Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Not Arguing- Yes You ARE!

"I love my Papa", Ria says. "Nooo....Isss MY OWN Papa and I luv hims moah!", SweetCheeks responds. Ria decides this needs a bit of deep discussion. "SweetCheeks," she informs her, "We can BOTH love Papa. He's every body's Papa!" SweetCheeks responds with great conviction~ "Noooh hims not! Hims not Nana's Papa and hims not Daddy's Papa, so hims not everybuddy's Papa, Ria!" This response is accompanied by a toss of the head and a swing of the hair to one side.

Ok, Lord, as I listen to this logic I am almost positive that this kid is going to grow up to be a lawyer. She has her twist on everything and she doesn't miss a trick.

Ria looks over at me and giggles. SweetCheeks doesn't see anything funny about the whole situation. "Whass so funny?" she asks, scowling slightly. "Nothing," comes Ria's reply. "Then why isss you laffing?" SweetCheeks asks. "I'm not laughing at you SweetCheeks!" Ria replies. "Yesss! YOU! ARHE!" I see the heat rising in both faces and quickly distract them with crayons and paper .

Does this sound familiar? Hasn't every Mom in the world listened in on these conversations and chuckled (or groaned) to themselves? For me, it is like listening to my kids when they were little...only then I was rushed and exasperated that they were fighting AGAIN. I know now that it is these little things that make up the fabric of every day life and that I should enjoy each and every drama as it comes. At this age I am better equipped to deal with the little "bickerings" because I don't have a stack of baby clothes that have to get folded before I fall into bed. I don't have to fix school lunches as I rush everyone out the door in the morning. I don't have to listen to this everyday. Today, I am just a privileged visitor that comes to observe and enjoy. Today I will take the giggles and the frowns and fold them to my heart for tomorrow these precious little "arguers" will be grown and arguing about bigger, and more important things......like........Who's gonna get Nana's diamond ring when she dies?
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  1. Love the last sentence! That's funny :)

  2. I absolutely hear this very sort of argument! Drew is my 11 year old stepson. He mentioned "papa" (my dad) one day, and Addyson said "no, Drew...he's my papa." To which Drew replied "he's my papa too." Addyson turns to me and says "Mama!...Drew's taking my papa!"

  3. LOL-Love it AZMama- kids are soooo funny! Waving Hi to Natale~

  4. I love that conversation between the kidlets and your sentiments are beautiful. I so get it. Recently my 3 year old grandson threw himself on the floor face first and said, "My life is sooooo hard!" I swear his mother did the same thing when she was 3 and I was sure it meant I needed to get her therapy. Now, as a grannie, I just see the humor in it and know it's part of the drama of life. I laugh and tell my daughter, "Ah, I told you I wished you'd get one just like you!" No mercy here!

  5. Tia- I can't tell you how many times I said that to my own kids~ "I hope you get one just like you"...So far, my wish has come true at least twice! lol


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