Wednesday, September 27, 2023


I don't know about 
where you live
but I can feel
Fall in the air.
I noticed some of our trees have leaves 
that are tinged with color. 

Remember before Pinterest?
I had books-
lots and lots of 
loose leaf books.
They were full of ideas 
and things that I love.
I am digging a few of them out for 
Most of them came from 

Outside, I am smitten by this.
Fall is moving in 
but there is 
lots of green left.

I would love to have 
chairs and plants
that looked like this.

How about a little corner 
of the garden
decorated like this?

At the end of the day
 what could be better than 
hanging out by a firepit?

Know what else is magical 
about Fall?
A Fall Fairy Garden?
Do you remember when 
the  little girls and I
used to put together a
 Fairy Garden 
of our very own?

Here is what it looked like 
when we first made it.

Want to know how it looks 
decorated for Fall?
We let the fairies 
take care of their own garden.
Can you spot the house?

Stinking Fairies!!!!

Hope you have a 
wonderful day and 
enjoy every last moment
of pre-winter weather because
will soon be upon us---
ready or not! 
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Wednesday, September 6, 2023



John is home and 

Scruffy is back to sleeping with

one of his 'babies'.

He did not eat the whole time 

John was in the hospital.

I did a follow up post on Facebook

but then realized that not all bloggers

are part of the FB community--

so decided to do an update here.

John came home from the hospital

late Sunday.

They don't really have any answers yet

but he has 4 more appointments with 

specialists to see if they can get things

figured out.

They altered his meds a bit and we are hopeful

that will help with the dizziness

and low blood pressure.

I will keep you all posted as things progress.

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Sunday, September 3, 2023



Several of you have reached out to me

to ask how John is doing.

As a 7+ year three time cancer survivor,

these last few months have been rough.

I believe his condition can be 

attributed to the

extensive radiation to his head/neck

and the chemo he recieved....

but then...what do I know? 

As of today, John is in the hospital.

He has been passing out 

more and more frequently.

He had an episode on 

Thursday night and fell.

I ended up calling 911 and the 

rescue squad took him to the ER.

It is the same hospital 

he used to work at

as a chaplain.

They are taking good care of him

and trying to figure out 

why his blood pressure

drops to 50/30 at times.

Our little 'boyo' misses him and

is sad while waiting for him

to come home.

He grabbed one of John's washcloths

and keeps it with him.

Keep John in your prayers

as we wait for answers.

Thank you all!

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