SweetCheeks calls her. So, from this point forward, Lucy will be Ria. I was going to be stubborn and stay with Lucy-but I want Ria, who doesn't ask for much, to be happy so---Here she is- Princess Of The World- Ria!

Ria is SweetCheeks' favorite person in the whole world-including (or exclusion on her part) me. Ria can do NO wrong according to SweetCheeks.

Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for Lulu because she will say, "SweetCheeks, do you want to play with me?" SweetCheeks normal response is...."NOOOOah-I lwike playing wif Ria cuss hers my friend." Lulu's comeback is always the same-"But I'm your friend, too, SweetCheeks" SweetCheeks gives her "the look"...NOAH...yoah NOT- Yoah iss not my frihend, Ria is my own frihend!" Lulu then looks a bit woebegone and one of us takes pity on her and scolds SweetCheeks for saying mean things. "Isss NOT meahn things....I jusss sayen that Ria is my frihend and I doan wanna be Lulu's frihend and dass all!" By the time she gets through her whole little speech, Lulu has started to giggle. "Isss not funnee eifer and now I rweally NOT gonna be yoah frihend!"

Ria is sitting to the side smiling her sweetest smile because she is in the Winner's Circle. SHE has a friend; she is happy. She gets to play with SweetCheeks. Ria asks SweetCheeks what she wants to do next. SweetCheeks looks at her very seriously and says, "Less play wif Lulu!" Ria rolls her eyes and says, "SweetCheeks, you are crazy!". SweetCheeks smiles her biggest smile, hugs Ria and says, "YOAH RIGHT, Ria-I iss cwrazy!"
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