Sunday, December 9, 2018


Good Morning-

Thank you all for the 
prayers for the family
of a man we all loved.

In light of everything
going on this time of year,
I am taking a break
from blogging for a bit.

This is NOT a 
I will still pop in and out of
& I will still 
do posts for the business-

I am well but in a bit of limboland
with our move and 

I will be back soon
and promise to give you at least
one laugh per post.

Have a wonderful 

Love to all of you~

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Friday, December 7, 2018


We were among the lucky ones
that knew him in life.
John and I are just two of the souls
he touched with his wisdom,
support, and guidance.

He was kind when he needed 
to be kind,
and tough when he needed to be tough.

When he wasn't with his family
and those that he loved,
he was happiest on the
golf course.

Today-This is how I choose 
to picture him--
enjoying a little 
Heavenly Golfing.
I sure hope he had time 
to read this book...
I loved Jerry and would
always tease him after church
because he managed to work
SPORTS into 
Yes-he did! Seriously!!!

Jerry always said I had a 
so, I expect he would
appreciate my way of saying
Good-bye to him here.

Please keep his family in your
prayers-and-as always,
if you are not a person of prayer,
please wing good thoughts and
healing wishes their way.

I hope you all have a wonderful
Ours will be happy/sad as we
all move forward and
"let go and let God",
as they say.

RIP, Jerry Price.
You were a man among men
and your legacy will reach
farther than you could ever
have imagined.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018


This is a very hard post to write.
This man is soon to leave our
earthly realm
where he will be healed and whole again-
at least that is my belief.

He has been instrumental in healing
the hurts in so many 
hearts and minds, my own included.
All of us had
hoped and prayed for a
healing of his body.

Cancer has ravaged his body
but not his spirit.
This is his post  on FB from the 4th.
Last night I told my brother and family members I was going to see Jesus. That was true. Its exactly how I thought and felt. And it still is.
But I said the unsayable to my family and it was about time my desire to see JESUS takes precedence but hear this. Judy and I aren't giving up on fighting to live in the now. We're not planning to abandon the commitment to work hard to live!
I want everyone to pray Gods will be done and I am ready to be called HOME to see Jesus. If you were to actually see my emaciated body you'd wonder how I'm even here. But God is going to make the final call.
Quite an emotional roller coaster. Hard. Dark moments. Bright moments! Alive moments.
Just had a group of men in my room. Tremendous encouragement to live but permission to leave and see my LORD.
Thank you for standing and fighting that battle with Judy and me.
Love you! Gods Will be done and he gets the glory.
My daughter just texted me and said
that he is failing fast and it is just 
a matter of time now.
Originally he was given months.
Today that is shortened to hours and days perhaps.
His daughter is in Australia and
struggling to navigate traveling to AZ.
Other family is in the midwest.
Their bodies are absent but their hearts
are with their dad, grandad, uncle.
Jerry has been a pastor his whole life
and given of himself unconditionally.
He would want me to tell you that he
was a 
(and always beat MyHero).
He would smile reading this.
Soon he will be smiling with the angels.
I told him there is a great 
golf course in the sky where he will
ALWAYS have a perfect game.
God bless you, Jerry Price!

Please pray for his wife, Judy,
his daughters, his son and all the rest 
of his family.
If you are not a pray-er, please
wing your good thoughts and 
wishes toward them.
God bless you, Jerry.
Our loss will be Heaven's gain.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Now-I am not saying that some 
of you gals are crazy but.....
So here were your choices!

Let's see where you are sitting, okay?

Table #1-Green Green Wants To Be Seen
You all loved the green!
Arlene, Lauren(only here because of the napkin rings)
Jettie (my "sistah" thru the internet- we go way back-to the old MSN groups), Moontides(bear with her she is new here and doesn't know that you can only pick ONE table), Missy (always trouble), Brenda, Sandra, Dewena, Dawn~ 
and you are the lucky table
to have THE COCKTAIL KING, Ron!!!!
sitting with y'all!

Table#2-Rustic Modern
Katie, Petie(likes it but is complaining about the purple and gold and wants pink and gold-always one, folks), 
Sandi, Kim(doesn't like the table but likes the room),
Debra(she's easy-no complaints),
Stephanie(wrote a book before making up her mind),
bobbie (hates the yellow and complaining about no champagne),
Sally, Susie, 
Lisa(whining about the flowers @ Table 8 
& the wild group at Table 6)
Nancy(complaining about the chairs before she even sits down)

Moving along to:
Table #3-A Rose For Everyone
Here we have Billie Jo, Tonya, Jessica & Carol.
(Not a single whiner at the table)!!!

Table #4-Blue For You
Sweet Louise and Rose,
Sandy Y, Donna &
Dear LV-(here because it reminds her of Elvis)
Do you think I should tell her my grandboy
named his dog Elvis?...but they call him Bo.
Don't ask- our whole family is screwed up!

Table #5-Silvery Snowflakes
Here you will see Rain (don't you love the name)
Jenny, Theresa, Lisa M & Sally.
A small group 
that can actually hear each other talk.

Table #6-Green & Gold
Hello-JFM, Linda(He Lives), 
Kay(trying to pretend she likes the Green Bay Packers),
Gayla-she was seeing angel plates and then UN-seeing them..
She might be nipping at the bottle a bit before the party!,
Ellie-My ex-SIL, AnnMarie, Terri D
and Janice (she made it just in time).
And I am putting Adam here just because 
of his football wisecracks.  
He can bring Daisy, too, if he likes.

Table#7-I Plead For Plaid
Wowser---Gonna have to rent a banquet hall here!
Nonnie, Ma, Penny & Gert,
Barbara(has to sit here even though she wants to sit at table #8.  Why?  Well her messy family eats BBQ Brisket and she is afraid to be at an all white table.  Guess the red plaid will cover up her family's sins!)
Jack & Sherry (my sweet travelers),
Diane-wants to know if we will eat venison or moose-
Linda(LaCarte) Jan, Linda(WokeUp)
Sylvia- loves both white tables but can't make up her mind so is sitting here,  Hey!  I can't even make this stuff up!
Vee, Jeanie (although she loved #2-go figure), Cecilia, Sandie, Julie, Noreen,Happy,
Jenn(says the table gives her a 1970s flashback-Do you think she's probably wearing bell bottoms, too?)
Debby, Donna, Jenny D, Kris (WHAT?) Phyllis, Shirley, Henny, Krishna, Rita, Jane, 
KarenAnn (chose this table after a complicated mental process), Lorrie, Fran & Terra & 
KATHY-(that I left out and am adding in)..duh....and SHERI-(RedRoseAlley)--sorry I forgot you kiddo!!!!!

And coming down the home stretch~

Table #8-Whisper of White
Gay- already whining because the fuzzy things might get in her drink...seriously...she won't even notice after her third glass!
Our Canadian friend, Laurie the Artist,
Liz, Nonie, Robyn, 
Denise-sitting here so if she spills her white wine it won't show
AND last, but not least,
Cindy and SHE told ME to behave MYSELF...

Wow!  I may need to take a nap
after this post.
You think KarenAnn had a complicated process?
You have NO idea!!!

Okay-So I checked my names twice and
IF I MISSED ANYONE or put you at the 
I apologize...let me know and I will fix it.
(or maybe not depending on my mood)

I hope you all have a 
and I will see you in a day or so....
I hope, I hope, I hope!!
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Friday, November 30, 2018


Bobbie Cottleston Pie 
barely let me lick the whipped cream off my lips
from my last piece of pumpkin pie 
before she wondered-
Huh- Do I look like I have hours to spend just searching
and looking at all these picture perfect tables?
Huh?  Well, I do! (ha-I am such a liar).
You KNOW I love ya, Bobbie, and I only tease
those I love!

I'll let YOU look and pick your favorite.

Green, Green Wants To Be Seen

Rustic Modern

A Rose For Everyone
(No bachelor is going home tonight
for those of you that watch The Bachelor on TV)

Blue For You

Silvery Snowflakes

Green & Gold

I Plead For Plaid

Whisper Of White

Well, I don't know HOW you all 
are gonna pick just one..
BUT--THAT IS the rule!
You do remember that, don't you?  lol
Some of you have a really hard time picking
JUST ONE(you brats)!

So, pick a table 
and we will fill it with all your best friends.
 I hope there's a place for me there, too!

Well----don't just sit there---

For those that give a hoot,
I will be in Chicago with my 
two daughters and 4 grandgirls for the weekend
and spending an evening at another blogger's home.
More about that later-if I survive!
Have a great weekend!!!!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Thanks to all of you that are praying for
(or sending good thoughts and well wishes)

I wanted to give you an update.
While we were down visiting my daughter, 
Mimi, and her family for Thanksgiving
in Indiana,
MyHero and I drove about 20 minute south
to the hospital where Ted is a patient.
As many of you know,
MyHero works with cancer patients 
at a local hospital.
He is also a survivor of cancer.
He has been treated 3 times 
for 3 different types of cancer
and has beat the odds.
So, he understands
exactly what Ted is going through.

Ted does not look sick at all.
He looks healthy and young for his age.
He is eating well 
and has tolerated chemo quite well.
He just finished his first round of chemo.
His immune system is at ZERO-
a scary place to be.
They will run some tests in a few days
and see what is happening.

He has been told he will be hospitalized for
That is a long time for him and for Susie.
She does not drive in the city so is dependent
on others to get her there every day.
She lives about an hour or so 
north of the hospital.

Please keep them wrapped in your heart
and continue to pray 
and/or send healing thought
and good wishes.

Thank you all so much 
for your outpouring
of love and caring.
I know Susie and Ted appreciate
each and every one of you.

Have a great rest of the week!

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Sunday, November 25, 2018


Good Morning!
Did you eat too much?
I did NOT myself.

My father,
God rest his soul,
was a humorist.

you're saying...
Not YOUR Dad.

Well, he was!
One of the things he absolutely
was poetry.

He read a lot of poetry to
me when I was a child.
Most of it way beyond
my understanding.

One of the ones that I
remember most vividly is
the one below.
It is short..
and I guarantee it will
put a smile on your face...
especially if you are thinking
about going out and having
a few little drinks
as we head into the holidays

It is called


One night in late December,
When I was far from sober,
Returning with my load of manly pride,
My feet began to stutter,
So I lay down in the gutter,
And a pig came near 
and lay down by my side;
A lady passing by was heard to say:
"You can tell a man who boozes,
By the company he chooses,"
And the pig got up and slowly walked away.
                              Unknown author

Happy Sunday!
Don't eat too many leftovers
and pick your companions well!

See you soon and I will give you an
update on Ted & Susie (She Junks)

Ummm--need I remind you that
is one month from today?
You're welcome!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


I was working at the office
a few minutes ago
when I got a text
from Susie.
ALL of you know our sweet SUSIE
I was lucky enough to meet her in person
last year and, let me tell you,
she is as dear in person as she is in blogland.

I told Susie I would do the request tonight
when I got home but I feel like
I need to do it 

Her dear, sweet 
was diagnosed TODAY with

He was hospitalized immediately
and starts chemo tomorrow.

He is in the closest city to their home
but Susie doesn't do city driving...
so she is planning on staying there
with him.  

He will be hospitalized for 
at least a month.

Please pray that the 
Also pray for peace of mind for

As we well know, when our loved ones
are ill we worry and
many times we just feel helpless.

For those of you that are not pray-ers,
please send healing thoughts and 
best wishes their way
and leave a sweet comment for Susie 
on my blog if you have the time.

Sending you love, Susie~
Thank all of you so much!

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Monday, November 19, 2018


the countdown is on,
isn't it?

I am sitting by the fireplace
with my morning
cup of 
"Thank You God Coffee".

In our rental I am looking
towards our dining area
and loving my 
opaline pumpkin.
I am headed to work in a bit
and starting to plan on how to deal
with the upcoming
Thanksgiving Day.
I think this will work.....
Here's hoping YOU have a

Happy Monday!
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Friday, November 16, 2018


Does anyone remember that commercial?
The one with the line that went-
Poke me with a fork I think I'm done?

Well, I remember hearing the ad and it was
often repeated by a little neighbor boy, Brett.
Brett also carried a NAKED blond Barbie doll around 
AND he called it Mrs.Kosmoski!
.....and now you know my real name.....

Anyway- That might have been 
a tad too much information
so let's move along to cooking, shall we?

It's all about turkey right now
but if you are looking for an
EASY recipe to use leading up to
this might work!

I am basically lazy when it comes to meals.
There- I've said it.  It's true!
So, that means 

Does this look EASY?
Well, it is.
Brown 4 pork chops in 1 Tablespoon of butter over 
Medium-high heat.
Kinda fuzzy picture, huh? 
Hey!  You want perfect pictures?
Buy a magazine!
Or visit a blog with a better photographer.
I'll work on it.
While those are browning,
Core and slice about 5 - 6 apples.
I used 2 big Honey Crisp and 
3 or 4 Braeburns that I had.
Use more apples than you think you will want 
because they cook down.
Throw them in the crockpot.
Sprinkle heavily with cinnamon 
(or Apple Pie Spice-that's what I used)
and 1/3 cup brown sugar.
Place browned pork chops on top of apples.
Salt and pepper them to taste.
Cover and cook on low for about 6 hours.

I served ours with rice and broccoli
and coffee in a Pumpkin cup.
Trust me- there will NOT be any leftovers!

So- Here's the recipe-

Slow Cooker Pork Chops & Apples
4 boneless pork chops
4-5 large apples of choice
Cinnamon  or Apple Pie Spice
1/3 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup apple juice or apple cider.
(I used cranberry juice this time)
Salt & Pepper 

Brown pork chops over medium high heat in 1T melted butter.
Core and slice apples and toss them in crock pot.
Sprinkle with Apple Pie Spice or Cinnamon
(I would estimate I used 3 or 4 teaspoons)
Sprinkle with the brown sugar.
Pour apple juice over it.
(I didn't have any apple juice/cider so I used Cranberry juice and it was delicious)
Layer on the pork chops.
Cover and cook on low for about 6 hours.

AND - if you see one of THESE lying around
naked please DO NOT call it
Mrs. Kosmoski!!!
I don't want the neighbors to talk.

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