Wednesday, December 21, 2022


 I have taken you through much of the first floor-

minus the bedrooms.

The dining room is last on the list today.

I collected many Fitz and Floyd pieces

in the past.

Some of them grace the 

dining room table.

The table is set anticipating

my grandgirl, Alana, and her boyfriend,

coming home from college

and joining her sisters here

for a night of movie and/or games.

I will feed them first, of course.

The large clock is old--ever so old

and the wood piece with the live edge is a piece

my son did for me for my birthday 7 years ago.

There are mini-lights in the greens on the table

and wound through the greenery on the light fixture above.

My big beautiful dining room table did not

fit in this house.  It seats 12.

My daughter loves it now and we enjoy it

when we visit.

I bought a white farmhouse style table

and love it.

The dining room also has a small built in server

with storage above and below,

floor to ceiling...and OH!

the treasures I have packed in there....shhhhhh....

The picture in back is French Rabbits

and was a birthday gift from hubby 

in 1995.

The Santa fairy is one of my Mark Robert's fairies.

The mailbox holds the cards we received this year.

Hubby will sit one night and read them.

I read them as they come in.

The little fat Santa head is also a Christmas gift

from my son about 20 years ago.

Between the dining room and living room 

I have a bombe chest.

On top is the silver coffee/tea service

from hubby's grandmother.

We have write-ups in the local newspaper

where she "poured the tea" during

one of her socialite teas

back in the 40s and 50s.

She was a grand lady.

I keep it polished because I feel it is my obligation

to protect it for future generations.

The silver tray has her name etched on it.

The two Santas are part of my collection.

The picture above is from a local artist

and it is the first place, Kaaps, 

that my hubby took me

when I came to visit his family before 

we were married.

A peek in the guest bathroom:

Toilet tank top and Shabby Chic Shower curtain.

This is close to my hubby's reading chair in the bedroom

and is filled with memories and things his brother,

Steve, that passed away this last year

made. He was a wonderful craftsman.


Below are bits and pieces of Christmas

scattered here and there through the house.

It's a wrap for my Christmas posts.

I will be taking off until after the 
first of the year.
Will also be putting my new
Etsy shop on vacation mode.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
and love from me
to all of you .



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Tuesday, December 20, 2022


 I have had several people

ask me for this recipe

so here it is.

Each one is a bite of 

sweet spicy love.

I use air bake sheets and they never burn.

Watch carefully because they burn easily.

They don't do well baked 

at a lower temperature though.

I have one more post coming

tomorrow to finish up the 

decorating in the condo.

Happy Baking!

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Monday, December 19, 2022


  I started out with one little gingerbread sign.

Yep!  After that--well, 

you know how crazy it can get

when you love something.

Loving my kitchen this year

with gingerbread and snowmen.

I think they kind of go together, don't you?

We partially remodeled the kitchen 

when we moved in.

Due to Covid 

(we moved the day of the lock down)

one part of the kitchen did not get finished-

I hope to get the rest of the built-ins done this coming year.


I love what I have!

A little gingerbread tree

with a VW bug and travel trailer

and one of my Gingerbread dolls.

Notice the little black Cockapoo ornament

that my friend, Kris-JunkChicCottage

sent to me.

To the side is this sweet Mary Engelbreit picture

and a snowman that is lit day and night.


On the wall where the built ins 

will eventually go

is a little coffee & cocoa station

complete with a gnome sitting on his butt

to guard the cups on the tiered cup holder.

Next to that is a bookshelf

that holds a couple of travel trailers.

The gypsy in me wants to pack and go

but reality keeps me grounded

so I live vicariously and pretend

I can shrink down to toy travel trailer size.

(If I keep eating Christmas goodies, 

I will be looking for a semi to haul me around).

On top of the fridge is another cookie jar

camper and behind it is a picture my grandson

painted for my birthday--a perfect 'sky' backdrop.

There is a round table in the dinette

that has a gingerbread theme.

This faces our condo porch and front courtyard.

I saw this tablecloth on Liz's blog

Home & Gardening With Liz

and ordered one.

Click the link above to see Liz's beautiful

home and her gardens are spectacular.

Anyway-The tablecloth?

I love it! Polyester and wrinkle free!

On the kitchen wall to the side of the table

is a large mirror surrounded by

Christmas paintings and cross stitch pieces.

I did the two Santa folk art paintings years ago.

My daughter did the large cross stitch for me

while she was in college.

The small one was a gift from my 

wonderfully talented friend, 

Neadeen Masters.

She is the most talented artist

I have ever known.

She is now doing miniatures

and if you want to see some 

amazing talent

click here.

Pictures of the pictures are not the best

but it is what it is.

By the door going to the laundry room

is this sweet Santa head from my son & his wife.

So-not wanting to bore you further,

I will save the pictures of the dining room

and odds and ends of Christmas for

another day.

Here is someone else that loves a 


sent by my friend, Kris.

He will bump that against me about 

100 times per hour so that I will throw it 

for him.

If I don't react fast enough he will

run his teeth, nip,nip,nip, against

my leg.

I am thinking of sending him to visit Kris 

and taking his Gingerbread boy with him.

After all, 

What are friends for?!

Back soon with a Christmas wrap up!


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Sunday, December 18, 2022


 Bear with me here.

These pictures are straight from my

phone and I did not have time to 

edit them all.

If I had more time I would make

these all beautiful..but..

what you see is what you get here.

I sorted/purged Christmas items

this year. Gifting some to family

and donating what no one wanted.

I did NOT dig all my Spode Christmas

dishes out this year.

I have service for 20 plus

all the serving pieces.

I used all my old traditional


on the main level this year.

So---here we go.

As you step into the front door

this used to be a closet to the right

in the hall.

We didn't need the extra closet

so I had them open it into a niche.

Below the marble top is a

drink fridge and storage cabinets 

and drawers.

The little tree is full of

Marjolein Bastin Hallmark ornaments,

sweet sentiments from another blogger,

plus a couple of sweet squirrels

that DON'T rob my bird feeders.

As you can see,

my statue of the Goddess Diana

has her angel wings on for the season.

As you walk down the hall it opens into the living room.

There is a marble topped table dressed for Christmas.

Straight behind this table towards the back wall
is a baby grand piano
topped with a nativity and more angels.
Behind the grand piano is a ficus tree
that sports fairy lights and a different
Mark Roberts fairy-depending on the season.
The grands have always loved this.

Above the piano is my beautiful
crystal chandelier that has graced
four homes now-as we moved and 
took it with us.

The living room also has
our main Christmas tree
and a fireplace
with a TV above it
(don't ask...Not a fan of TVs over mantels)
The rocks/geodes by the fireplace
are gifts from my youngest son many years ago.
Our ceilings are very high in the living room.
The tree here is 9' tall.
The stockings are 
Martha Stewart and at least 15 years old.
Not sure why the rug shows so bright-
it is a very pale (almost whitewashed looking
when you see it in person).

I have lots more but 
no time today to post more.
I will post pictures of the kitchen
and dining room in the next day or so.
Plus I will share some of my old
folk art paintings that I did years ago.

Have a wonderful week
and don't get your 
Tinsel In A Tangle!

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