Monday, July 13, 2015

The Mystery Of Lucy

I am still away from blogging for a while.

We lost a friend, my daughter moved,

and there are some family happenings that

need tending to....

Just a lot on my plate right now.

While I am away I will keep my

Etsy shop open.

For those of you that 


I DID write a book.
I did not even tell MyHero or my family

that I was doing this until I had a


in hand.

Here is briefly what the story is about.

Lucy was born and raised in Ridgebury, in the mountains of Pennsylvania; an area steeped in superstition. When Lucy was 6 she discovered she had the gift of “sight”-the ability to see the future of others but not her own. Her “sight” is somehow connected to the Deep Woods on the back of her farm and makes her an oddity to other children. When her father mysteriously disappears when Lucy is 9, she enters the Deep Woods looking for answers to questions she is too young to ask. As a young girl, she marries into a religious order and eventually moves to the Valley towns of Athens, Sayre and Waverly . As a young wife, she is terribly unhappy and her life takes many twists and turns- including one of forbidden love, betrayal and abandonment. Her quest for love takes her to Florida and the Midwest, but ultimately takes her home to the mountains to seek answers to age-old questions. It is a story that will touch your heart.

Yes-that is ME on the cover.

That is LUCY in the book.

It is an "easy read"-much like

I write my blog.

I would call it a beach read-BUT-

there is no sex, violence, or bad language.

I don't want my grandkids to be embarrassed 

by it someday.

Although there is no sex -

there is fulfilling romance.

You can order it from Amazon for immediate delivery.

It is $14.95 plus shipping.

Click HERE for that link.


You can order it from

Diana Kosmoski Author

for the same price but I will pay shipping

Click HERE for my Etsy shop.

AND I will autograph it for you-

It may take from one to two weeks

for it to arrive.

I can only ship to the 48 states 

through Etsy.

It is also available through

Amazon as a Kindle book.

Click HERE to purchase as an ebook.

It is $4.29

So far the reviews have been wonderful--

mostly FIVE STARS (thank you).

Wish I could get it in Oprah's hands!

Where is the press when you need them?

Anyway, thank all of you for your support.

I really appreciate it!
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Prayers Please-One Of Our Best Friends Passed Away Yesterday

I wanted to do a fun post today
but life has a way of taking
unexpected twists and turns.

I worked at the VA yesterday.
When I got home there was a message on my phone.
Our long-time friend, 
and almost family, member
Tom B.
 passed away.
 His wife woke at 6am and he was gone..
gone from this earth to a better place...
leaving this world a poorer place
with his absence.
Tom was a good soul-
kind and gentle and loving.

You might remember when I helped
them stage their house a couple of years ago-
You can see that here & here

They moved to Florida after their house sold
and have been enjoying life down there.
He is the guy that I thought would outlive us all.
I was wrong.
He was bigger than life 
and one of the funniest men
I have ever met.
I will miss all his witticisms 
at our family gatherings.
Until they moved- they spent

Please keep Ruth and their daughter, Lori, 
in your prayers.
They will need them.
Tom & Ruth were a special couple-
just like family to us.
If you saw Tom you could be sure Ruth
was somewhere nearby and vice-versa.

I will be gone for a bit.
This has been a crazy summer for us
all the way around.

Sorry to be gone-but-
I will be back soon-----

ps-----No laughs today but I will have
some for you when I come back....
pinky promise!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Papa Gives The Princess Advice

MyHero loves giving advice
to everyone.
Most nod their heads and say
But when he gave
Baby Bright Eyes advice?
 THIS is her response!
She listens about as good as I do!

No time for a longer post this morning.
I had a house full of people since last Thursday 
and some are leaving today.
And now----
I am off to the VA for 6:00AM

I will be back tomorrow with some pictures 
of the back yard and other work
I got done before the 
Fourth of July holiday
will give you a 
a spurt-your-coffee-out-your-nose kind of laugh!

Have a great day!
I will be around to visit when I get home.
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Saturday, July 4, 2015


It is a day for celebration
for most of us.
We wave our flags 
and grill our burgers 
and wolf down our hot dogs.

We stand in line for dripping
ice cream cones
and we stare at the sky
in awe as fireworks 
feed us a feast for our eyes.

We are free.
What a blessing to be free.
But that freedom comes at a cost.
A big cost.

I see it every day I work at the VA.
I see the sacrifices made by men and women
to ensure our freedom.
So, take just a moment today
and whisper a 
to all those that fought for us
on this, and foreign, land.
Wing a prayer up 
for those families left behind 
when their sons and daughters
gave their lives for all of us.

I will leave you with one of my 
very favorite photos.
This was taken on our dock
about 4 years ago when the 
fireworks were
bursting in the air over the bay.
THAT is 

My family is here for a few days
so I will be back on Tuesday 
as full of the devil nonsense as usual.

Have a Happy & Blessed 
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Friday, July 3, 2015

A Few Pictures Of The Yard/Plants/Work Around Here

I am anxiously waiting for my
daughter, Mimi, and her sweet family to get here.
To prepare for the upcoming
I have been working non-stop on whipping 
the yard and porches and flowers 
and the old man into shape.

I took so many pictures but don't have
enough time to edit them all.
There are a lot more pictures
here than I usually post at one time.

So, I will break this up into a couple of posts
so you can get a peek at things.

This beautiful floral came from my oldest daughter
for letting the girls stay here for the last few days.
It sits on the glass-topped cherub "shelf"
that sits under the living room windows
that overlook our front porch.
It sits next to an old Eastlake wicker rocker.
Across from the chair is a swing that the kids
spend a lot of time on when they are here.
I see I took this before I had the bench pad on...
oh is what it is!

If you look towards the road from the swing
this is what you see.
This is right in front of the porch.
Those pillows are NOT staying.
I tossed them there and forgot to remove them for the photo.
Not sure why some of these pictures are so washed out looking...
Hey- Never said I was a PHOTOGRAPHER,
 did I? No. No. I didn't!
This one is a bit better!
This hangs between the tree and porch.
The birdhouse is all wonky because it has
a nest in it and I didn't want to disturb it
by "straightening" it.
The bird flew out in my face and
scared the devil out of me
well, not really-the devil is still
lurking here somewhere...
I think he is downstairs reading
his Bible and praying that I will be a good girl...
This is looking towards the garage 
which is an ell to the right
(which you can't see)
Taken by the base of the front steps.
Next to the front garage doors
 (there are back ones, too)
is this huge clematis.
I must have done something right with this one..
neglect maybe?
Okay---this is the true color...
It's a beaut, isn't it?

Here's another BEAUT for you...
Courtesy of Walmart!
Ready?  SALUTE!!!!!
Is that the 
you have ever seen?

You didn't really think I was going to let you
go away smiling over 
MY FLOWERS did you?

Happy July 3rd!
I will try to visit if I can---
I may be just sitting around holding
Can't wait to see her walking
in that little cast she has on.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sunset On The Bay

I worked outside 
That's three days in a row..
no-wait---that is 
FOUR days in a row.

Yes- I can barely walk now-
thanks for asking.

That means I did not get 
any pictures taken yesterday.
So---At dusk I went out to take
a picture of the sun setting over the bay.
This is taken from my kitchen door.
This was taken with my iPhone
what you see caught in the 
sun's path across the water
is the American flag,
quietly hanging its head for the night.

I didn't notice it until I had
downloaded it onto my computer.
Glorious Old Glory!

I will get pictures today
of some of the things I got done
around here in the last few days.

Yeah---meanwhile for your pleasure--
I ran to Wallyworld for a few 
Fourth of July things.
I found some!
Ready?  Fingers to your forehead and 
Hooray for the RED-WHITE & BLUE 
~and Gingham?~

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Today's word is not just
Today's words are a take 
on how kids perceive things.

My oldest son was pretty literal
when he was little.
Sorry-the albums are in the basement
but here is what he looks like today.
He is SOOO going to hate this....shhhhh....
He'll never even know it's here!
He has been minus the mustache for a while now...
like I said---shhhhhh
When he was four he was watching 
the news with my brother, Charlie.

He came running into the kitchen
yelling for me to 
"Come watch this, Mom.
You won't BELIEVE this".


I go into the living room and my dear brother
is chuckling to himself.

"What is he talking about?" I ask dumbly

Just what he said, Di!
This was back in the late 70's
when planes were being hijacked..
long before all the precautions were
in place that we have today.

That is what the kid heard.
The simple reason is
 to change the tires on a big plane!

Don't you wonder just what else
that we never know about?

Next time I might just tell you about
MyHero and his Uncle LEAD.
You are gonna LOVE that one!

Have a great Wednesday.
I am counting down to the 
Fourth of July here!!!!

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