Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Romantic Homes September 2013

I have been so far behind in my
Romantic Homes posts 
that I know you won't BELIEVE that I
am ahead of the game this month.
September at the end of July?
Anyway~Inside the cover I found this:
Beautiful, huh?
My hydrangeas are all white or greenish-white.
No colored ones at my house-Darn it all!

The cover tells me that this issue is all about
Why-oh-why do I always get the
cover a bit askew?
I have to say that I was disappointed in one thing.
There were no blogger profiles or reviews
in the front of the magazine this month.
I certainly hope they have not done away
with that feature.

What did I find?
Some awesome kitchens.
Pretty romantic and beautiful, isn't it?

Next I came across Bjorg Njosen @
Her kitchen has a cool Swedish appeal.
This is a lovely featured kitchen
 but doesn't give a link
to any particular site.
And, lastly,
this kitchen is not credited to anyone but was
used for the cover shot.
The article is titled
Sweet As Pie.
Speaking of pie.....
I made a pie the other day.
I went to bed early and when I got up
the pie was gone.
Who ate the pie?  I wanted to know.
I dunno- was the answer,
paired with a dumbfounded look.
There wasn't any pie left, Diana.
Really?  I wonder who left
on the table then.
Just any of YOU have 
ghosts that eat in the middle of the night?
I am thinking we might need an exorcism here.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some of us PLAY and some of us WORK

Last weekend the kids came to visit.
What do little boys like to do?
They like to play, don't they?
Age four is a fun age.
An age to learn a brand new trick.
Do you remember the first time you
Flung a Frisbee?

I was a teenager but this boy
is starting early.
 Whoo Hoooo!
Meanwhile, while Big Brother E is playing
Charles In Charge is sweeping....
AND mopping,
Listen up here, buddy.
Look at Nana!
You MISSED a spot!
Where are you going?
Guess I'll have to sweep my own drive
from now on.
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday To My Oldest Son- Mr T

I don't often mention
my oldest son, Mr. T,
on my blog.

This weekend was set aside for him.
His sister, Mimi, her hubby and two boys
arrived from Milwaukee
and joined their other
siblings and spouses,
nieces and nephews.

Mr.T does NOT like a fuss made 
over him.
He runs from the camera like I do.
However, when he wasn't paying attention
I caught him off guard.
Pretty handsome, huh?

Please wish him a happy birthday.
His life has undergone some major changes
in the past couple of years.
I am proud of the man he has become
and, even more importantly,
I am proud to call him my son.

Thanks everyone!
Later this week I should be able 
to show you some staging pictures
of Tom & Ruth's house.  
It's looking GOOOOOOD!!!
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Am Off For The Weekend

I will taking the weekend off
and I may or may not be
  cooking, and cleaning 
spending it with some of
these characters!

See you Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Update on Beth Marie.
See the original prayer post here.
The message below is from Ramblinon's blog:
Her link is on my previous post here.

Please continue to pray for her.

Up Date on Beth 26 July 2013 @7:23 PM

Beth's sister called to say Beth had a really bad day and morning especially.  She had a lot of pain.  Our prayers will and are upholding her.  I had an urgent call to pray for her just about the time she was having her worst times this morning and I did so immediately.  Let us pray that Beth will feel the Presence of Our Lord with her because He is, as the Holy Spirit, within her as she is a believer. He promised He will never leave us.

That was my prayer, largely for her comfort.  Her sister told me that Beth did go to 
surgery to get the pins out and that she is still in recovery. 

More if I learn more.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

I Gotta Pea-I Gotta Pea

Want to know what ELSE I got?
(yeah- I know- poor English skills!;>)

I have mostly perennials this year .
I only got around to planting a few
This one is in an old copper wash tub.
Yep- It needs deadheading.
Want to know what ELSE I have?

I have some gorgeous hosta plants.
I have some BLUEtiful Columbines.
I have some plants waiting to bloom.
Phlox, I think.
And....You know what ELSE I got?
I gotta PEA!
One lone little pea plant.
Where the heck did THAT come from?
So, when I rush into the house saying
everyone scrambles to clear a path
so I have a clear shot to the 
powder room.

If you don't know WHY-well, if
you live long enough you WILL know.

Remember the kid's song?
I got a carrot
I got a yam
I got a green bean fresh not from a can
Got a potato and as you can probably see
I also got a pea.

I got a pea, I got a pea
Why is everyone laughing at me?
So if you find a little pea
On the Floor after I leave
I think it probably belongs to me.

Yeah- Got it now?
Have a great Friday.
See you LATE today-
still working at Ruth's house.
We're finishing up the kitchen today.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Much Is That Hutch In The Window?

That title should be sung to the tune of
How Much Is That Doggy In The Window.
Some of you kids are too young to remember that song.
I'm too young, too!  
Okay- I mighta lied about that fact.

Anyway-I promised you more pictures of
things going to the auction house 
from my friends Tom & Ruth's home.
Just a peek at some of their pieces.
These boxes are packed full of
collectibles and labeled inside.
Think of a box of crystal candlesticks
and a box of vintage Halloween items
and a box of Fireking
and maybe a box of collectible dogs 
from years gone by.
There were at least a dozen of these decorative boxes

And totes-
We had totes and boxes full.
Think decorative kitchen ware
and bluebirds 
pottery head vases.
like the one pictured below.
you can click on image to see more of them
And furniture.
Pieces from the 30's and 40's
And curio cabinets
Those are wood church chairs to the left.
There is so much more but I will leave you
with their beautiful 
Chippendale dining room set.
It is a huge china hutch and was full to the brim
of beautiful china and collectible pieces.
Do you LOVE Chippendale?
I told MyHero I was sighing over 
the Chippendales at Ruth's house.
 MyHero's hackles rose.
I told him that these  
Chip'n'Dales are a lot more
MY SPEED these days.
Yeah- Sad but true!
And besides that-
MyHero is squirrely enough for me.
(yes- chipmunks can be squirrely)
Come around tomorrow-
I have some more fun in store
for you!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Please Pray For Beth Marie

Somehow Beth Marie and I found each
other in blogland.
Her blog is 
She is just the sweetest woman.
She lives alone but never seems lonely.
she had surgery for 
CANCER to be followed immediately
by a radiation treatment.
Cancer, that dreaded disease
that hides and jumps out
and lays claim to our lives.

This is the only picture of her
that I could find posted.
I know she is scared and worried.
I am sure she is in pain this morning.
We need to pray her smile back.
We need to pray that her pain is not in vain.
We need to pray for a healing for her.
And, after you are done praying,
could you please pop over here
and wish her well.
Thanks- You know I love how you 
always come through with prayers and love.
Y'all are THE BEST!

ps. Tomorrow I will pick up where I left of
and show you some of what is going to
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ain't Got No Junk In MY Trunk

HA!  It's not even MY trunk.
It belongs to my friend, Ruthie.

I think I left you hanging
a few days ago.after
I promised a peek at what 
was inside some trunks
at Ruthie's house.

Ready to see?
Well, I am only opening ONE
this morning!
But both trunks are FULL of the same thing.
It's a bride and groom.
No! Not a REAL bride and groom, silly.
It's a set of Storybook dolls.
It's a whole trunk full of 
The other trunk is full of antique dolls.
LOTS of antique dolls.
I have SO MUCH MORE stuff to show you
I have to get going.
There is lots to do.
If you are good-
very, very good-
tomorrow I will show you
some of the stuff that went 
out the door to the 
auction house!

Got any junk in
YOUR trunk?
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Why MyHero is NOT Allowed To Decorate

When I came home after being
gone for a few days
I found the kitchen in pretty good order.
The counters were wiped clean.
The sink was empty.
The island had one of my cake domes on it.
I have three of them.
I smile expecting something pretty.
like this....
What IS that?
WHAT is in my cake dome?
Yes-Look closer!
It's Yo-Yo's-
And, THAT, ladies, is why
MyHero IS NOT allowed to decorate!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Romantic Homes Review- August 2013

I don't know about you but I
get a huge kick out of opening
a magazine that I have been perusing for years
and find that , since I started blogging,
I KNOW some of the people
that are featured inside the cover.

These are in no particular order...
just how they loaded up for me today.
First up is Mary Ellen's
There's a six page spread.
Her blog is beautiful and she has
a knack for beautiful displays.

Yep- Here is the August Cover
It's as gorgeous as ever!
Oooops- I see it scanned in a little askew...sorry 'bout that!
And that 
darned girl that seems to be in every
magazine I open 
sweet darling, Elyse from
is in this month again- She does such 
beautiful craft work and has an 
artist's heart and eye.
She has THE CUTEST projects!
Do you know Jane from
She is a dear, down-to-earth person.
She has a city home and a lakeside home
and moves back and forth effortlessly.
She's a good shopper and a good cook
and shares her love of both on her blog.
(that was an old line attributed to Cary Grant)
 wants you to know she has
a very nice bust!
What?  Well, of course NOT-
I am talking about her 
~Miss Begonia~
Isn't she lovely?
Wish I had a bust like that!
I could, you know!
With plastic surgery......
Happy Sunday-
I am gone most of the day
but will try to catch up tonight.
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me

A little birdie told me
that there were some
hidden in Ruth's house.
Was that little birdie right!!!!
She gave me a set of these.
They are the sweetest little
dishes ever!
My camera was all clouded
up from the humidity-
this was the best of them all.
Here's the markings on the bottom
MyHero popped in to see how
things were going.
He said he couldn't stay because
he had a job to do-
at home.

We decided to quit early because
everyone was tired out
AND we can't do much more
until the auction house makes
a pick up.
I get home unexpectedly early.
Guess what?
Here is how I found MyHero.
In front of the TV-
eating the last piece of 
chocolate birthday cake and 
watching a movie about
Jackie Robinson.
I guess that 
"little birdie"
forgot to tell me that 
he got a new job as a
Boy-wish I could get a job like that!
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Roses And Tansy And Mallow Oh My!

Look what I discovered 
along the fence line!
If you remember a couple of months ago
it looked like THIS-
A little later it looked like this~
So-God smiled down and this is what happened~
A little ray of sunshine to make me smile.
Next to it is Tansy.
White as it blooms and yellow as it matures,
Kinda like my hair only in the reverse!
Mellow Mallow
Speaking of MALLOW
Remember the Mallow Man?

I like him so much I found a T-Shirt with him on it..
I was thinking of wearing 
it around.

Just kidding!
Imagine ME in THAT shirt-
Marshmallow woman?
That would make some eyes roll!;>)

Have a happy, sappy day.
I'll be around late today...
We are moving and shaking
as we pack up Ruthie's house!
She has called me several names
under her breath but I pretend
not to hear her because I know
She loves me.
Tomorrow I will show you 
some progress in the packing.

ps....This is what 98 degrees
looks like over the bay.
Can you see the haze across
the way?
It is HOT, baby....HOT!
Kinda like MyHero was 40 years ago.
Shhhh-he still thinks he is pretty hot stuff.
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