Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I am away from home
on vacation
and wasn't going to post.

my friend, Jettie, has some
serious health issues.
This is the only picture I have of her
in this computer.
In real time-she is about my age.

She is in so much pain that she 
can no longer stand and is in a wheel chair.
They are going to give her an epidural
to try and bring her some relief.

The previous treatments
she has had didn't work.
They told her that the next option 
is this epidural.

That procedure can't be performed until
the second week in July.
Meantime, she is in terrible pain.

There is no cure for her condition
and although it will not take her life
it can make her life so miserable 
that she won't be able to think about
anything else.

IF you are part of a church that has a prayer chain,
please put her name on it.
She is a Christian lady and believes,
as I do, 
in the healing power of prayer.

Thank you so much.
I promise to share some pictures of
our time away when I get home 
next week.
Meantime, say a prayer or two,
will ya?

Jettie thanks you in advance--
and so do I!

Edited to add:
Jettie just let me know that her younger sister
'blew her knee' out
and cannot stand at all.
Add one more to your prayer list, please!

I have very sporadic internet here
so don't feel bad if I don't respond
right away.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


As many of you know,
the last few weeks have been a
of activity for me.

I have been
for some life changes.

Our lives will be changing
even more in the next few months.

But--for now--
I am taking a break!
Taking a break from
I am going to 

I am headed south to the beach
with my little Maria,
my daughter, Mimi,
and her three kiddos-
We will play in the sand and the sea.
We will swim in the pool.
We will eat sticky popsicles on the shore
and wash our hands in salt water.
We will rinse the sand off our butts
and leave our sandals at the door.
If it rains we will play games
and watch cartoons.

We will relax and let schedules fall by the wayside.

I will miss you all while I am gone

This is just a break...
and not 

Y'all behave yourselves while I am gone,
you hear?

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

WE REALLY NEED SOME PRAYERS, MY FRIENDS- For Kristen & her unborn baby & Mr. Sweet (bj's hubby) & Robbin's mom

This is a LONG post-
It was planned for tomorrow but I just am feeling 
the nudge to post it today.

I just got an email from my friend, 
asking for prayer for her niece, Kristen,
and Kristen's unborn baby.
I did a post for her several weeks ago
but things have moved to a critical level.
Here is Cheryl's email- 
It speaks for itself---

Dear friends,

I am sorry to bother you today.  But, I come to you with yet another earnest petition for prayer for my dear niece, Kristen and her unborn baby boy.

Most of you have been praying for them throughout, but for those who are not familiar with what is going on, Kristen developed a blood clot in her lung early in her pregnancy.  She has been at serious risk all through the pregnancy, due to the blood clot and also severe tachycardia.  She has been on a blood thinner called lovenox through almost her entire pregnancy, and the doctors have said since day one that there is no way she should go into labor on lovenox, as the risk of her bleeding to death is very high.  The plan has always been to switch her to the blood thinner, heparin, before she gives birth, because there is an antidote shot they can give to offset the heparin, should she go into labor soon after giving herself the injection.  The fear of being on heparin is that the heparin can cross over into the placenta, whereas the lovenox cannot.  So, the concern has been to wait as long as possible to make the switch, for the sake of the baby.  If the blood thinner crosses over, it would be near-sure death for the precious little one.

What complicates things even more is that the doctors cannot come to an agreement on when Kristen's exact due date is, and Kristen feels she is farther along than any of the three of them believe she is.  The baby is already 7 1/2 pounds, so it is obvious that it won't be too much longer until she gives birth.

They made the decision yesterday to make the switch from lovenox to heparin.  The baby, who has been VERY active all throughout the pregnancy, has almost completely stopped moving.  Kristen was so concerned, so called her doctor, and they had her come in for a test.  Thankfully, the little guy did respond when they did the test, but there is very little movement, and Kristen is not feeling well at all and is very tired.  

In spite of our deep faith in God, I cannot begin to tell you how scared we all are.  Kristen is exhausted from the many months of the strain, illness, fear, and daily injections.  We know that GOD is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think, and we are just pleading with Him for mercy upon Kristen and her baby's lives and health.  We would be SO grateful if you could please pray hard for them and if you would kindly pass along this prayer request to every prayer warrior and prayer list you know or are a part of.  We are looking for GOD to do a huge miracle in this situation.  I often think of Jehoshaphat's words, "Neither know we what to do, but our eyes are upon Thee."  

Also, many of us know and love
Most of you know, her Hero- Mr Sweet-aka- Bill,
Our 54th...:)
Bill has a cancerous brain tumor.
It seems he takes one step forward 
and two steps back.
He has had some seizures and is very weak.
Please pray for him and for bj, too!
He is a good man and doesn't deserve this!

And, last but not least,
asked for prayers for her mom.
Her mom also has cancer and the treatment
has been hard on her.  
She is in a very weakened condition 
and has been in the hospital
for long periods of time.
She'll be released soon but probably
have to go to a after-care facility.
It has been very hard on Robbin.
She is close to her mom and 
monitors every move
made in her healthcare.
Pray for Robbin as well as for her mom.

Thank you so much.
I am just a messenger -
somehow God has used my big mouth
to put prayers requests out there-
which just goes to prove 
God can use anyone -
no matter how "naughty" they are!

Love to all of you -
Hope  you all have wonderful weekends.

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Friday, June 9, 2017


The Spin Cycle
to the advertiser-if you would like your graphics removed please notify me
Ruth rushed to the washer when she heard
all the thumping and bumping.

She was quite taken aback to realize
that Tom was IN the shirt.

She told him to
follow the instructions
on the shirt tag and then
throw in the washing machine.

He informed her that he had read the
tag and it said...
Wear and Wash.

She realized, too late,
that because
he was dyslexic,
she should have forewarned him
that it did NOT say
It said

Poor Tom!!

Sorry I have been so absent
in blogland lately.
I have been
to downsize soon.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I took these a long time ago
when SweetCheeks was little
and was in the car with me.

 I love clouds of all kinds.
I can always see 
SOMETHING in them.
I saw these on the way 
home from the grocers.
Gorgeous, huh?
It looks like a flower 
with its face 
turned to the heavens with
buds and leaves alongside it.
Do you see it?
When we saw this
SweetCheeks had the
for God Light.
She said that God Light
happens when all of 
God's people are being
and God is smiling.

Here she pointed out proof
 because God had opened
a direct hole into 
Now,  I'm not sure and I didn't
take this picture myself
but do you think that 
someone was waving to 
God Bless You-
Hope your cloudy days
are all filled with
sunshine underneath.

Sure do miss having that 
riding along in the back seat-
but-guess what---
She is a big kid now and 
but has also turned into a

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Friday, June 2, 2017


How can that be?
How can this little boyo be

We were at our grandgirls' 
dance recital 
when we got the call.

Baby Boy
is on his way!
We rushed to the hospital 
and found this sweet scenario.
Sadly, as you can see,
he didn't eat much!
Okay! Okay! 
I might have lied about him not eating
Will he grow up to be a businessman?
Or go in Service to his Country
Will he like to nap like his Papa does?
As you can see, 
he doesn't mind sleeping in his
cousin's 'girlie bed' at all.
No matter what he does-
We will all be proud of him.

Happy 5th Birthday, CJK.

We love you and can't wait for your
next big adventure!
I hear you are thinking about making
a career on the high seas!
Just don't go too far away.
Nana & Papa would miss you!

Happy Birthday, CJK!

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