Saturday, May 29, 2010

Night With Nana

After school three hungry little girls arrive at my house!
Yummmm...baked ham! Mashed potatoes! Baby Carrots! Let's eat so we can go out and play.

Let's change into our swim suits and go run through the sprinkler.

Hey Papa! Whatever happened to that old shwrimming pool we usta habe? Der it isss!

Lulu! You chan't sit ober der cuz dat iss nott

the place to sit. Mobe ober cuz ders not berry much roohm foar me!

SweetCheeks says~Hey! It's crazy MamasBoy-hims supposta be mowing but hims jusst playhing~ Yoah is shure a crazzy boay & yoah is my godfathah~ yoah know dat?

It's been a long day! The sun is starting to set.

Who else besides my Nana has a bathtub outside her house? We love taking bubble baths outside after we are done playing. Nana, I think you need to watah yoah plant!

How do we end the night? With a Veggie Tales movie, of course! Papa is sitting behind us reading the paper! Papa! Put yoah slippahs on! Hims crahzy too, isn't hims, Nana?
No crazier than I am for saying YES when Mama asked if you could spend the night! The End! Thank You and y'all have a nice day -er- night!

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"Cottage By The Sea" said...

You're an awesome Nana and those kids are so cute. I love the 'voice' you give them. I just read your Pants On The Ground post and I'm just wondering if that plant on yoah porch is getting watah or maybe somethin else? Can I come to your house for a tubby?

NanaDiana said...

Are yoah calling ME tubby? Huh? Huh? LOL- The tubby is on the back phatio facing da bay! Bring yoah own bubble bath cuz we likes DREFT-makes lotsa bubbles an dusn't make anyone itchy. Please come sooon cuz iss too cold here by August to thake an outside baff!