Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Sweet The Smell

MamasBoy (yes, it's all one word) was the hit of his pre-school class. Why you want to know? So glad you asked~ None of our other kids ever had the opportunity to attend nursery school but financial circumstances forced me to go back into the work field. His response to that was, "I dunno why ya even have a Mama if she's not gonna be home waitin' fer ya" (yep~we lived in Florida and he was just a lil' bit Southern).

He was a Southern gentleman at 4. One warm & humid pre-summer day I went to pick him up after school. He was in a small class; probably about 18 kids and 12 of them were girls. I remember the number of GIRLS and soon you will know why....but that is a story for tomorrow.

First things first....I went to pick him up and I could smell this strong cologne odor wafting down the hall~ wrapping its invisible tentacles around me. I opened the door and his teacher, Sue Long, gave me "the look"...y'all know the one that says..."Doya know what your kid is up to?"...yeah...THAT look. "Sue, what's that smell in here?" I asked her. She stepped closer and stage whispered, "I THINK it's MamasBoy!" "Really?" "REALLY!!!" "Oh, my!" I haul the little sucker out to the car. He's smiling, happy as a clam on the shore. As soon as we are IN the car my eyes start to smart from the fumes. (Remember it is Florida AND hot AND this was before everyone had air conditioning in their car-Get it now? Yeah-I knew you would! )
"MamasBoy~What IS that smell?" "Mama, that's MrT's perfume." (don't call it perfume around the big boys-doesn't go over well). He proceeds to haul out the empty bottle that his brother had received as a Christmas gift about 3 weeks prior. I look at him in the rearview mirror. "Why, pray tell, would you put that whole bottle of cologne on?" "Mama," he said ever-so-sweetly with his baby innocent face, "It drives the chicks nuts!"

Almost as nuts as he drove me before he was grown....almost as much as he drives me nuts now....almost as nuts as he drives TheSecretAgent........almost......
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maddie/cadesmimi said...

Cute post! Isn't it like a child to figure that more is better? I worked at school for many years, and we had several little ones come to school wreaking of perfume during those years. LOL I am enjoying reading your blog, it's so funny. I'm happy to read your Nana stories! By the way, yes, it was a Vidalia sweet onion parade...having once lived in Fla., you must be familiar with them.

NanaDiana said...

I LOVE Vidala onions! All winter long I pestered the grocer every time I went in to see when they were getting some Vidalas! We finally got them last week. There is NOTHING in the world like a Vidala onion-sauteed-steamed-chopped raw-on a burger-in soup-should I go on? lol

Jettie said...

Blake Farms has the best Vidalias, we've not found any from there this year, yet.

I'm allergic to a lot of colognes/perfumes. Imagine that child getting in your car, dead of winter, and your eyes start watering, head starts throbbing, and you have to drive home. Yes, My kids were warned not to wear Avon, especially, when they got into my car.