Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hers Here-Hers There-Hers Everywhare

As some of you know, a few weeks ago we took little Miss SweetCheeks to Dizzy Wurld by herself. The check in process is never an easy one. It was a long wait...but the entertainment (SweetCheeks & Co) made it bearable. I sat down to wait. SweetCheeks is not much of a sitter.
I looked over at her. She was resolutely staring down at her shoes.
"What's the matter?" I asked her.
"My fwriends have all runned away and hided on me!"
"Where did the go?"
"NANA! If they hided I doan know whare dey are. If you iss hided nobuddy knows whare yoah are!"
Of course they don't! What was I thinking?

"Bob! Bob! Whare ARE yoah? Yoah is SUCH a sassy boy foah hiding on me and now yoah iss nott gonna haf any twreat latah eiffer!"
Now she is calling for help. She is calling to "Rainbow". Rainbow is her BFF at the moment. Rainbow is ALWAYS good. After a small confab, SweetCheeks informs me that Rainbow knows where Bob is hiding.
"Nana! Stay wright hearh! I gonna go find dat Bob and bwring him right back hearh. And I wannt yoah to tell hims that hims iss nott getting any twreat tonight eiffer!"
Aye! Aye! Little Miss Boss Of The World Of Imagination is off an running....and, trust me....I am not far behind!
Yep! Just another day in Paradise! How lucky can I get? A child with Imagination in a place where Imagination never ends. I am blessed!
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Natalie said...

You have the best stories and the cutest grandkids! I love when you "talk" like them!

Have a great rest of the weekend!