Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunset Secrets

We invited MamasBoy and TheSecretAgent out for dinner (our treat). While we were in Florida they kept an eye on our house and TheSecretAgent watered (and did not kill) my plants. We were going to take them to a place we like to go occasionally but SecretAgent said that was a NoNo for her. She knows one of the owners all too well and was afraid said owner would spit in her food before it came to the table. Hearing that I immediately lost any burning desire I had for one of their special salads. Instead we went to a little place in the town of Scott. It sits on the bluff above us and is called, what else, The Bluff!

The food is good there and they boast the BEST PIZZA IN TOWN. It's a family run place and when the owner led us to the table I called her on the Best Pizza In Town claim. She grinned and said, "That's right-we are the ONLY place (in the town of Scott) that serves pizza. I love an honest entrepreneur.

As we sat down the sun was setting over the bay below us. It was a beautiful, late-afternoon sunset that you only see the likes of in Wisconsin. I don't know why that is-I have lived many places over the years but there is just something about Wisconsin sunsets that make my heart sing. Maybe it is all the beer breweries that have polluted the skies but, let me tell you, I don't care if it IS pollution, it's a grand sight.

We ate dinner and TheSecretAgent divulged very little about her line of work, although she did admit to having a heckofa day. She keeps her official business to herself but I hate when she gives you those little dangling remarks with NO name and NO place attached. I want to grab her hand and beg her to tell me the details but I am afraid she'd whip out one of her SecretAgent combat "tools" and scare the Bejesus out of me. She did allow that she had one really BAD BOY put away for a long time...pfffftttt...NO name.....NO details......NO insider's knowledge....NO juicy gossip.....okay...let's talk about our relatives instead!

MamasBoy saw fit to tell us that if his good friend, Greg, ever got into trouble they had a plan that MamasBoy would act as his lawyer. You really have to know him to appreciate that! The police, judge and jury would be so confused, and laughing so hard, that they would dismiss the case just to have them out of their lives. Greg, by the way, is ANOTHER MamasBoy....can't imagine why those two are best friends.

As we were finishing up the meal I noticed that MamasBoy was starting to give me the raised eyebrow and chuckling a bit. MyHero and the SecretAgent were deep into a semi-serious conversation. I mouthed, "What?" Whereupon, MamasBoy angled his head a bit. He had been blocking the sunlight from MyHero's face for most of the meal. MyHero never caught on. When the sun struck him in the face he flinched like he had been struck and squinted like he had sucked a lemon. Then MamasBoy would move back into place and MyHero would relax back into his normal look (well, as normal as he ever looks). This process was repeated about 7 or 8 times until we (me & MamasBoy) were laughing so hard we couldn't contain it.

MyHero's head swung back and forth like a pendulum. "What's so funny?", he wanted to know. "Nothing," we replied. At that point MamasBoy leaned back in his chair and the setting sun shone full into MyHeros watery, glassy-looking eyes. "You think you're so darned funny, don't you?" MamasBoy's response~ Yep! I sure do! By now I am cracking up because I am, bar none, his best audience.

Just to make up for his bad behavior, MamasBoy paid for dinner.....and MyHero let him. As we were getting into the car and driving away MyHero said...."That kid just drives me nuts!" Geez....and all this time I wondered how that happened~now I know!
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