Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Front Porch

Ever have that place that you know needs some attention but for some reason it just gets shoved to the back burner? Well, the front porch has been on my "to do" list for quite a while We finished the house about 3 (or was it 4) years ago. Anyway, we put up a porch swing and I threw a couple of things out there and everything just kind of SAT (or in our case- NO ONE sat).
I decided to "prettify" it because I like to sit outside in the morning and drink my coffee and read the paper. Wisconsin, as most of you know, is a chilly state....even in the summer...even when the sun is out.....even when I WANT it to be warm. The patio that faces the Bay is on the West side of the house. You know what that means....NO morning sunshine. Now I do love the sunsets we get but by then the air temperature is usually (and you notice I said usually) above the ready-set-freeze your butt off mark on the thermometer.

But NO, sitting out there in the morning is NOT a warm and cozy experience. It is downright cold most mornings and I either freeze and complain or sit inside. Yesterday the light bulb went on over my head (did you see it?). Why not sit on the front porch because (idiot that I am finally realized) it faces East! MyHero says, "But we can't see the water". Can't see the water? Do I CARE at 6:30 AM? No I Do Not.

Now, did you ever notice that when you spot something it can alter the river of your life? Yeah? Well, I am not usually a yellow plant person but I saw this beautiful YELLOW double begonia and I had to have it! That's what started this whole transformation. Now I need a place to put it! Aha-front porch is ready and waiting for SOMETHING! So, I grab the old brown wicker chair and I spray paint that sucker white. My friend, Gloria, and I ? We are the Spray Paint Queens! She and I love our spray paint (don't we, Gloria)....Anyway...I paint the chair white. Wait...wait....I have some soft yellow floral shams I have never used. They are upstairs hiding in the closet (that's where I put them so MyHero would not complain about me buying something we didn't NEED-like THAT matters- What do we really NEED anyway?-Okay-I am off point here) I pull those shams out and stuff some pillows in them. Hmmm....okay...better wash the swing down...AND...wait I have some cherubs (left over from my Romantic Victorian sun room 3 houses ago) that are just dying for a glass shelf.....okay better wash EVERYTHING down including the siding and the window sills, etc. Ah....it looks sooo nice now. I grab the potted palm and throw that out there for good measure.....oh yeah...guess we better throw a bit of outdoor carpeting down (not exactly what I wanted but it will do for now) oh...and a lamp...we must have a little lamp of some sort...Ahhhhh...Home at last and I finish just before night descends.

Morning dawns...I pour my coffee...I coax MyHero outdoors with just his skivvys on...you should see him.....sooo cute......I am reveling in the sunshine...he is whining cuz he's cold AND he is wrapped in a blanket.....and guess what? He can't see the water! Guess what else?

I. DON'T. CARE!!!!! Thank you and have a nice day!
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"Cottage By The Sea" said...

You did a great job on your front porch. Can't you put some kind of radiant heater out there? Except for the cold weather, you've livened it up to such a warm and inviting porch. Besides, fresh air is good for you. Have you ever seen the bright red cheeks on Irish babies whose mums put them out in the garden in their prams? You and hubby can cuddle up out there and get healthy!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Oh! And take your Starbucks or a nice hot pot of tea.

Anonymous said...

Or how about letting him sleep in, and you can really enjoy that eastern view.

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Nice job on the porch! I was admiring the view of the water in your pics of the grandchildren playing in the yard. What a beautiful place! I've got a view of...woods...lots of Georgia pine trees. LOL

Stef said...

That was so funny! Loved it! Who needs to see water in the morning. It would just make me need to pee. But your porch looks great. I love porch swings. Someday I will have one. Oh Yes...I will.

Heaven's Walk said...

Beautiful job on your porch, Diana! Looks just great! I had to laugh at you being the Spray Paint Queen. I thought I was! lololol! Where would we be without it, huh? Though....I did take the plunge and paint a wicker rocker recently with a brush. You'll have to watch for THAT story on my blog coming soon! LOL!

Enjoy your porch. And I'm sure that you'll soon have some nice, warm, muggy morns like we've had here in Michigan....

Hugs ~