Wednesday, November 29, 2023


I have done this post

a  few times over the years.

Several people wrote and told me

how much the loved the idea.

I thought I would post before it

gets any later in the season--

in case you want make these for 

your own home.

I have been doing this since my

own kids were small.

You know how a front door says 


when you come in?

By the way-

Those sleigh bells are off the horses my 

father drove as a young man.

So -there's my 

Happy Hello!

BUT I like my door to say


when someone leaves, too.

And I like to say it NICELY

Unlike some people that will say-

Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the 

way out.

How do I do that?

I let my visitors take a little memento

of their visit with them.

It is called 

Cut and Run Take

Here they are! 

My sweet little


hanging in a row.

Here's how to make this 

sweet little door hanging.

Roll out Saran Wrap about 2 feet longer 

than the side of your door.

Lay your Gingerbread Boys in a line 

on the center of the plastic wrap.

leaving about 4-6" between them.

You could also do this with any sturdy

cookie- like a sugar cookie cut 

like a snowflake or star.

Flip each boy upside down 

making sure that they

are still in the center

of the saran wrap.

Pull the plastic wrap to the back

overlapping it so they are enclosed 

all the way around.

That way they stay nice and fresh

as well as being encased.

Gently flip them over and using ribbon

tie a knot ABOVE and below EACH one.

Hang some children's scissors on

some curly ribbon from the top

of the door frame

to cut the saran wrap.

When you cut them apart 

you will cut between the ribbons 

leaving each one fully encased 

in plastic wrap.

Here I am making a cut between the ties.

You start with the bottom one and 

each person can cut off 


to take along when they leave.

I hang them on a nail 

hidden on top of the door jamb.

shhhhh-MyHero hates nails anywhere

I dressed the top 

with some greenery and red balls.

I love  Gingerbread Boys, don't you?

Sometimes I feel sorry for them though.

Poor things.

pinterest image

The one on the right hears about like 

my hubby does-especially when it comes

to something I am saying 

of great importance!

Now- get in that kitchen and start baking!

As for me..

Well, I am trying not to BAKE

so that I don't EAT

Gingerbread Boys!

OH!  And this idea works really cute with


instead of 

Gingerbread boys.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday !

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023



I pubished this a few years ago
but thought I would repeat it today.

Poetry has always come easy to me.
My cousins and I listened to a lot
of poetry growing up.
Both of our fathers read poetry to us
so it is second nature to me.

Are my poems perfect?
Nope- Not even close
 but they are heartfelt.
Here is the one I wrote a few years ago.


Oh! The memories of Thanksgivings past,
When I was just a child,
When the days spread out forever,
And I could just run wild.

I remember early morning sun
Upon the kitchen floor,
And father hurrying across the room
Going out the old screen door.

He would go to do the milking 
Then come  in to eat his fill,
Of Thanksgiving dinner lovingly prepared
In that house up on the hill.

My little grandmother always came,
Bringing the mincemeat pie,
I never ate a single bite of it
Cuz I didn’t want to die. (smiling)

My Uncle came along with her,
And another Uncle, too,
A cousin tagged in here and there,
When they had nothing else to do.

Oh! Then the years just marched along
And God took some family home,
The Thanksgiving table got smaller
As other members began to roam.

I never dreamed when I was a child,
That the day would come to be,
That the old homestead would all be gone
And the only family left would be me.

So, gather your family close, my friends,
As you celebrate -I say-
Remember to give Thanksgiving,
For the love & riches you have today.

By: D. Diana Kosmoski ©2017

I hope your day is 
and for those that do not have family
to spend the holiday with
I wish you 
peacefulness  and  joy
as you celebrate alone.
I'll celebrate with you in spirit......
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