Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Dear- Oh Dear- Oh Dear!

Oh Dear!
I am SO very far behind.
I need to take a blogging break
so that I can finish shopping,
and wrapping~ and cooking, 

I would hate to have 
Crying Grandkids on Christmas morning
because Nana couldn't quit blogging
long enough to make 
Christmas special for them.

So, bear with me.
I will be back soon to show you
what I made for 

I just don't want to post those pictures 
before Christmas.

So...I will leave you all with a very
Merry Christmas.

And...just so you know 
what has happened here
 it appears we might have had a 
little miracle of our own.
Can you BELIEVE it?
I guess I missed the wedding completely.
Barbie- Don't roll your eyes up like that-
like you had NO CLUE what was gonna happen.
As you can see-the nut doesn't 
fall far from the tree.
That kidelf looks pretty naughty to me!

Anyway- Have a blessed few days and I will
be back soon.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santas Santas Everywhere And Not A One To Spare & Oh! That Elf

Yes- I do have a few Santas left
after I gave away my collection last year.
My four adult children snatched politely picked 
out their favorites before 
their siblings could take one
they wanted.
There were no arms broken in the process.

However, I kept a few of my favorites.
Here is one I got from a co-worker many years ago.
Isn't he pretty?  The little wooden box is a miniature cedar chest
that belonged to my Mother.
The little basket in front was sent to me by a dear blogging friend.

I also love this Santa.
He sits on the little Paris table I painted last year.
He is more folk-artsy.
Here is what keeps him company.
A bird's nest in a cloche and the mix sign 
from the old stockyard my Dad took me to when I was a child.
There is a sweet bird painting by my friend, Laurie.
Yes- I know you can see the "wires" -
That's a No-No I am told.
Close your eyes and ignore them , okay?
Forgive the lighting. 
I am using a different camera and 
can't figure out what I am doing.
No- It has nothing to do with being blond!

Here are a couple more Santas that I 
painted on slates back in the late 80's.
I think I saw these images on Christmas cards
and copied them as best I could.
One more
Again-sorry about the lighting.
I will never get the hang of it.

AND-Just so you know,
just when I thought things were calming down in
There seems to be a new development here, folks.
Isn't there an old song called
Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

He's a fast mover!

Pop in tomorrow for the continuing  soap opera saga of
As The Elf Turns Bad

I will be sewing today!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

SOMETHING SPECIAL Is Going On Around Here!

I don't know about you
but I have been REALLY busy!
I was going to post a list of all the running
I did this week but ....
EVERYONE is busy this time of year!

I will have some dance class pictures 
for you and some 
pre-school program pictures
in the next few days.

However, today I am working on
Can you guess what it is?
Well, I have to have SOMETHING SPECIAL  to go with these!
And something REALLY SPECIAL to go with THESE!
I have some SPECIAL fabrics 
that I have tucked away.
Yep!  This is a LABOR OF LOVE for 

Want to know what ELSE is SPECIAL?
Do you like to drive around and look at 
Christmas decorations around town?

We do, too!
Do you want to see 
It's a feast for the eyes!
No This is NOT MY HOUSE!
Thanks for asking.

Here's today's question.
a)Is the red house in front leaning to the left?
b) Is the house behind it leaning to the right?
c) Both A & B are correct.
d) I don't care! I want to see what that
    crazy elf at your house is up to.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Papa's Back Went Out- Poor Papa- Heaven Is Watching

I picked Sweet Cheeks up from
school the other day.
She came out all smiles.

She had an assignment to write a

She chose a get well letter for Papa
because his back has been bothering him.
Here is what it says:
Remember-This was supposed to be a letter to SOMEONE.

The letter reads:
Dear sumone.
I hope you fell better soon!
And if you are going to die 
I hope Hevin is rete for you!;>)  

(Dear Someone- I hope you feel better soon!
AND if you are going to die
I hope Heaven is ready for you)

As you can see there are three angels
there to escort him to the 
Hevinly gates!

I hope he takes that 
danged elf with him!

Hope you have a great day!
I am off and running until late
tonight-so don't think I have
abandoned you- I'll be back tonight!
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Please Please Pray For This One Month Old Baby

I just got home from a late meeting
and had an email asking if I would
post a prayer request for this sweet 
little girl,  Kalea.

asked me to request prayers for Kalea.
Kalea's grandmother and Roxy are 
good friends.

Here is what Roxy wrote:
Hello Sweet Blogging Sister's

Please help!
This sweet precious little girl needs prayer!

Her name is Kalea.

She is one month old.

She has a vitamin K deficiency.

Her symptoms;

Bleeding on the brain.

Seizures that have been controlled by medication.


Retaining fluid

Kalea's Momma and Daddy 

have asked for prayer!

Please pray for this sweet baby.

We experienced a miracle two weeks ago

thanks to the blogging community

that prayed for our little CJK.

Please pray that God would heal this

 dear sweet little girl completely


provide peace for  her parents

and grandparents.

This is the first grandchild so

you can imagine what they are 

going through.

Thank you so much-I know that

many of you believe in


and that is what I am praying

for right now.

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A Santa I Painted And Elf Turns Peeping Tom

I have 500 things to show you.
Okay- I lied- I might have 100 things to show you
but I am running out of time here, folks.
Today will be short and sweet 
because I am off and running for the day.
I have this little Santa crock that I painted back 
in the 1980's.
It sits in our first floor powder room.
I copied the idea from somewhere I am sure.
The chair is one my kids sat on when they were little.
As you can see,
the chair and the crock got a bit banged up
over the years.

Now as I was sitting having my coffee 
and minding my own business-
the Elf on the Shelf jumped down
from the tree.
I followed him blindly like 
any other dumb blond
would do.
Where is he headed?
Say it isn't so!
Why did I get the NAUGHTY elf?
Can you believe this?
He's a shower peeper!
MyHero is NOT gonna be happy about 
No sirree bob!
That elf is gonna be in BIG trouble now!
You should have seen the one he 

Elfie better hide REALLY good 
when MyHero gets home from work...
and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Have a great day.
I am trying to get around to visit
as I can.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Let It Snow- Let It Snow- Let It Snow- Let It Snow- INSIDE

What do you do when the weather is 
too cold and miserable to go outside?
Well, at OUR house we bring
the snow INSIDE.
Yes. We. Do.
Two weeks ago today this was one sick
little boy.
Today he is sitting here and preparing to 
play with snow for the first time.
He's not quite sure he wants to touch it.
Tentatively he reaches out.  
What is this cold white stuff?
Oh- Yeah, Baby- This is COLD!
Look- He has a helper-his cousin, Ria.
He DOES NOT like the snow sticking to him.
This little boy eats ANYTHING but he is 
offering Daddy the first bite.
Ria had so much fun watching him play.
She is such a good girl and she loves to 
hang out at Nana's house.
She is our only little girl with "smiley eyes"
She is always smiling.
Do you know what makes ME smile?
The idiots people in this family that
 snowmobile no matter 
how cold and miserable it is.
Does it look COLD out there?
Do you think I want to freeze to play in the snow?
No. I. Don't.
That is why I bring the snow inside!

Looking to warm up now are you?
How about this?
It makes me so cold I could cry.
It's called a 
You can get yours here!

Have a great day. 
I am out of town on business all day but
I will check in when I get home.
Behave yourselves.
The Elves are watching!
You might see what MY elf
is up to tomorrow.
You won't believe it!
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another Mark Roberts Fairy Hanging Around

From the main level of our house
you go up a few steps to
the old master bedroom and
two other guest bedrooms.
There is a sliding pocket garden door
that closes the upstairs off 
for heating and cooling purposes 
when no one is up there.
When we rehabbed this house
we had them build in a seeded glass
side wall and at the end of that
there is a block provided to 
hang a fairy.
The fairy changes with the season 
but each one is a 
Mark Roberts Fairy.

This is the Christmas fairy that hangs
there every year.
Isn't he dear?

This is a wider shot of that wall.
Do you see the two little hinged doors?
Well, when the grandkids come to visit
they ring a "fairy bell" that is outside our door.
The fairy flits down and brings them a sweet
little treat of some kind.
It is always a surprise to open the door.
Since I took these pictures a couple of
days ago the good fairy made a small change.
There seems to be some "confusion"
about which "hidey hold" belongs to
Well, now it is obvious-
She is a GULL (girl) and her cousins
are BUOYS (boys).
Never again will SweetCheeks eat
her boy cousins' treats by "mistake".
(gulls/buoys-we live on the waterfront-get it?;>)

Anyhow~They never know what the treat will be.
Today it's a Tootsie Roll Pop.
You just never know what that fairy might 
leave there for them to find.
But it is NEVER anything BAD-
Unless THE ELF is involved!

If I've told him once I've told him a hundred times-

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's A White White Mark Roberts Fairy World

What a whirlwind week
this has been.
I've been shopping
and wrapping presents
and drinking lots of coffee
for energy.

I am surrounded by fairy helpers
but I will only show you one today.
This one is hanging over my
kitchen table.
As you can see when I move back a bit
the landscape LOOKS cold!
Yep- We have snow.
We also have temperatures that are
barely above ZERO!
The fairy doesn't seem to mind though.
I love his sweet little face.
You can see the cold little winter playhouse here.
Does the cold make you tired?
It makes ME tired.
Apparently, it makes MyHero tired, too.
It seems he has fallen asleep whilst reading.
Luckily for him Elf and his new friend joined him
BEFORE the book fell down and 
clunked him in the head.
I'm blaming it ALL on that elf!
Just so you know-
It might, or might not, be dangerous
to fall asleep when I am around.
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me- I'm Not Dead Yet- But If I DO DIE------

This will be short today.
It is good for

Last night my family and I went to
Olive Garden to celebrate
my birthday.

Lulu gave me a beautiful barrette.
My daughter gave me a lovely scarf and 
gloves with some bling on them.

SweetCheeks and Ria gave me a
to wear on my coat.
Sweet Cheeks said she picked it out herself.
SweetCheeks:  Is that REAL diamonds?
Me:  No-but I love it.
SweetCheeks:  Nana?
Me:  Yes, honey?
Nana, when you die you can give that 
to someone else cuz 
                      I don't want it back!                     
Me:  Thanks, SweetCheeks!
SCheeks:  You're welcome, Nana!

I thought MyHero was going to 
choke on his salad.
On the way home MYHERO said:
Those girls are really gonna miss you
when you're dead!
yeah-Thanks- I so needed to hear that!

PS. Today is Friday the 13th so
(as SweetCheeks calls it)
don't leave the house...
unless it's on fire.
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Please Don't Hang Me" Cried The Gingerbread Man

You know how a front door says 
when you come in?
Those sleigh bells are off the horses my 
father drove as a young man.
So -there's my 
Happy Hello!
BUT I like my door to say
when someone leaves, too.

And I like to say it NICELY
Unlike some people that will say-
Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

How do I do that?
I let my visitors take a little memento
of their visit with them.

It is called 
Cut and Run Take

Here they are my sweet little
hanging in a row.
Here's how to make this sweet little door hanging.
Roll out Saran Wrap about 2 feet longer than the side of your door.
Lay your Gingerbread Boys in a line on the center of the plastic wrap.
leaving about 4-6" between them.
Flip them upside down making sure that they
are still in the center
Pull the plastic wrap to the back
overlapping it so they are enclosed all the way around.
Gently flip them over and using ribbon
tie a knot above and below EACH one.
Hang some children's scissors on 
some curly ribbon from the top
to cut the saran wrap.

When you cut them apart 
you will cut between the ribbons 
leaving each one fully encased in plastic wrap.

Here I am making a cut between the ties.
You start with the bottom one and 
each person can cut off a gingerbread boy 
to take along when they leave.
I hung them on a nail hidden on top of the door jamb.
shhhhh-MyHero hates nails anywhere
I dressed the top with some greenery and red balls.
I love those Gingerbread Boys, don't you?
Sometimes I even feel sorry for them.
Poor things.
pinterest image
The one on the right hears about like 
MyHero does-especially when it comes
to trying to get a chore done!

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