Monday, December 31, 2012

Going Home On New Year's Eve - I Remember I Remember

Yesterday as I was thinking
about the New Year I found
my mind wandering back to
the place where I was born
and raised,
Bradford County, PA.
I don't have many pictures
of my time there
but I came across some
photos that stopped me in my 
Someone working for Google Earth
took stunning photos from our
farm setting and they are posted
for the world to see.
This is taken right in front of
our house- headed North.
Our farm house would have
set to the left about 100'
from the road.
You can see the shed my 
father and neighbor built
in the 50's on the right-hand
side of the road.
I remember playing with the
cut off pieces of wood and
sifting the sawdust through
my fingers.
I walked that road many a thousand  
and one times.
I remember when my father planted
the elm trees on the left and
they were just saplings.
My brother still owns part
of the old farm property.

From our kitchen window this 
is what we saw....
Our Lady of Perpetual Help-
the graveyard I wandered in
just across the road to the right.
To the far left and just out of sight
you can see the mountains and there
are seven counties visible on a clear day.

There used to be fences on both sides
of the road and the cows would be
pastured on the left side....
another road I walked thousands of
times as a I only walk
in my memory today.

The old church is beautiful.
It's a replica of a larger European church.
I didn't go there because we were not
Catholic-but several members of the
families attended mass there.
I have many relatives buried in the
grave yard to the right.

You can never really go home again,
can you?
Yet, I my dreams...
I remember the smell of ham in the
oven on a Sunday morning and
fresh baked biscuits on the sideboard.
There was always a pie or two
for dessert and 
GINGERBREAD for my father.
Click above for Taste of Home Recipes.
I remember laughter and love,
 flowing free and easy 
and covering us like a warm blanket.
But....there were also some sad times,
and trials and tribulations.

My parents have both
"gone home" now, 
leaving only my brother and I 
to relive the farm memories.
Leaving us to create our own memories
for the children that will follow us.
Someday they, too, will
"remember when"
and I hope their memories
are as happy as my own.

Happy New Year's Eve 
to all of you-
I hope you, too, can look
back and remember the 
good parts and that time has
dimmed whatever heartaches
and disappointments you have
encountered along life's path.
I wish you an Eve of 
Love and Sweet Memories.

ps.  I will  be back to my old
silly self tomorrow.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

SweetCheeks Gets Ready For Something Special

Most of you know that
I live in Green Bay, WI.
We are famous for more
than cheese.
Can  you guess what 
else we are famous for?
See if this gives you a hint.
SweetCheeks has 
invited a friend over.
Aren't they cute together?
SweetCheeks has her hair 
She is all smiles because she
is A FAN.
She's got her game-day
clothes on.
They start 'em early here!
So...what's it all about?
We are famous for being the
home of
The Green Bay Packers!
Ummmm..One daughter apparently
The Green And Gold memo.
I don't need  to tell her
I'm sure SweetCheeks
will correct her....
after all it IS her Mom! they say in 
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh Fudge! Peanut Butter Fudge

Do you have 
someone you need to pop in
and visit over the Holidays?
Do you need just a sweet little
something to give them?
This is 
I wish I could tell you where
I got the recipe but I can't remember.
You know those boxes that
Christmas cards come in?
Here's how to take the box below
and turn it into a special
Don't you hate to throw them away
because they have such pretty
They make wonderful little
Candy Boxes.
Open the box and line it with tin foil.
Butter the tin foil.
Then make this:
In pan over medium heat melt
2 sticks of butter
When melted stir in 
1 cup peanut butter, creamy or crunchy.
Like this.
Stir in one teaspoon REAL vanilla.
Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract
(not granulated)
(That old tin scoop belonged to my Mom-Good Housekeeping 1954)
I beat it quickly with a hand mixer
(it sets up fast) 
and then pour it into the 
buttered foil lined box.
Put it in the fridge to harden
and as soon as it sets up
lift it out and wrap it in 
parchment paper,
then wrap it with a piece
of ribbon and place it
back in the box.
 I pick up knives all year here and there
and include one in each box.

The fudge stays fresh 
until they cut it.

Put the lid on and it presents
like this when opened.
2 sticks butter
1 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
2-3/4 cups confectionery sugar
In saucepan:
Melt butter
Stir in peanut butter and vanilla.
Use hand mixer and quickly
mix sugar in. It sets up fast.
Place in tinfoil lined box and
set in fridge until hard.
This is the smoothest peanut
butter candy I have ever made.
This recipe makes two card boxes 
full OR 1 8x8 buttered pan.
It's quick, easy and just
a sweet little surprise.

Save a few pieces for your friends.
 Let them eat this while you sip
black coffee or diet Coke.
The fatter THEY get the 
next to them!
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Snips And Snaps Of Christmas At SweetCheeks House

It didn't matter WHAT
SweetCheeks got....
it was 
'ZACKLY what I wahnted.
Gotta love that attitude.
This is an
Exploding Pig Game.
No kidding.
Who knew Santa had that 
in his bag?
Before Gift Opening,
SweetCheeks' Mama
reads the story of the
Birth of Christ.
When it gets to the part
where the 
Three Wise Men bring 
gifts to Jesus,
she stops reading and the
kids look under the tree
to find the
that Santa left for them.
Kind of a nice tie in, huh?
Then they come back and
sit and listen to the rest
of the story before
opening their gifts.
Here they are listening to
the Nativity Story.
Santa bring them each 3 things off
the list they have given him.
It can be as small as a pair
of ballet slippers or as
big as an electronic tablet.

Here are a few expressions
on family faces.......
Ria is all about Justin Bieber.
Santa brought him for a visit.
And he brought Ria a
Justin Bieber Tour Bus.
Lulu was happy with her new 
mini laptop and her boots
and her electronic Uno game.
The little boys were so cute.
They were so excited.
No matter what BigBoyE got
We loved his gator STOMPERS.
SweetCheeks was her
usual sweet self.
She loved her big bear
and shared him with Cousin Charlie.
Snippets and Smiles
that stayed up half the night
getting things ready
showed up in matching pj's.
Wondering what THEIR contribution
was to the day, are you?
They gave us that whole bunch
of kiddos you see above.
Doesn't get much better than that.
That's it, folks.
No more Christmas posts for me.
You'll have to come back
to see what I'm stirring up tonight.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Please Pray For Rebecca From The Gathering Place & Two Prayer Updates

Tomorrow my friend,
is having
 If you want
to pop over and wish her
well-The link is here.
She has a gorgeous blog 
as you will see when you go 
visit her.

She is as beautiful inside
as she is on the outside.
Her surgery is being done on
both of her hands.
She will not be able to do
anything for several weeks.
The worst part is her hands
are her livelihood.
She paints and sews and does
all kinds of handiwork,
and she blogs.
She has a gorgeous blog,
but I think I said that before!;>)

This is going to be hard,
very hard for her.
It is causing her to re-examine
what she wants to do..
pray for her-for her surgery
and for her peace-of-mind.

Prayers Are Answered!
Tori- the little girl
that had her leg amputated-
as of now-
is cancer free!
Thank you, Lord!
Click on her picture to read
her story
This one is a REAL MIRACLE
Jessica-cancer free now-
beating a cancer that does 
not easily respond to treatment.
Click on her picture to
read her story.
Thank you, Lord!
What a great Christmas present!
Blessings to all of you-
Thank you ALL so much
for your faithfulness!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WHO LISTENS TO NANA? SweetCheeks & The Elf

Look how cute!
SweetCheeks sure likes her
Don't eat your elf cookie
until after lunch,

I Wohn't , Nana.
I'm just gonna hold him.
I'm gonna sit by
the fire with him, Nana.
Okay- But 
until after lunch.

OH-KAY!  I sed I wohn't
eat him yet!
See he stihll has plastick wrap
on him!
Well, lunch is almost ready.
 Just a couple more minutes.
Put him on a plate and
wait until you are done eating.

A couple of minutes later.
Lunch is ready, SweetCheeks.
Well, I puht him on the plahte
I guess I didn't listen very good!
You think????

I see your ELF FRIEND can't
listen very good either
seeing as he.
only has one ear left.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

I Hope Your Life Is Full Of Light-A Christmas Poem By Me!

 I hope your home is warm and bright,
I hope your life is full of light,
I pray that evening finds you near
to everything that you hold dear.

God Bless You All
This Christmas Eve..
And keep you safe.
for I believe..
that we have met here for a reason,
More than just the Christmas season.

Perhaps to share some stolen smiles,
Perhaps to connect us o'er the miles,
Whatever the reason,
I'm glad to see..
There's someone else
a lot like me.
So, here we are,
a fine old blend,
of Moms and Artists
and One Old Hen (me);>)

Merry, Merry Christmas
to all my wonderful
© Nana Diana 2011

Comments are off.
I will be gone
Christmas Day but I will
be back Wednesday.
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Wrap Last Minute Christmas Socks Or Mittens

I posted this before

but I love it-so here it is again!

You know how there

are mundane things like
to wrap sometimes?
And sometimes
you just don't want to
stick them in box
with a bow on it.
Look! Here's a peek!
Well, peeps,
Here we go~
First you must get a sock..
well, make it a pair because
one sock won't work for
MOST people.
How about something like
Cute, huh?
Then you must find some of
those short peppermint sticks.
Next you must let the
peppermint stick
the SOCK!
Before you can say
that peppermint stick
has jumped into the sock
and worked its way down
into the toe.
Can you see it there?
I've pinched it to make it stay
and now I am gonna roll
that little sucker up
into what I like to call
Well, GREAT, we gotta
and what the heck do 
we do with that?
There's another kinda roll
lying around my house
cuz I've been saving them.
Used toilet paper rolls.
No..No..Not used toilet paper..
Used up empty rolls.
They look like this when they are naked.
Don't worry about that little bit of
white tissue left-you won't see it soon.
Find some foil based wrapping paper.
Foil works best because you can
bend the edges down and you
don't have to glue/tape it
lest you want to.
Wrap that foil paper around
that roll leaving about 1/3"
extending over each end.
Simply bend the paper down
so that it overlaps the edge of the roll.
You will not see this when it is
done but you can glue/tape if if you like.
Sneak up on those socks and
stuff them in the roll.
A roll in a roll.
I'm just keeping myself rolling here!;>)
Remember you won't see this at the end.
Then, take some sweet tissue paper
and cut an 18" x 18" piece~
or thereabouts.
Starting at one end,
roll that baby up and then
twist the ends so that it
looks like a big old fat
piece of taffy.
Laffy Taffy!
Now is that cute, or what?
I only need to tie a bit of ribbon
around the twist and I'm done.

And, when it's unwrapped
they will see the shiny foil roll
and NOT this..
Cuz the only place we
REALLY want to see THAT
is you know where!

Fresh outta toilet paper
Hurry!  You still have time
to pick up some of this!
Then you, too, can have
a very 
Merry Christmess Eve.

God bless you-
I hope I made you
smile but I also want
you to know that I 
hold this 
Holy Night sacred.
Christmas Blessings and Love
to each and every
one of you.
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