Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post Recital

The morning after recital dawns bright and early...like 6:15...and I am tired because Lulu has seen fit to share my bed since sometime around 2-or was it 3? Anyway....We made our traditional 3BearsCereal breakfast and then went out to enjoy the fine day. Isn't it funny that when there are only 2, (of 3) siblings around they get along and play together pretty peacefully?

First, Lulu & Ria have a little sit about on an old beached boat that we keep for that purpose...just to sit on cuz, trust me, this baby ain't gonna float.

By the strange hand of Fate, we have NO clothes at Nana's house other than the ones we wore home from the recital. Oh...wait...we have a DRESS that is NOW a sleeveless SHIRT and a mini skirt that belongs to SweetCheeks. Put them on over your leotards....works for me! Look how cute we are~

Tired of sitting they decide to do cartwheels and head stands. Ria decides that she wants Lulu to HELP HER stand on her head. Can Lulu do it right? NO WAY! I hear the screechy little voice, "LULU-NOT LIKE THATTT! "Ria~! That's the ONLY way I CAN do it," comes the reply! NO-DO IT RIGHT!

NOW LOOK WHAT you made ME do!

Isn't it amazing how that works?

If I can't do it-it MUST be YOUR fault.

Personally, that train of thought has

ALWAYS worked for me!

Oh-Wait- Nana has a great idea...

Let's go down by the water and skip some stones...Good idea, Nana

Because ...NOW.....


Praise the Lord~


Until we have to share the bench at lunchtime....

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Natalie said...

Yep....sounds just like me and my sisters when we were young. And now it sounds just like my nieces!