Sunday, January 31, 2016


I was not going to post for a while
but God had other plans in mind for today.

My blogging friend, Gert,
lost her precious husband, Tom, yesterday.
He has left earth for his
This is the picture Gert posted
on her blog last night.
The name of her blog is
Rusty is their dog
who doesn't understand that 
Dad is gone.
Late last fall Tom, 
got ill and was hospitalized.
He has always been such a strong man~
Everyone thought he would have surgery
and then be okay.
Gert, as many of you know,
has MS and Tom was such a great,
 loving husband, friend,
and earthly caretaker.

Theirs was a marriage of love and devotion
that made others envious.
Sadly, Tom's big, generous heart
quit beating yesterday.
He got so tired 
that the Lord took him home.
While he is beyond all 
pain and suffering now,
Gert and Rusty are left on their own
to cope with this heartbreaking loss.

Gert in prayer today
and in the upcoming days.
You can pop by
and leave her a message.
It may help ease her pain just a bit
to know how much she is loved.
Rest In Peace, Tom.
We will see you

Thank you all so much.

Tomorrow is the fast for John's health
you can read about that here and here.
Please attach Gert's name to that fast.

Love you Gert!
Love all of YOU blogging friends, too!
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

FEBRUARY 1ST- FASTING For Faith and Healing

You know I have never
had any trouble asking for prayers for others.
However, it is not in my nature to ask
for anything for myself.
I just have a hard time doing that.

A wonderful blogger,
who wanted to remain anonymous
until I put the squeeze on her because
of the great post she wrote about fasting,
Deb-Frugal Little Bungalow
put a call out for a day of fasting on 
behalf of my husband and myself
to take place on Monday - February 1st.
She explained all the different ways to fast.
For some it might be as simple as
skipping one meal that day-
or giving up snacks you would usually have.
You can read the wonderful post
she wrote about fasting here.

Now, those that know me well
know that 
part of my vocabulary.
I think fasting is waiting 10 minutes
after my meal
to eat a bowl of ice cream.
Yep- that's me!
However, I am going to join
that wonderful blogger and 
those that have agreed to fast for us, too.

I will fast and pray for my hubby's health 
and continued strength as he fights this battle.

Fasting is different things for different people.
I am going to choose a modified fast-
on Monday, February 1st!
So glad for these short winter days-whew!

Because I get up very early
I am going to eat an early breakfast
and drink clear fluids all day-
Clear fluids for me are water,
with or without lemon or lime,
and clear chicken broth.

IF you care to join us - please do so.
If it is not something you are comfortable with-
or you have a medical condition or-
you take food with medications...
just wing a little prayer up for us instead.

Bless all of you.
We are so thankful for those that leave us
comments and well-wishes and 
pray on our behalf
and send us their love.

You all are just


For those of you that choose to fast on Monday-
I'll send you an apple pie Tuesday.
I mighta lied about the pie......

I will put up a reminder on Sunday sometime.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

CUTENESS Might Be The Cure!

Even in the midst of illness
there are many things 
to make us smile.

Our youngest granddaughter 
is such a 
in our lives.

We had a special event the 
first week in January
that I will share a bit later.

Little Miss
was dressed for the occasion.
The photographer
 said our little
Anna Ireland (Bright Eyes)
got on the "stage" 
with no prompting 
and proceeded to ham it up.
Here are just a few of the many pictures
she took.

What? What?
Sure I can dance!
What? What?
You want to see me 
Okay- Here I go!
HEY!  Even the
fall down sometimes.
Just ask my Nana-
She's fallen on her butt 
a few times but you won't
be seeing any pictures of that here!

Okay- That's all the cuteness
I can pack into one post!

We have a long day yesterday.
We were at the cancer center for about 
Chemo, radiation, Dr. appointments
and assessments.

Thinking of this cute little face  
kept us smiling all day!
Hope YOU ALL have a great week
with lots of smiles thrown in for good measure!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GOOD MORNING from The Caring Bridge for John Kosmoski

I set up a website at 

By clicking on the link above or
it will take you right to the website.

The Caring Bridge asked for my contact list.
I gave them the whole thing so if you
get more than one notice
please don't send me hate mail.
You know me and 
TECHY stuff!
I barely know what I am doing
all the way around -life included.

Today is the first day of 
John's treatment.
Four hours of strong chemo

I will keep you all posted.
Thank you so much for your 
prayers and support.

I will try to keep a daily post 
(or every other day)
You can catch up there whenever you have time.
I think you have to sign in to 
access the site but it is safe to do that.

I have followed several
"journeys" that way.

We are off and running!
Wish us luck!

ps----MyHero is still 
"napping" with his little buddy
but I will haul him out of here soon!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Cancer Carousel- Round and Round We Go. Update #3

I just want to keep you all updated.
Please do not feel you have to 
leave me comments.
You are more than welcome to do that 
but if you just want to come and read
that is perfectly okay.

I know EVERYONE is busy-
especially after the beginning of a 

I just know y'all are dieting and exercising
and taking piano lessons 
and learning to paint and...
That was LAST WEEK!
Now it is time for the 
to kick in!

So- I have discovered that  this journey
into cancer is like being on a 
The Cancer Carousel!
You go round and round and round-
sometimes feeling dizzy from all
the information thrown at you-
sometimes feeling a bit disoriented
after all the procedures needed 
for effective treatment.

Here's where we are on
The Cancer Carousel..
We are on the innermost horses
trying to work our way out to the outer edge
so we can hop off this 

As of yesterday, MyHero, John
had a feeding tube put in
(yes-that is a good thing)
and a port for chemo/blood work
and they did a few more biopsies on his throat.
Close your eyes here if you are squeamish.
to rig up a feeding
tube for him.
I found a great one on eBay
but he didn't seem too excited about it
so I let it go.
I think it is still available in case
you have someone that is not
quite as fussy about those things as
MyHero is!
They are trying to find the primary source
of the cancer-thus the other biopsies.
IF they can pinpoint that,
the area of radiation will be smaller-
smaller area-less damage.

Starting a week from Monday
he will have 37 days of radiation in a row
(weekends off)
Every Monday he will have chemo.
On the days he feels he can do so
he will go for physical therapy for
mild strength training.

The Cancer Carousel 
continues to turn
and we are just waiting to grab the 
at the end.
It will be worth the ride
at the end!
Thank you ALL for your continued
prayers and support.
You're the best!
Love you guys!

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