Saturday, May 22, 2010

Which One Is Whicth?

I love my conversations when SweetCheeks and I are driving along. I always learn something.

Lasterday I learned that I am a WHITCH. The good news is that I am a GOOD whitch, as opposed to a mean whitch, I suppose. She said I could be Glinda cuz hers a good whitch too an'we doan lwike ugly whitches. "How about Papa?" I ask her. "Is he a good witch or a bad witch?" Pfffttt...her new favorite noise that flies out of the side of her mouth which is skewed into a sideways exclamation point shape, "Hims NOT a whicth! Hims a boy! Boys chan't be whitchs!" "Well, what is he?" I want to know. "Hims just a sassy boy!" Of course he is-He has always been a "sassy" boy-you could ask his mother if you have a phone line to Heaven...SweetCheeks & Mom -they both had him pegged!

Leaning forward in her car seat a bit she stage whispers conspiratorially, "Nana, Deed is back!" REALLY? I thought Deed was gone. (For new readers DEED is her invisible naughty friend). Read about DEED here. Hmmm...last week she said he was gone. So now I want to know...where is he? "Oh, hims wif Rainbow! Der ober by the shwings (pointing at the park we are passing) but ya gotta whacth Deed cuz hims might pushet Rainbow too hawrd and make hers cry!" Ohhhhh...what a naughty boy HE is! "Is he always naughty?" YESSS!

My theory is that she has developed invisible "naughty" friends because she has no one younger than herself on to tattletale on. Anything that happens at her house is usually her fault. Trust me~she deserves the honor~if there's naughtiness afoot you can bet she has all 10 toes planted in it.

Later, we are taking a little ride. I am looking forward to my next informational session. I'll report back!
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"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I love these conversations with your grandchildren. They are adorable kids. You're so lucky to have them so close at hand. You and your 'sassy' husband. My grandson has an invisible friend called, Grub. I don't know why, he has 3 younger siblings and 3 older ones. Must be a middle child thing. Grub usually needs cake, toys at Target, and to go to the playground.